Slog AM: Greta Thunberg Testifies at House Hearing on Fossil Fuels, Biden Pledges to Cut U.S. Emissions in Half by 2030, WA Leg Says No More Single-Use Styrofoam



I get an error message when clicking the "mote of dust suspended on a sunbeam" link (bummer!)


Shirley Temple is still around wowing her admirers, and annoying everyone else. Some people never grow up.


Tagging sucks, All the time.


«I needed something gentle this morning»
Sounds like Clairo is swatting a baby with a cat.
Do try to elevate yourselves this AM, Seattle. New Cannibals is out.


Tagging serves a purpose, it shows who is laying claim to turf; who gets what lucrative corner for drug sales. Its ugly, talentless graffiti but its there for a reason.


Whenever someone says tagging is ugly and requires no talent, I hear "Rap isn't really music."


Greta Thunberg is a hero, and thank goodness we have her. But I have to call her out on a lack of perspective on two things she said yesterday. First is what's quoted in the tweet: "How long do you honestly believe that people in power like you will get away with it? How long do you think you can continue to ignore the climate crisis … without being held accountable?"

I believe she's maybe half right that the climate crisis is being driven by the powerful as opposed to the people—to oversimplify things, that the 1%, as opposed to the 99%, are to blame. But we should also keep in mind that the politicians' failure to act on the climate crisis has been driven as much by their fear of the voters as it has been by their being beholden to the fossil fuel companies and other vested interests. Americans love their carbon-intensive lifestyles, and only recently have we begun to turn the corner on socializing the need to change the way we do things in ways that affect us. Just think of the fact we haven't raised the federal gas tax from a measly 18 cents per gallon since 1993. Clarification: I'm talking more about collective political action than consumer choice here, even if the two are inseparable.


The other place where Greta is lacking perspective is her attempt yesterday to shame the more developed nations for proceeding with proceeding to vaccinate their more healthy populations while poor nations' less healthy populations remain unvaccinated. As with the previous point, presidents and prime ministers and legislatures are not kings and queens and dictators. They must respond to the will of the people.

Also, it's possible, as the Biden administration is trying to do, to find a balance on this issue: to go full-bore at vaccinating the American population while at the same time supporting other nations. A great example is how the USA is sharing AstraZeneca doses with Canada and Mexico, considering that that vaccine hasn't been approved here yet. And just because the Biden administration doesn't want to treat the globe's "citizens" as equal to America's citizens doesn't mean the Biden administration doesn't care either. I fully expect that, once we've effectively won the vaccination war on the home front, we'll find ways to turn our fire on other fronts. It's a win-win-win situation. Considering that Canada and Mexico are our neighbors, it's wise that they have been prioritized.


6 Both are correct


And anybody who likes graffiti "pieces" but doesn't like throw ups or tags is a square.


@5: At least dogs have the courtesy to mark their territory without the ugly.



Street "Art?"

Oh! You mean vandalism!


@6 Tagging is to art as banging on pots and pans is to rap. "Hey, that's great, you learned to write a self-given nickname in an illegible script." Now what? Just go write it endlessly on other people's spaces. Why? To serve your ego? So you think you're "famous" or "known"? It's got nothing to do with art.

I know Tred. Dude is a right wing mess these days.


@4: I like metal just fine, but your description of this Clairo track is smack dab in "old man yells at cloud" territory.
Would I buy her album? Nah.
Was it a pleasant enough listen? Sure.
Am I now going to go listen to Fear Factory for a jolt of musical caffeine to continue my day? Definitely.


I like a lot of graffiti. Though there's also a lot of shitty graffiti out there that I don't like. The existence of the shitty graffiti doesn't diminish or impact my capacity to like the good graffiti that exists. Same with music (as alluded to there @ 14.)


Good job on the styrofoam, WA Leg.

Now can we please get a returnable container law like Oregon's?


Sorry even with the raised tolls it makes no sense to cram yourself into a bus. Just because you are vaccinated it doesn't mean you can't catch Covid and spread it to unvaccinated people. That's irresponsible given the rising case counts in King County.


More irrational concern for property I see. Who gives a shit about tagging? There are way more aesthetically offensive things in the city. Modern townhouse/apt building architecture, oversized vehicles and litter for starters.


Still, you wouldn't stroll into the Olympic sculpture park and start tagging so you're being a hypocrite.


@1 She is referring to Carl Sagan's famous passage in Pale Blue Dot.


20, I wouldn't tag anywhere, because I'm lazy and it's not one of my interests. But I'm not going to lose sleep over someone who does.



Oh, so that's what a insurrection is.

"The peaceful protest got intense for a few moments after the group slowly filed into the House gallery on the fifth floor of the Capitol. That put the brakes on lawmaking for a couple of minutes, and a couple of protesters said they were asked to leave the building after what looked like a shouting match in the gallery."


The stranger: styrofoam bad for environment (to which I agree, fuck styro coolers)
Also the stranger: letting toxic paints and sealers run-off into the Sound is protected art!
"Spray paint has many negative environmental effects. The paint contains toxic chemicals, and the can uses volatile hydrocarbon gases to spray the paint onto a surface. Volatile organic compound (VOC) leads to ground level ozone formation and most of graffiti related emissions are VOCs"
But at least we all know "scootie p waz here".



Good for you for pointing out a lack of ideological purity from a writer! I've it on good authority that Jasmyne also wears clothes manufactured from modern textiles, rather than rudimentary smocks stitched together from freshly scavenged roadkill. What a goddamn hypocrite!


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Happy Earth Day, everyone! :)

Happy Birthday and Happy Retirement to Jack Nicholson, who turned 84 today. :)

Go, Greta Thunberg, GO!!!! Keep on rocking the world on fighting climate change denial! The Earth and future generations can't wait. :)

Congratulations, LaVar Burton, Reading Rainbow host, in joining the guest hosts of Jeopardy! (Rest in peace, Alex Trebek!) :)


@30: Correction: LeVar Burton--sorry. :)


President Joe Biden's call for cutting emissions in half by 2030 is a nice goal. In order for it to happen there will have to be the mass extinction of RepubliKKKans, QAnon thugs, and MAGA tools by 2022. They're already conspiring about a dictatorial takeover in 2024, rabidly defiant about masking or getting vaccinated, and they love their guns. At this point in history they're even fine with losing their own. I say let 'em all go down together--just leave the rest of us out of their evil Death Cult demise


@23 -- so tagging is NBD. Let me come over to the house you own, or the apt you rent, or the business you run, and scrawl my name in spraypaint across a big window or front door. I mean, meh, it's only property -- who cares?