All thats in this pretty picture might be going back to Phase 1.
All that's in this pretty picture might be going back to Phase 1. Jupiterimages/

According to KIRO, the second-highest populated county in Washington State, Pierce County, "is facing the reality of possible roll back to Phase 1." That means indoor dining would be banned again. That means the county wasted all of that time it spent in the first Phase 1. Who is to blame for this mess? That Inslee, of course. He opened the economy when the state was still recovering from the third wave. Had he just waited until May, we would have been in a much better position to beat this thing. As for King County? A rollback to Phase 2 is almost inevitable.

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The surging positive cases in King Countys Daily Summary Dashboard.
The surging positive cases in King County's Daily Summary Dashboard.

When will Seattle get its own COVID 19 variant? New York City has one. And it's still doing a lot of damage, despite the effectiveness of the vaccines.

The only kind of music Boeing can blow these days is the blues. "100 of my planes are grounded because of an electric issue. I tell ya, 100 of my planes are grounded because of an electric issue. If these planes stay grounded, how am I going to buy back my shares?"

Virtual Blue Angels? For Seafair 2021? Why even bother? It's not like people want to see virtual jets and the hydroplane races. These events are dumb enough on their own. And so, once you've removed them from the best thing going, reality, you've got almost nothing to show. Give up the game and chill until 2022.

A black cop. White kid. Another world of American policing. And get this, the black cop can even pull out a taser while chasing the white kid who has stabbed him in the neck, and he is able to use it like he has actually been trained to use it. Amazeballs.

So, there's now this new drug that, if taken just once, "can can ease anxiety and depression for five years." The drug is called psilocybin. Information about it was recently published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. As far as I can tell, the only problem with psilocybin is, precisely, it's just one pill that does the trick. This, of course, is not good news for those who, like me, love to pop pills. A pill in the morning, a pill before eating anything, a pill after eating anything, a few pills before sleep, some more pills if you wake up in the middle of the night. That's how we do it. Pills are the prayers of the secular 21st century.

If you must, here is a NYT story about what the SpaceX astronauts will find on the International Space Station's menu. (It sounds more appetizing than it looks.) Indeed, we live in an age that as nothing to offer but absurd space stories.

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What are the very rich up to these days? Apparently trophy trees. Wall Street Journal reports:

Mr. Acree, 61, a so-called tree broker, regularly drives his wealthy clients around South Florida in search of the perfect tree for their garden, whether it is a giant kapok, an enormous canopied oak, a baobab, a ficus or a banyan. Together, they scope out trees in other people’s gardens and outside local businesses, then approach the owners with an unsolicited offer. Then, it is Mr. Acree’s job to find a way to transport the tree to his client’s property.
This kind of thing apparently makes serious bank.

LA-based Seattle rapper Lil Mosey is wanted by the law for failing to appear in a Lewis County Superior Court to meet rape charges. TMZ has all of the ugly details of the alleged crime. If convicted, the 19-year-old rapper, who calls Mountlake Terrace his home, and who was made famous last year by the chart-topping track “Blueberry Faygo,” could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

As the UK rapper Dizzee Rascal put it in "Sittin' Here": "It was only yesterday..."

Shock G (Gregory Jacobs), the leader of a Bay Area crew, Digital Underground, that rocked the hiphop world in 1990 with two hits, "Doowutchyalike" and "The Humpty Dance," and also the first major producer of the rapper who would become the Christ of hiphop, Tupac Shakur, is no longer with us. He left the world at age 57 by way of a hotel room in Tampa. The exact cause of his death is unknown. But Shock G is, among other things, famous for getting busy in a Burger King bathroom.