Slog AM: Virtual Blue Angels Coming to Seattle, Pierce County Might Return to Phase 1, The Rapper Who Forever Changed Burger King Bathrooms Is Dead



Humpty has humped his last hump. Rapper Shock G dead at 54. RIP


@1 Age 57, sorry. Need an edit button Stranger


Boeing: intent on proving that unskilled labor can build and repair airplanes. No matter how steep the price.


ah don't worry, Inslee will change the metrics again and the state will remain open. fear not, you can still enjoy your cheeezburger and breathe all over the employees!


«[B]lack cop...chasing the white kid who has stabbed him in the neck...»VIDEO
That video again proves the adage: "Don't ever trust whitey"


@4 that's the truth. The funny/sad part is Inslee has been playing this game all along and the Stranger is now acting all surprised. It's malarky I tell you...horsefeathers.


But don’t worry, no matter what phase we end up in, no matter how many new cases there are, the SCHOOLS ARE DEFINITELY, 100% SAFE TO RE-OPEN! No possible harm could ever result from re-opening the schools!

I know this because Governor Inslee said so, right around the time he re-opened indoor dining.


"Why even bother? It's not like people want to see virtual jets and the hydroplane races. These events are dumb enough on their own. And so, once you've removed them from the best thing going, reality, you've got almost nothing to show. "

Bingo! Charles FTW.


I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that if Deputy Williams had done what so many of his white colleagues do regularly and just shot the kid dead - even though clearly this was a case of self defense - there'd be roaming gangs of MAGATS, Proud Boys and 3%ers out on the streets looking to lynch him.


9 - perhaps so, but I'm weary of this ping-pong ratcheting it up rhetoric.


Wow! A cop who can actually chase down the crook - just like those TV shows!


I remember when the engineers ran Boeing, not this insane version they have now.

We built things that worked.

Oh, and @9 is correct.


There are more, but two things I know for certain about Seattle. You can set it in stone: You will never, never, never get people out of their internal-combustion cars as long as it takes 40 minutes to run errands in a car, while it takes six hours to do it on one, two, or three buses. Nope! They won't even consider it. Not while there's a drop of gasoline to be had anywhere. Secondly, you'll never, never, never get rid of The Blue Angels during Seafair. Go ahead...Complain! Bitch! The crying babies? The frightened dogs barking? The sound of being under siege? "Wuss!" comes their retort.

Seattle needs to dissolve its romance with Boeing if it hasn't already. Yeah, it started there, and yeah, it's done some pretty amazing things in its history, but when they moved the headquarters to Chicago? That's when I was over it.



On your first point, that's how it is pretty much everywhere in the country.

Public transportation is slower, more expensive, and less convenient than other means of travel in all but a tiny handful of places in the U.S.


@4 -- Didn't you say the same thing before Pierce County went to Stage 2?

Inslee has been consistent. When the numbers go down, the county opens up. When they go up, it gets shut down.


The same trolls here bitch about Inslee no matter what he does. It’s impossible to take seriously.


Mr. Mudede, the cop handling his own against the suspect is one of many thousands of videos one of cops doing a good job. Your example, while valid, smells of selection bias. Why not show a white cop handling his own against a black suspect?


videos of cops*

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