Farewell, Styrofoam Substance Popularly Known as but Legally Distinct from Styrofoam, We Hate You



Nothing on Earth is worse than those tiny fragments of Styrofoam- I mean polystyrene - that fly everywhere when you break down those blocks of shipping materials. They were clearly invented by Satan!


Styrofoam is one of the few items that still consistently goes in my trash instead of in my recycling or composting bins - this has been far too long in coming. The stuff is bad to breath, bad for the environment, just plain bad from any perspective. Good riddance to - literally - bad rubbish.


you mean Monsatan, pat?

I thought they were merely into
Frankenfoods and peeps...

oh shit now plastics too


This bill is a great start. Now let's kill the K-cups. A significant amount of the trash stream in many cities, because people are too lazy to make coffee.


Doesn't sound like the recycled content requirement applies to "doob tubes." If there's one thing I would change about WA's legal weed system, it would be to address the massive trash problem it's created.


Way overdue. Fucking styrofoam should have been banned decades ago.


@1 pat L, @2 COMTE, @3 kristofarian, @4, dvs99, @5, periwinkle, and @6 Reverse Polarity +1 to all six of you! Agreed and seconded, thirded, fourthed, fifthed, sixthed, and seventh.
Here's to the death of styrofoam, and good riddance!

BOO to Darigold!


holy hell this is racist.



I'm quite serious.

You can even make clothes from them, and they are better insulators than polystyrene.


No Styrofoam! So what am going to feed the pigeons?


@10 -- offer them
your vitals it's the
Best you can do


The chasing arrows symbol isn't going away completely. It is only prohibited if there are not facilities able to recycle those products that would have them.

I go into this and what's to come in-depth here (don't worry, only a small part is about Bellingham).

When I wrote the article SB5022 was still in the house.

If this gets signed Washington has the chance to become the first U.S. state to pass a plastics producer responsibility omnibus bill next year, beating California which recently failed to do so.