SPLIFF audiences voted Commercial Bake as FUNNIEST and BEST IN SHOW. Congrats, everyone!
SPLIFF audiences voted "Commercial Bake" as FUNNIEST and BEST IN SHOW. Congrats, everyone! Screenshot of Commercial Bake

As the social media manager for the SPLIFF Film Festival, I hop on my phone every morning to check messages. This morning, to my delight, I found one particular message that read, “I’m already brainstorming my submission for next year. This film fest is inspiring so much creativity in me and the people I know.”

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There was something about this year’s lineup that stood out for me, and this DM made it clear. These films were made with a surprising amount of creativity and ingenuity. From unique premises with twists and turns to stop-motion and animated wonders, the 2021 SPLIFF Film Festival was truly other-worldly entertainment.

This year at SPLIFF, all films will be rewarded a portion of ticket sales which is befitting for the strength of this collection: the congruent variety of creative visions. However, it's ultimately up to the audience to decide which select films get laurels in each category and the votes have been cast and tallied!


Please join me in congratulating the winners of the 2021 SPLIFF Film Festival:


FUNNIEST: Commercial Bake

Support The Stranger


BEST IN SHOW: Commercial Bake

Congrats, everyone! See you all next year!

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