Slog PM: Bill and Melinda Split, Recall Sawant Has a Deadline, State Rolls out Vaccinated-Only Perks



640k in alimony ought to be enough for anybody.


oh Bill is in trouble! no pre-nup? post-nup?


RE: Going back to the office and CSB:

I've always been able to work remotely. My job has almost no interaction with other people directly and everyone in my analytics team is capable of doing a zoom meeting if we need to interact (which is also rare). Only reason I ever went into the office pre-pandemic was because the C-Suites liked seeing people around and a former boss also demanded it.

I've been telling my current boss I'd like to get the fuck out of Georgia and live anywhere else and he was sort of ok with it, but his boss wouldn't allow it. Flash forward to a year of everyone working remotely and us hiring remote hires and he's finally relented.

So looks like I'm outta this state! Only wish I could burn some of it down like Sherman did (not Atlanta though, Atlanta's one of the cool kids now... thinking more NW Georgia. Marjorie Taylor Green's district perhaps). Now I just need to figure out where to go from here.


Damn-it Nathalie, now I want a Chicago Dog.


@3 Perhaps you could move to Seattle and comment on Creative Loafing articles....


@1 According to the NYT Story they do have a pre-nup.

Since they are both staying on as co-chairs of the foundation it hopefully will not be an overly acrimonious divorce. The B&M Gates Foundation does good work around the world.


"Students may claim a 'medical, religious, or philosophical exemption.'"

That's bullshit. There are no valid religious or philosophical reasons to not get the vaccine.



Oh ha ha.

You know Creative Loafing's not ONLY Atlanta anymore. Besides, how do you know I don't already comment there, hmmm?

In seriousness though, I doubt I'd go to Seattle. It's too expensive and there's already not enough housing for the people who work there. I'm working remotely, might as well get a yurt out in the middle of some National Park and a satellite internet connection.


“Scientists believe MDMA could also help people with anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.”


“The success of this trial may pave the way for research into the therapeutic benefits of other psychedelics.”

perhaps rendering
religiosity superfluous

that’d be OK too.


@7 Seriously. Religious and "philosophical" objectors are going to kill us all. I hope UW revisits this absurd loophole before tragic circumstances force them to.


what you want is a yurt in a National Forest Urg -- their rules are way more relaxed than our Parks however some of the 'natives' may have rather large arsenals...

as with Mackenzie
no Pre-nup no
ME Melinda

not till you whittle The
Pile down to a measly
2 or 3 BILLION [max]

don't let Mackenzie's mistake be yours too!



let's give the vax-reluctant
their very own Island


@7 that’s really the least of the problem. There was an article in the Times today theorizing we’ll prob never reach herd immunity because there are too many people who just don’t feel the need to vaxxed. The only solution is to open up and let them roll the dice. The rest of us can’t be held hostage to their obstinance.


Chiming in to agree that the philosophical objection to the Covid vaccine is absurd. They're just handing nutjob antivaxers a gold-plated excuse to drag this pandemic along for years. No vax, no classes. Go away.

Religious exemptions are likely necessary because of the First Amendment, but should be viewed skeptically and scrutinized for legitimacy.


gonna call 'em
the Reluctants.

perhaps Urg if the Planet's
largest stone relief mtn.
had an 'accident'* it'd
sure be Regrettable

*like a


"The only solution is to open up and let them roll the dice."

expose everyone
and just Hope?

"The rest of us can’t be held hostage to their obstinance."

well right there's
your Answer.

lock 'em Up.



Believe me, I'd love to blast away Stone Mountain.


Punish people who refuse to get vaccinated harshly, financially and otherwise. Drop them from their health insurers, fire them from their jobs, refuse to allow them ANYWHERE they want to go other than their homes, and make them pay through the nose, more and more as more time goes on with them STILL refusing.

There is no right to spread a highly communicable disease that kills people. Period. Any and all arguments saying otherwise are false.


Jacobson v. Massachusetts

At question was whether the “right to refuse vaccination” was among those protected personal liberties.

The Supreme Court rejected Jacobson’s argument and dealt the anti-vaccination movement a stinging loss. Writing for the majority, Justice John Marshall Harlan acknowledged the fundamental importance of personal freedom, but also recognized that “the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand."


@18 -- here's blip on the subject:

To allow these conditions to persist, where people must risk death anytime they leave the house by no choice of their own, is a far greater threat to personal freedom than being mandated to take a safe drug that protects you from infection.

It’s completely insane that we are constantly asked to coddle these people to everyone else’s detriment.

blip on May 2, 2021 at 12:19 PM


You love culture but masculinity is exhausting? How much do you smoke, Nathalie?


@3 Urgutha: this comment will probably reveal that I don't hang out around SLOG much anymore, but: I had this idea you lived here in Colorado. Did you move?


@18: Theoretically yes. But going that hole is just going to harvest more reverberating spite and rage from the anti and resistant folks and isn't a practical solution in the slightest.

As the saying goes, get real.


NW Georgia and NE Alabama are like where the Clampetts and Snuffy Smith could be from. Seriously.

A little sad for Bill and Melinda. Last couple of joint interviews I've seen they didn't seem very fond of each other. I don't know why they are bothering with divorce at their age unless one or both want to re-marry one day. Lord knows there'd be a zillion takers.


@22 -- so that's
one vote for


@24: And one less for stupidity.


@16 absolutely yes. At this point you can walk in and get a shot with no appt. Give everyone a 3 week warning so they can get a shot if they are going too and then go for it. What’s the alternative continue to plead with people who aren’t going to listen and hope for the see the light? Not gonna happen so might as well get things rolling.


@23: "I don't know why they are bothering with divorce at their age "

Well, when you break up you really need to break up. If they just separated they'd be constantly in annoying conversations of when they'd get back together again.


'Science Guy' Bill Nye would like a word with anti-vaxxers




I lived in Colorado between roughly 2009 to 2018, Denver, Boulder, Westminster, and Thornton. Moved to Atlanta in 2018.

I like Colorado a lot, really cool people and culture, especially in Boulder and Fort Collins, but I'm not a skier or mountain climber so I felt like I was kinda wasting my money living there.

Actually I'm glad you made a comment. After I learned the mass shooting at the King Soopers in Boulder killed a guy named Eric I was worried it was you. Very relieved to know it was not. yeah it's a one in a million, but still. Be safe.


from @28

As we all subsequently experienced, the proceeding months included fake therapeutic claims from the twice-impeached former president of the United States, as well as a never-ending stream of bullshit peddled by all of the other scam artists in his orbit.

Fighting a global pandemic is hard and the work doesn’t end because vaccines become available. That’s not how any of this works. That’s not how science works, and that is not how scientists and virologists have said it works. Ever.

The Republican Party’s policy-free corruption has found the perfect mark for its brand of scammery in the anti-vaxxer movement.

Conspiracy theorists believe that their broad, dot-connected, fact-eliding rationalizations prove their intelligence, when all they do is protect fragile egos afraid to admit when they are wrong.

Any conversation with a conspiracy theorist ends with them moving the goal posts after every question of their is answered.

You can tell them why this one assertion they are making makes no sense, you can explain to them how this one fact they heard isn’t real or true, you can point to all of the data and they will just ask another ‘why’ question.

The problem in the end is that they aren’t interested in knowing ‘why’ anything. Ask a conspiracy theorist why and they already kinda know why. The answer is “them.” Who is “they”? “They” is “them,” don’t you know?

It’s this form of narcissism that allows conservative officials who have failed the public at every conceivable moment to rewrite history and try to pretend that they are now the party of logic and science.


@3 Urgutha Forka: Wishing you all the best in your departure from Georgia. Would you return to Colorado or Washington State (you and your girlfriend would be welcome back here in the PNW)? Agreed and seconded that Marjorie Taylor Greene is a dumpster fire in dire need of being extinguished.

Urgutha Forka @17, kristofarian @18, xina @19, and blip (re spot on comment on May 2, 2021 at 12:19 pm) for the WIN! I like the idea of shipping off all anti-vaxxers to an island and leaving them to fend for themselves--somewhere like Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If these idiots insist on behaving like savages, they can all go down like Nobel Prize-winning British author, William Golding's characters in Lord of the Flies. And I say, good riddance.


Silly men, you don't need to trade meat for a shorter life if you're shaving years off your life by eating meat already.

Meat = dying young and taking the world down with you.


well I can see we're gonna need
Separate Drinking Fountains

for starters.


Probably won't return to Colorado or PNW. No idea where to go, me and gf only just started thinking about it.

Maybe we'll ditch the US altogether and go live in Costa Rica or something.


@35 Urgutha Forka: Wherever you and your girlfriend choose to go, please stay in touch!


Time to get the tranquilizer gun from Wild Kingdom and load it up with Covid vaccine. Anyone in a MAGA hat gets shot.


@35: I suggest Taos or Santa Fe.


This is not the first vaccine. We have been vaccinating people for generations now. The exemptions have been around for a long time as well. Sometimes it is called "personal" instead of "philosophical". The stickler is the religious exemption. As states have gotten rid of the personal and philosophical exemption, more people have claimed the religious exemption.

The good news is that this disease is not like measles. The bad news is it isn't as treatable as measles, and it is possible that a variant may come along that is as transmissible as measles. As that article mentioned, California doesn't allow the personal or religious exemption -- only medical. I could see that happening in Washington State, but it is unlikely to happen any time soon. As with California, we will probably see the numbers go way down (to the point in which it is wiped out locally) then we will have a big outbreak, and then the government gets involved. As every aspect of this pandemic has shown, we aren't a very proactive country.

Except, or course, for a handful of leaders and citizens, including a couple that is now divorcing.