All Washington Counties Will Remain in Current Phase for Two Weeks, Inslee Announces



Sounds like Inslee's movin' the ol' goalposts. Looking forward to guesty's take, even if I won't be surprised by it.


It's important to understand we were never actually trying to prevent people from getting COVID here (in America, King County, or Seattle). We will just trying to prevent ICUs from filling so people don't die from other causes. As a society we have accepted, and will likely continue to accept COVID deaths. Unlike countries that have actually tried to control infections we still have no full case tracking or controlled quarantine operation in place, and it seems doubtful we will ever get one. As long as the ICUs aren't nearing full capacity, we should just open up. Many people will die unnecessarily, but that is the decision we already made, might as well own up to it.


@3 you can't protect people against their will. There are no appts needed to get vaccinated. It made sense to keep things closed when there was no vaccine and we had a supply shortage but now that anyone can go get poked at any time I don't see the rationale. We'll either be in an endless loop of rolling back and forth waiting for people to get vaxxed or we lift restrictions and leave it up to people to decide what they want to do.

The one thing that seems clear now is that the science really doesn't matter anymore. The restrictions are completely political.


[sigh] Sorry, Dr. Duchin, but Inslee didn't make the "difficult" call. He made the easy and politically expedient one, and it'll be on you to make the tough one if KC cases don't start trending down THIS WEEK.

(That said, I sympathize with those who want to stop indulging the willfully vaccine-resistant and let them take their chances in a fully open environment, and I will support that eventually. But let's wait a few more months. The two-shot regime plus immunity-building afterward takes time.)


I’d bet we will try to swoop in and beat NYC to reopening in two weeks. My guess is with the glut of vaccine, full capacity in two weeks, mask mandate done in June. I know it’s whiplash for people, but the economic destruction for service workers and service sector probably can’t continue if people aren’t dying.


Michigan decided to tie the opening to the number of people vaccinated*. I think that is the way to go. Covid rates are bound to go up and down, and without adequate testing, are dependent on hospitalizations. That results in a big lag time (by the time you know things are bad, they are even worse). In contrast, we know vaccination rates almost immediately.

This also provides a big incentive for people to go out and get their shots. This is especially true for younger people, the biggest group of non-vaccinated people.


Again...if you want this to be done, just do what you know you NEED to do: mask, socially distanced, and get vaccinated NOW. We all need to be part of ending this and we all know it's never going to just go away on its own.

And there's nobody who can ONLY practice freedom of religion by going to a service without masking, without social distancing, and without vaccinating. If that approach worked, everybody would have been cured from the Black Death just by showing up for Sunday Mass.


@8, I'm doubtful that young people, as sighted in this article and otherwise as the largest group not receiving the vaccine, are rabid conservative Trump supporters. Interesting how everything in your mind is and was caused by the previous President. Perhaps it is time to move beyond the PTSD Trump caused you. Thank you however for not using your standard foul language, usually directed in a demeaning way towards someone daring to post a differing opinion.


Bwah ha ha! No balls, huh, Inslee?

Next he’ll be telling us the schools are safe to open. And who are we to question him!


@1 well, anyone could have predicted this. he's messed with the metrics since January when he said not to gather with friends to watch the Super Bowl but doing so inside a bar/restaurant was a-ok.

this time he's changed them again because "potentially" we are plateauing. maybe.

either way, i've quit my job as a chef and am completely done with that industry. too much work/stress for not enough money as it was - this last year has killed off any desire to remain in the business for so many reasons.


Translation: when it comes time to kick those unreliable Dem voters in Pierce County, Inslee asks "how hard." But the moment that King County fucks up, well we couldn't possibly subject them to the same arbitrary rollback bullshit, could we? Don't kill the golden goose.

All of this is so ridiculously stupid -- fully vaccinated people with elapsed waiting periods out there wearing masks lest anti-vaxxers not be socially pressured into wearing their own. Breezy young idiots deciding that they don't need a vaccine because they're not old. Neighborhood scolds pretending that it's May 2020 instead of May 2021 when someone walks by them on the street with a bare face.

You know what I did after I got poked and waited the allotted time for full antibodies? I went on a road trip to Nevada and Utah. I ate unmasked in packed restaurants. I waited in line to board buses. I trusted the vaccine to do its damn job. Then on the way home, I stopped in Pendleton, OR to take a piss and couldn't eat in the sterile restaurant interior because of fucking Kate Brown.

If you think that continuing mask theater is going to convince Johnny Antivax in Moses Lake to get the shot already, you need to pull your head out of your ass.