So, let me get this right, Inslee. Seattle gets to stay in Phase 3 despite its numbers being bad and all. But I, Tacoma, got booted back to Phase 2 for the very same thing. Is that what you are saying? Help me understand.
"So, let me get this right, Inslee. Seattle gets to stay in Phase 3 despite its numbers being bad and all. But I, Tacoma, got booted back to Phase 2 for the very same thing. Is that what you are saying? Help me understand." JPLDesigns/

Yo, Rich Smith. I told you so. Pierce County got the raw deal when Governor Inslee decided on Tuesday to press the "pause" button on the phase situation. He pressed it for King County. He did not press it for Pierce County, two weeks earlier. Now that county is feeling like a burnt piece of bacon. MyNorthwest: "After Governor Inslee announced Tuesday that he is pausing any more phase rollbacks in Washington, at least for the next two weeks, Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier sent out a tweet expressing his unhappiness and saying that 'treating different counties differently is not science.'”

And, yes, Brandi Kruse is, in my opinion, right to publicize Inslee's unfairness to Pierce County. If you do not meet the metrics, you get the boot. Be consistent, gov.

[Eds note: I hesitate to jump to the governor's defense for any reason at all, and I do understand the appearance of a double standard in this case, as well as the frustration with the state's "whack-a-mole mitigation" efforts, as PHSKC chief Dr. Jeff Duchin described it earlier this week, but the extremely notable difference here is that COVID-19 cases/hospitalizations were very much on the rise statewide and in Pierce County mid-April, when their rollback took effect. The state believes cases/hospitalizations may have plateaued this week, and so wanted to avoid a rollback that may have proven premature. We'll see if they were wrong; they very well may be. A clause in the reopening plan saying, "We'll definitely tighten restrictions if cases are rising, but we might hit pause on the decision if cases are flat or falling" could have helped ameliorate this frustration. I'm also old enough to remember that Dammeier backed a proposal to dissolve the county's health department in the middle of a pandemic, which ultimately would have given him more power to promote sprawl, and so I'm skeptical of Dammeier's commitment to fair play. All that said: fuck 'em, we shoulda shut all this shit down back in March.]

That good old hopey feeling refuses to die in the face of reality. "Washington health officials are seeing 'hopeful numbers' in COVID-19 case and hospitalization data as the state begins its two-week reopening pause," reports Seattle Times. Hospitalizations are up, new cases are up, the fourth wave is up. But hope-y feelings always find a way to rise from the graveyard of failed COVID-19 policies. (As for the word "hopey," its appearance in this item can be blamed on the ease with which I channel key moments from the political career of Wasilla's finest, Sarah Palin.)

As you can see, King County presently has more than double the cases it had at the peak of the very deadly second wave.
As you can very well see, King County presently has more than double the cases it had at the peak of the very deadly second wave.

Why vaccines will not get us out of the woods anytime soon: "Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against Covid-19 than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge." So, Washington, here is looking at you.

Flowers Bar & Restaurant? Really? Why you do me like you do? You have been shutdown for "repeated COVID-19 policy violations." You are the bar I love in that part of the city. (And, yes, Nathalie Graham reported about this in Slog AM, but she did not feel it the way I do. Flowers Bar & Restaurant, know right now that they don't love you like I love you.)

Now and then, the world that we find ourselves in, a world ruled by the greediest of humans, can have what Ice Cube once described as a good day.

And before we get back to the bad, here is something good that’s going on in Vancouver B.C. Scientists at the University of British Columbia have not only produced "the first images of a mutation on a COVID-19 variant" but also "say the photos offer some reassurance about how the virus strain may react to current vaccines." But before you start feeling too good, let's get back to the real.

What I do not have in me is the nerve to read this story: "Mom charged with murder of 3-year-old found buried near Delaware softball field in 2019." Buried in a softball field. And, yes, I took a little peek at the nightmare of a post. The baby is too cute. A dog's nose caught the smell of her small rotting corpse. God does not exist.

Lifted pickup trucks are designed and made by Satan himself. It is the bat out of hell on four wheels.

What did I want to see in the coming months? Seattle torn to pieces by the divorce of the billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates. I really saw something like King Kong versus Godzilla. I-5 smashed under Bill's gigantic foot; T-Mobile Park leveled by Melinda's monster tail. One pulls the Space Needle from the ground and tries to stab the other with it. Yes, that sort of thing. Now CNN is telling me that the 'Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce will probably be drama free." Seattle will not be left in ruins by this break. What a bummer.

In the state of Washington, where Melinda Gates filed her petition for divorce this week, a separation contract promotes "the amicable settlement of disputes" and is binding on the court unless, for some reason, the court finds that it was unfair to one party when it was executed.
This is another version of the Seattle freeze.

Let's think about this story for a moment: "Northwest Harvest plans huge food distribution center in Yakima." So, basically, we have entered a stage of capitalism when profits from basic grocery items are too small to be meaningful to the market. What this means is much of the food at our culture's core should be free. What groceries should sell are fancy things or prepared things. The rest should be distributed by organizations like Northwest Harvest, which recently “purchased a 10.5-acre parcel, formerly a drive-in movie theatre in Yakima."