Jess Stein

"The Best Sound on the Planet"
One of the best Ive spotted this year.
One of the best I've spotted this year. JK
Honestly, both female orgasms and System of a Down go off. Let's take a moment to listen to "Chop Suey!":

"The LGBT Community"
This community is huge.
This community is huge. JK
Spotted on Capitol Hill.

"Cops Don't Cum"
Love this rumor.
Love this rumor. JK
I don't make the rules!

"Orange Dracula"
Trump? JK
Ok, ok, it's not about our former president, but is a cute "retro-kitsch"/Halloween dime store in Pike Place Market.

Serenity in a sticker.
Serenity in a sticker. JK
Your moment of zen for today.

"Please Note"
This feels random.
This feels random. JK
Can you imagine? People would riot.

"Donut Give a Fox"
I wanna hang out with this fox.
Two puns in one! JK
I wanna hang out with this fox.

"The New Live Laugh Love"
Sure! JK
There was absolutely no need to insult Judy Neutron like this.

These alien heads have been popping up in a lot of places around Capitol Hill recently.
Me pretending to be human. JK
These alien heads have popped up in a lot of places around Capitol Hill recently.

I want one!
I want one! JK
OK let's end at the beginning:

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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