Pioneer Square Development: Taller Buildings, Underground Chambers, and a Promise of "Real Rent"



Strangely, I see an address nowhere in the article. Perhaps you could tell us exactly where this building is.


1: Follow the links; this is on the corner of Yesler and 2nd (kitty-corner from the Smith Tower).


Sounds like a great project. Congrats and thanks to the Satterberg Foundation for providing the funding. Good luck to future tenants. I used to work in the building just to the west of these two buildings. The area right out their front door has the highest concentration of the mentally ill and/or drug addicts that you'd ever want to encounter. SPD is a constant presence at the park across the street, and rightly so. Hopefully the non-profits that will move in down there can provide much needed aid to the people down there who so clearly need help.