You do realize that they are also using data retention to gobble up your facial recognition when you go anywhere near the Stadiums or ID light rail station, right?

Even though this is a contravention of the Canadian Constitution and EU data privacy laws for all citizens of the EU member states and Canada?

Yes, that includes dual citizens.


You should have the Canadian Constitution printed out on a bedsheet and wear it like a burka then.


mask use all year-round
makes it harder for
them to track
you down

kinda suprised the Prouds
haven't figured that out...

'say, are You the Lone Ranger?'

@deuce -- yeah cause we don't need no stinkin . . .


Few politicians in King County showed less concern than Kohl-Welles when she was informed by sex workers that creepy cops use this technology all the time to stalk and harrass sex workers, so I find it rich that Kohl-Welles is just now discovering it's "creepy" when it comes to her packing her groceries.

That and we already know this law will come with no actual punishment attached for when the police routinely break this law as they do all other laws that also have no sanctions attached:

"Sheriff's office gave info to ICE, violating King County's sanctuary policy
Immigration officials were provided names and given access to other information about people under arrest. The sheriff's office claims it was all a mistake."


The alternative might be that King County does not acquire such technology and data. But contracts it out to some faceless corporation. And we won't know whether the text message coming in about a suspicious person sighting is from a little old lady with spare time to examine post office wanted posters. Or some data center located who knows where.

Many businesses like restaurants have had a rogues gallery of check jumpers next to the cash register. There will be an electronic version of that (casinos already have one for card counters). Which many enterprising big data companies would sell as a service. I think I'd rather have elected officials answerable for the algorithm and database quality.


The thing about the Stranger ads is actually a really good point. I know you guys have to pay the bills, but do you have to do it by spying on us?

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