From what I've seen and heard Durkan apparently has already given up on most of the responsibilities and obligations of her office - the governmental equivalent of running out the clock on her administration - and is going to leave everything to her successor. This puts City departments in the unenviable position of having had funds for various programs allocated in the recently approved budget, but with no directive from the Mayor to actually implement any of them.

If she's just going to sit on her hands for the next several months, then department heads and rank-and-file administrators should have the ability to circumvent the normal top-down process and move forward with these without her consent or approval.



i think the word "pivot" should be placed on a temporary ban list for a while.


@4: Perhaps so, but it's well worth testing. They would be probably busy enough for their purpose that misuse would be alleviated.

I can't image how rough it must be to not have basic hygiene access.


@4, I've been going by the sink pictured at the top of Nat's piece for the past six months, and it remains in fine shape despite a lot of use. That's the reality.


$100,000 for 63 sinks? How about buying homeless people Starbucks gift cards and letting then use Starbucks restrooms?
"Tripping hazard" LOL. I wonder if Mami Hara has been to Alaskan Way (or, I presume, much of downtown) lately. Why do electric motorcycles need to be parked on sidewalks? If they had pedals I'd give them some slack, but motor vehicles should be parked on the street (and logically should be paying prevailing parking rates.)


@9: $100K isn't that huge of a public expenditure to meet essential health needs. The second paragraph in @5 should answer your other question.

And in reference to @6, I thought you were going to take his word for it (@8).


Anyone who did not expect drama has not been paying attention to how things work (or not) in Seattle.


Man we don't need sinks, we need public air freshners. Sidewalks smell like doodoo and peepee all over town.


Your Money at work. Lets send as much of our Tax Money as we possibly can to our government because they are the Best managers our Pay Cuts (Taxes). Don't worry, they will always want more.


why dont the do a few more sinks first...kind of a second pilot? And hire some hoemless folks to guard them/clean them. Then we have a second pilot of a few more data points. instead of one data point which proves almost nothing.

i think the city employee unions oppose hiring the homeless to do anything, because it cuts into their jobs and OT especially , since they get so much work cleaning/repairing etc from the use and vandalism from the the homeless.

such a surprise that the city council doesnt understand how the city procedures and state laws actually work before they go off on a big crusade (Showbox anyone?)


The focus should be on restroom facilities for homeless folks, not curbside adornments, although these street planters are attractive and ecologically appropriate. We should tackle Seattle’s quality of life issues head-on rather than dithering over these peripheral beautification projects. Let’s develop housing for homeless folks and remove all the tents and flotsam and jetsam we see lying about Seattle. Street camping and displaced people going potty in the streets or standing in the middle of Fourth Avenue waving their pants on a stick and asking for a light should not become the new normal, although these street campers certainly deserve housing and medical care. Durkan, lame duck that she is, must be developing a new designer line of vibrators because we haven’t diddly from her on this and many other municipal concerns which require mayoral involvement.


where did the money from the Oxy/Perdue settlement go? I thought that was supposed to fix this?


@15 -- thanks, Polly!
appreciate your Posts!


What makes you think they will stop pooping in the streets?


This whole thing reminds me of nothing so much as the $600,000.00 computerized public toilets from the Greg Nickels administration.

Talk talk talk. Spend spend spend. Stall stall stall. And in the end, you have "a horse that's designed by a committee".

How much does anybody want to bet, these things will end up on eBay 6 months from now, for pennies on the dollar?


Morales chimed in that the "goal isn’t to build super sinks, the point is to get sinks out throughout the city so folks have access to running water."
If the project requirement is to get running water to people, then a $5 length of hose and $3 sprayer nozzle would work just as well while costing considerably less up-front, costing less to replace, and being more usable because people could use it to rinse their bodies as well or even wash their pets.
But yeah let's roll-on with tens of thousand of dollars worth of sinks (or is most of the money going into the pockets of the Clean Hands people? Haven't really seen a breakdown of how they came to the $100k mark) that people from the city are telling you will be a nightmare to maintain. Come on, Tammy.
Is the goal to get water to people, or to make sure your buddies at Clean Hands get $100k?


Imagine how well curing crime will go so we won't need as many police. Lolol...sorry

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