My only tip for tweeters is this: You should delete twitter.


Nathalie and Rich

The Mariners certainly aren't terrible. Good, not great. Presently, they are 17-15 and 1.5 out of first in the American League West. Sounds like you took your information from some very uninformed sources.


FYI it’s already being discussed on other sites about how the tweet tipping displays your address so probably not a good option to set that up if you live alone or are in a vulnerable demographic where people could harass you (or worse) in person (sadly the people who could probably use the boost the most are the ones who it could be very dangerous to have that info out there…)


@2 - yuor Optimism
is Appreciated but
those Mariners
are batting

sans an Offense
you got Problems.

*in Last Place


Yeah, as a Mariners fan I gotta say that if they're not *yet" terrible... give 'em a chance. This is one realm in which they surely won't disappoint.


"Shooting near Yesler Terrace: Stay out, and if you're in, then keep your head on a swivel:"

Fuck the police, send in the Social Workers!


"a right-wing campaign to recall Sawant "

Trump supporters call conservative politicians who don't support Trump socialist.

The people who are running the recall Sawant campaign aren't right wing. It's a mischaracterization to call them right wing.

Sawant argued all the way up to the state supreme court that there was insufficient evidence for violations of ethics codes and laws for the recall effort to continue. Now she has admitted to those ethics violations.

Why is it supporters of lying politicians, whether it's Trump or Sawant, will continue to support those politicians even after their lies are admitted or obvious?


ah the ol' "tech ate my texts" ploy, eh? just happened to get durkin, best and scroggins you say?

add sawants ethics violations and we're probably barely touching the surface of slimy seattle politics. maybe throw in a sprinkle of creepy ed murray and his pension, cushy job he gave his husband, mix with a dash of jan drago and now we're cooking with gas!


guesty @10, makes you think Durkan's the type of character who would turn off her body cam.

Good to see that Sawant has settled on that trivial ethics violation. There's no Seattle elected official I despise more than Sawant, but a breach like this does not warrant the distracting exercise that is a recall. The fact is, the people running the recall just don't like her politics (same as with the Gavinator in CA). If you don't like an elected official, find a candidate who can beat 'em fair and square the next time around.

But for me, the most interesting news item tonight is Keisha Lance Bottoms deciding not to run for reelection as mayor of Atlanta: Has a nuanced accounting of the rise in violent crime in Atlanta and across the country.


An even more interesting "news" item. Essay on "Nomadland:"

Clearly, I need less interesting bedtime reading so I can get to sleep for heaven's sake.


What do you mean “keep us poor”, Natty-boo and Rich? You are both fucking employed. Dumbasses.

By the way, why don’t you do some real reporting (omg... I actually typed that... this is the Stranger, you guys don’t report)... and fucking talk to bar and restaurant owners that are trying to hire workers. They are paying your precious Sawant minimum wage that was supposed to solve all your problems. Why can’t these businesses get people to apply?

Clueless Socialists.


@11: It was so trivial she twice contested it, and lost both times. Now, she's finally admitted that one of the recall petition's three allegations of malfeasance was indeed true, after she'd repeatedly lied about just how true it was.

"...a breach like this does not warrant the distracting exercise that is a recall."

Then why didn't she just admit it was true, pay the fine, and move on? Because she can't ever admit she's wrong, she won't ever admit the truth, unless forced to do so. Not good qualities for anyone to have, but especially bad in (a) an elected community leader (b) whose job requires compromise.

But, contrary to your groundless assertions, her offense wasn't a triviality. Council Members may not use the money we provide their offices to push ballot measures on us, while pretending these ballot measures have popular support. That's astroturfing, that's use of tax money to manufacture propaganda against the citizens, and it's a violation of our City's Ethics Code for those correct and proper reasons. (To paraphrase your comment, if you want to run a ballot initiative, fine; do it with actual support from real citizens. Don't abuse your office by misusing public funds, and pretending that misdirected money represents the actual citizen support your ideas don't really have.)

And you're right, the recall is not based on just this charge (which she has, finally, admitted is true) but upon two other abuses of her office as well.

"If you don't like an elected official, find a candidate who can beat 'em fair and square the next time around."

For policy, yes, we have regular elections to decide those questions. The recall petition alleges CM Sawant abused her office in three different ways (and her term is not even halfway over!). Why should voters have to wait, and consider her violations in an election years from now, when they should then be voting upon policy? Thanks to our recall process, they do not have to wait, they do not have to make a regular election a referendum about her (now-admitted) unethical behavior. They can call an election directly upon her abuses of office, and decide for themselves whether her abuses warrant her removal. That is our constitutional, democratic process, and you can like it or not as you choose, but our recall process does not allow for trivial or un-provable charges to be brought (see attempted recall of Mayor Durkan).

@9 :"a right-wing campaign to recall Sawant "

Thank you for contesting the cheap and easy smear that anyone who dares criticize CM Sawant for her ethical violations (or for anything at all, really) simply must be a right-wing dupe or stooge. We liberals know nothing could be further from the truth. Right-wingers love how completely she embraces and embodies their caricature of a loud-mouthed, substance-free lefty political activist, and how her office is a desert where progressive legislation goes to die. That last is the real reason we liberals do not like her, from her "Not $15, Not Now, and Not For Everybody!" sell-out to big business in her first term, to her Blame Amazon Tax in the place of real Council oversight of our efforts to end homelessness.


12 That woman wrote that Atlantic Article like she was forced into in, compelled to watch a movie outside her comfort zone, and wanted everyone to suffer along with her. She hated her assignment, hated the movie, hated everything about it, except for the paycheck she will draw from it.
Waste of a read.
Spoiler alert, her article has more dialogue than the whole movie.
Re-align her vision to the realization of loneliness, he creation of community and found family, mortality, and living with loss and inevitability without means, and what might seem like a sad story may turn into coping strategies for the lives we are all headed for if we live long enough.


@16 great comments. There is no doubt Sawant commmitted every offense she is accused of the only question is does it merit a recall. To me the real tell of all this is that Sawant has yet to express any ownership or contrition for her actions. Like a 5 year old it’s someone’s else’s fault. If she survives the recall does anyone expect she will have learned anything or will she only be emboldened to push the envelope further knowing there are no consequences for her actions. The recall is about accountability and transparency in government. Either we demand it or we can expect more shenanigans down the road. The choice is up to District 3.


@13: It's not hate (from the left and right) as much as finding her annoying. These reactions shouldn't be conflated.


@18: "To me the real tell of all this is that Sawant has yet to express any ownership or contrition for her actions. Like a 5 year old it’s someone’s else’s fault."

And you're being far too kind with that description of her subsequent actions. She abused her office to let people into City Hall for her political rally, without any consideration at all for the risk of spreading a deadly disease to the persons whose legitimate jobs required them to be there -- photographs showed participants neither wearing masks, nor properly distanced from each other. Her actions were literally Trumpian, and like Trump, she simply lied about it when questioned.

When she abused her office by giving Mayor Durkan's family address to Socialist Alternative -- a private political club, with no public accountability of any kind, who had no business with such privileged information -- so they could organize their threatening actions there, it was in the service of no public interest, but rather for pure, vindictive political retribution: Mayor Durkan had repeatedly defeated CM Sawant, fair and square, so Sawant and her private political club were out to exact revenge. There was no ambiguity in their message: in any dispute where one participant clearly tells the other some version of, "I know where you -- and your family -- live," it's a clear and obvious threat against the person and her family. When this threatening behavior received no public support, but rather the very clear message that CM Sawant and Socialist Alternative had violated our city's civilized norms of public dialog, she and they immediately started publicly lying about it. They refused all responsibility, and attempted not merely to blame other people, but they then spread the additional lie, that CM Sawant and Socialist Alternative were really themselves the helpless, innocent victims of a public disinformation campaign. None of their lies were even remotely credible, and accomplished nothing but to display their utter contempt for the ability of Seattle's citizens to perform any kind of critical thinking at all.

"If she survives the recall does anyone expect she will have learned anything or will she only be emboldened to push the envelope further knowing there are no consequences for her actions. The recall is about accountability and transparency in government. Either we demand it or we can expect more shenanigans down the road."

Exactly correct. Like you, I hope the citizens of District 3 make the correct choice.


Damn, I don't care for Durkan and wish her recall had gone forward, but I barely think of her. But the anti-Sawant people? They are obsessed with her!


@12 – thnx for the Rec!
“’Nomadland’ is a movie that appeals to the four quadrants of the show-business apocalypse: menopausal women, people with life-threatening illnesses, people interested in poverty, and anyone with time on her hands who can’t find the remote.

It’s a popcorn picture for the damned—and so it spoke to me.”

--by Caitlin Flanagan; staff writer at The Atlantic and author of ‘Girl Land’

pretty sure my demographic doesn’t Overlap those four but I’m gonna Own it as soon as the Red Box offers them. Francis McDormand fucking ROCKS -- I’d love to be stuck in a motorhome with her for a Decade or so (think they’ll send her [us] her [our] Residuals? just General Delivery, Somewhere 0n The Road oughtta do it). and what with the fucking Pandemic and so Many outta Work (and about to Lose Their HOMES) gonna be a Hellova LOTTA us out there Nomading* around. so it’s like a Documentary cum How-To type film I spose…

*see the USOFA
in a Chevrolet

@17 -- saved the Review for
later but gonna get the flic anway
and yeah, gonna be Hordes on our highways
and byways Quite soon probably and that's not even
factoring in the coming Catastrophic Climate Disaster Refugees*

*the Human ones


well I Did read the review and here's what I got out of it:

"When Frances McDormand walked to a stage built in a train station that has considerable homeless problems, holding Linda May’s hand, wearing a shapeless black dress, and howling like a wolf once she got there, I thought, There it is: the ’60s. Loony, brave, unconventional, and—half of them, anyway—menopausal.

They don’t care what “society” thinks about them; they never did.

They tried to warn us half a century ago.

They saw what would come from endless consumerism, from a decades-long assault on the environment, from endless war, and they’re doing what they have always done: helping out the less fortunate, teaching people how to survive, giving lessons on how to eat cheaply, and haranguing the rest of us any chance they get—and God knows we need it.

They’re old, and their bodies are wearing down. But they were always unafraid, always larger than the situation, and they’re dying with their boots on."

yeah, worth it.
thanx, cressy!


13, The people behind the recall campaign must be very liberal since they are willing to spend their time and money to try to hold politicians to their oaths. How liberal are people who mischaracterize their opponents, use public funds for their own political ends, engage in divisive rhetoric and risk the safety of others simply because they hold a different opinion?

liberalism: willingness to respect opinions different from one's own; openness to new ideas.


I just find it infuriating that Republican senators who make at a minimum $174K a year (which is lunch money for most of them) begrudge unemployed people a subsidy that helps them catch up on their rent and other bills after more than a year without income. You can't pay them that! All they'll ever do is sit on their fat asses at home and watch Ellen and Days of Our Lives! They need to come back to their shitty, soul-draining jobs and work for $7.25 an hour (still the US minimum wage).

Kind of shows you what they think of us, huh?


@25 -- well if we're not
consumers commodities
or the colaterally damaged
we're cannon fodder. Citizens?

meh. not so Much.

if they cannot farm
or Harvest us, what
Good are we (to Them)?


@21 nails that stick up get hammered down


It's repost Saturday!


twitter tipping is ludicrous, like crazy white people anonymously paying for each other’s meals at the Frog & Peach or Sizzlers.

Speaking of which, nice to see black-owned businesses returning to the CD after the COVID-19 debacle has somewhat abated, although many self-righteous anti-vaxxer crackers in south and southeast King are prolonging our collective misery, as are the Mariners with their lackluster performances, which are enhanced when getting assaulted with a tomahawk by a Navajomo in Pioneer Square on the way to the stadium, or barfed on by an overly-exuberant fan who ordered clams.

Watching the neighbor climb on a step stool and get it on with his Alpaca would be more enlightening.

Now that Sawant has this menacing recall publicity stunt behind her she can run for Mayor and proceed with the progressive agenda we need to pull Lady Seattle back from the medievalist brink and impose progressive taxation to address the insidious homeless problem.

The Durkan intractability and missing texts, à la Hillary’s missing emails or tiptoeing out the back door with the White House tableware and towels reveal an undeserving beaver-shaver and gold-digger who is unfit for command.

Colleen Echohawk and Nikita Oliver would also be excellent pro-worker homeless advocates who actually give a rip about Seattle.

Hopefully this lengthy diatribe didn’t cause some debutant on Queen Anne to drop their Ben-Wa in the pet dish and make a sticky mess.


only watched the first 2 minutes
of Elon Musk hosting SNL
but he's pretty* Good:

@ polly
Well done.



@30: I have no nits with your lengthy diatribes now that they're broken into paragraphs.


this week's SNL's
gonna be A Classic.

@32 -- it ain't
the Format it's
The Substance.

and labeling it a diatribe
while ignoring the Latter
is intellectually dishonest.






I would recommend the gay/latino candidate for mayor for his standing up for the poorest people e.g. no removal of tent homes when we have a present mayor who has used the police to attack/brutalize the homeless in broad daylight while she stays in her mutlmillion dollar homes. And demanding 50% defunding of the police budget. She has a nasty history of destroying lives while a prosecutor so there is no defending her. Echohawk is too close to the mayor and not outspoken from reports I have heard.

Nikita Oliver would address concerns of 50% reduction in police funding and racism. These funds are needed to attack poverty and truly provide services to poor and working class people.

Neo liberals are rightwing no matter what they call themselves and they don't like their selfish and greedy lifestyles addressed. Sawant is not perfect but she is the best one on the council who helped produce Seattle's $15 an hour minimum wage and fought to tax the billionaires who are a major contributer to the poverty and loss of housing the country is experiencing.
The others are too afraid to speak out and rock the boat and challenge the system on behalf of the majority of us.

Nothing to lose makes us dangerous to the status quo.


"The city's civilized norms of dialog" You know western civilization - the basis of stolen sacred land and slavery. Slavery of people of all colors. The foundation of racism and classism.


long live the Patriarchy!

perhaps Not:

The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming.
Psychiatry May Never Be the Same.

Psilocybin and MDMA are poised to be the
hottest new therapeutics since Prozac.
Universities want in, and
so does Wall Street.

Wall Street
on Acid

this could get GOOD
or it could *just as
Easily get very



from @38
"Even some Republicans, a group that has traditionally opposed the liberalization of drug laws, are starting to come around. Last month, the former Texas governor Rick Perry, citing the high rates of suicide among war veterans, called on his state’s legislators to support a Democratic-sponsored bill that would establish a psilocybin study for patients with PTSD."

WTG Rick!
I guess those glasses
Finally worked! well done.




@37: "Slavery of people of all colors."

You seem to be even more confused than your normally are. Although Seattle was indeed founded prior to the US Civil War, slavery was never practiced here. Now, back to the topic you miserably failed to address:

Do you believe CM Sawant should have used her office's authority to provide Mayor Durkan's private address to Socialist Alternative? It's a very simple question, and yet, I expect you'll continue yelling "SALVEERY!!1!" rather than answer it -- if you even try to answer it.


@1 Urgutha Forka: Although I don't have a Twitter account (mostly because of DJT's shameful history of trolling it daily), have never subscribed, and don't plan on ever acquiring one anytime soon, you otherwise offer good sound advice to those with Twitter accounts. Well said and kudos. :)

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