Slog AM: A Rocket Crash, a Beached Whale in the Thames, and Hotter Dads



it doesn't really matter if drivers are going 15 % faster than they used to, if you are walking around on I-5 in the dark, early morning you are probably going to get hit.


That sidewalk is not “impassable,” even for a wheelchair. It’s incredible to me that the city (rightly) puts so many restrictions and rules in place for residents with regards to tree removal, but will rip out foundational canopy cover at the slightest hint of a regulatory issue.


@1 ERGO : "Freeways are for suburbs, not cities."


A shooting in the ID could have been much worse. Police claim to have arrested a 29-year-old in connection to a shooting that injured one 58-year-old man in a brief shootout. No word on what precipitated the shooting, other than “an altercation with several subjects.”

Again no good guys with guns to shoot all the bad people in the altercation. NRA FAIL! Obviously not enough guns available for all the good guys standing around.


More gun control laws will lead to a lot more incarcerated black men with insanely long mandatory sentences. How has gun control helped black communities? It is basically illegal to possess a firearm as a citizen in Chicago city limits. Hows that working out? Under those laws we get both mass incarceration and mass shootings. Try a little harder. Harsher laws arent the answer. Where is all your equity of results talk now?


@2 While not impassable it certainly would be a bit adventurous in a wheelchair. Instead of removing the tree they could just fix the sidewalk to have a bit of a bump and a nicer grade for those on wheels.

Given the cities concern for sidewalk accessibility I wonder if they'll be addressing the tents that are blocking the sidewalks near me, or the wheelchair access to the crosswalks in ballard. I'm guessing none of that will be addressed, but don't worry there will be more more flags painted on crosswalks and bike lanes


"[DeSantis] signed legislation banning businesses from requiring that customers show proof of vaccination against COVID-19."

So much for the "free market," eh?


Also, Im sure it was totes legal to bring guns to school in Oregon, considering you need to be either 18 or 21 to posess a firearm depending on type. Those Oregon state graduate schools are like Iraq though.


There's an update on that minke whale this morning, and it doesn't look like it will end well. Richmond is way the fuck up the Thames.


"Freeways are for suburbs, not cities."

This incident happened in Fife. It IS a suburb.


Rampage by assailant in New Zealand market ends with NOBODY killed because assailant did not have a gun:


" I still can’t understand why Republicans have decided to take a stance that will kill their largest voter base."

They don't use votes to win anymore. They can't.

Also, they aren't ideological. They are all about "YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME???!!??" If they were ideological, they'd start wearing masks indoors all the time since Fauci said it may be time to ease restrictions.

They are ideological in the way a teenager is.


I know the industry employs a lot of people, and some cities really count on the tourism it provides (although it nearly killed Venice), but I just hate it that the cruise lines are cranking back up. Those ships are sooooo environmentally unfriendly (Google what they are allowed to dump into the sea). Also, there are areas on cruise ship routes that have returned to near pristine states. Whales, other marine mammals, and certain fish are returning to areas where they haven't been in years because of, as I understand it, the noise those mega-megaships create which scares off fish and interrupts whale communication.

And I don't know why, but I've been told by local merchants that cruise ship tourists are for some reason and generally speaking not very polite or respectful of local laws and customs. It's a lost cause, I know. Too much money involved, but it was kind of thrilling to see the Earth and its oceans start to heal in this not so small way.


Its unclear who one is supposed to "mess with" in order to "get the ho" there is just not enough information there to do a proper risk/reward analysis sans alcohol.


I'm sorry but I-5 being removed from Seattle will NEVER happen simply because Seattle has positioned itself as the economic hub of the state. While removing I-5 just between 90 and 520 would greatly benefit the health of the city and its residents the economic fallout to the rest of the state from reduced capacity at the port and a massive gap in the North-South Interstate makes its a moot point. I also think the environmental impacts of shifting that traffic to 405 would be much worse than leaving it on I-5 negating any net benefits to carbon emissions. Much like the complainers of living in an urban environment you need to just suck it up and deal with it.


"It is basically illegal to possess a firearm as a citizen in Chicago city limits."

No, it isn't.

"To legally possess firearms or ammunition, Illinois residents must have a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, which is issued by the Illinois State Police to any qualified applicant... Chicago has banned the possession of certain semi-automatic firearms that it defines as assault weapons, as well as laser sights."

I know gun control has minimal impact in the United States because we suck, but it doesn't sound especially difficult to legally obtain a firearm in Chicago, unfortunately.


@1 - Now reports indicate the deceased was changing a tire on the right shoulder when he was hit and killed by a woman who admits she was distracted by her cell phone...


The useful comparison for gun control isn't Chicago vs. non-Chicago. Its the United States vs Japan.



stop worrying about India, which you can't do anything about, and worry about getting everyone here vaccinated, including the 12-15 yo kids and 16+ who CAN WALK IN TO ANY HOSPITAL OR STADIUM CLINIC this week.

The variants are hitting young people HARD. Get vaccinated now, as it does work against variants and you will stop being amongst super spreaders.


Stop making excuses and just do it.

Oh, and the official rate in India of infection is the same as that in the province of Alberta which you can drive to in about 5 hours from Seattle.



you can also get vaccinated FREE at most drug stores


17- That's interesting if it's true. I work at a TV station in engineering and have a monitor of the DOT cameras at my desk. That particular camera is in HD; as the sun came up I noticed that there were no other vehicles stopped besides the ones with flashing lights and official personnel were standing around a body shaped object essentially in the middle of the freeway. No tow trucks and no wrecked vehicles usually means a car/pedestrian incident when you are looking at things that happen on the freeway. We also received word later in the morning that it was a pedestrian. I suppose that the vehicle with a flat tire could have been out of frame and I may have missed seeing both civilian vehicles. Tragic either way.


@5 "It is basically illegal to possess a firearm as a citizen in Chicago city limits. Hows that working out?"

You know my dude before making such idiotic statements you might want to indulge is five seconds of googling.

Gun laws in New York, LA and San Francisco are all MUCH more strict than Chicago’s. If you live in the city of Chicago, you can own firearms by meeting the following conditions:

You must be 21 years old or older
You must possess a firearm owner’s identification card (FOID). (Which takes all of fifteen minutes and $10 to fill out a couple of forms).
You must have a concealed carry license if you intend to remove your gun from your home



@18 -- Or U. S. versus Canada. Or just trends in Canada: Make guns easier to buy, and more people will use them.

The big mistake people make politically is assuming that gun control solves the problem. It doesn't, as that article pointed out. Disparity in income and opportunity increases violence as well. A very weak safety net and very cheap guns is why the U. S. has so many gun deaths.


How exactly did Chicago capture the conservative imagination when it has neither the strictest gun laws nor the highest homicide rate, but people insist that both of these things are true? My guess is something something Obama something something black people but I also feel like this trend predated the Obama era. They know nothing about their laws and they have never set foot in the city but they can tell you how many people were shot on any given weekend in Chicago. I don't get it.


@24 I think it goes back to headlines like this from 2014. It isn't the murder rate as the sheer number of shootings that occurred in a short period of time. Even now you hear mostly that X people were shot over the weekend. It's a media creation because like most media creations it creates clicks. Take it for what its worth and maybe with a grain of salt but let's not pretend Chicago doesn't have a serious problem with gun violence.

True story, gun laws in Chicago and Illinois are generally worthless because most people just shoot over the state line into Indiana and get whatever they want. Same goes with fireworks.


"...something something Obama something something black people"

No. I'm sure it's the city's long legacy of Mafia violence.


@12 -- if they could Own the Libs
thru extermination of Life on Earth
they'd hardly hesitate and think they
got a pretty Good Deal. that's who we've got
for an Opposition. so do we play by their Rules?


I trust that homeowner brings in his garbage and recycling cans and they're not by that 100-year tree all the time.