Slog AM: Air Raids Kill 26 in Gaza, KUOW Drops Funny Durkan Texts, Cops Find the Suspect but Not the Tiger He Fled With



«... response came from Michelle Chen... general legal counsel for the Mayor’s Office.
Chen wrote that over the past two years, Mayor Durkan has had multiple phones replaced, and that the mayor’s last phone backup did not have the records for the specific date range of my request.»

Well that is TOTAL bullshit for sure. Does not matter which phone she used as long as she still is/was on the same data plan. Did Durkan say she replaced her data plan multiple times, too? She must be busy with that.


Off topic .... I only occasionally watch the WNBA, but I respect the league and players 100%. This is a cool summary of "firsts" over the last 25 years.

Nice work with all the international news this morning Rich.


2 - I flew back from DC with the Mystics when they were coming to match up against the Storm. Needless to say we all, coach included, flew coach!
Those women were so fucking cool. They actually talked to me!


"Keep your head on a swivel." You guys use this silly exclamation so much im beging to think its an inside joke, like seeing how many times you can say meow without someone noticing.


If you see a bear on a golf course don't call the fucking cops. When all you've got is a hammer...


Thnx 4 keepin'
your Eyes
for Us


Investigators have been digging in to figure out why the pigs abandoned the east precinct and potentially key communications from that period are suspiciously deleted. I'm sure it was just another glitch though, like when the footage of epstein's death disappeared.


Here we go again with trying to minimize the fact the CM Sawant knowingly violated the Gov's public safety mandates and endangered people working at City Hall.

"The vaunted former chief of police described the fallout of Sawant leading protests into City Hall thusly: "no issues." (As I wrote yesterday, a reactionary group with dubious mailer strategies is trying to make that moment a very serious issue.)"

FFS, stop being a shill. It IS a serious issue Rich. If you can't report objectively on Sawant without the snide remarks then don't report on her. You actually missed the best part of that exchange though between Best and Durkan

"Large group led by Kshama Sawant is in the City Hall lobby / no issues," writes Carmen Best, former police chief.

"Her first time at work since February 28," Durkan retorts.

That's comedy gold Jerry!


Of course the police shot and killed the bear. It was black.


Massively not interested in the never-ending Israel / Palestinian thing. BUT if you go lobbing rockets at a neighbor and they shoot back, don't come whining about getting hit.


@9 for the Duh! post of the day


Also note that the Chief of Police, as is traditional amongst occupying armies, can't be bothered to learn how to spell the locations she's occupying (Capitol Hill, not Capital Hill)

Classic occupier move.


@10 Really. So I guess in America what we do is bomb the shit out of every town that has a mass shooter. That'll show 'em.


@9: How profound and witty you guys are this morning! I'm impressed.


Mayor Durkin was a prosecutor, which is the least democratic and open part of our government.

If you elect previous cops from a culture of no oversight or accountability, it's a "bear shits in the woods" moment when you later discover they have so much contempt for the public that they believe they can simply hide anything they don't want the public to see.


@10 -- I KNOW!

if Only them Palestinians'd
just keep Shut Up in their
Open-air Concentration
Camp we might have
some Peace! geesh

ever had someone MOVE
without Permission,
'tim browne' ?


*your ACTUAL Home



@10: Translation:

"Never been that interested in rape, but if a women wears a skirt like that, don't come crying to me when you get what you deserve."

There, fixed it for ya.


@17 -- sans Burqa*
you Got No Case.

bingo, Casino.

'she MADE me do it!'


Israeli Airstrikes Kill 26 Palestinians
in Gaza, Including 9 Children

The attacks came after 700 Palestinians were injured in Jerusalem and the West Bank by Israeli security forces on Monday — including a violent crackdown inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third-holiest site in Islam.

Hamas responded by firing hundreds of rockets into Israel. No deaths were reported, but police said over two dozen people were injured.

The tension in Jerusalem has been mounting for weeks as Palestinians have been organizing to block Israel from forcibly evicting dozens of Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem to give their homes to Jewish settlers.


Clang, Clang, Clang Went Josh Hawley! - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody


I never know how to respond when israel and palestine start squabbling again. Something about religious violence just makes absolutely no sense to me.


@8 I think you need to find another news blog. I'm sure there's one out there that will stroke your prejudices just the way you like it. Maybe something run by the Chamber of Commerce?


@22 lol c’mon really? What is prejudicial about calling out wrongdoing by our elected leaders? Does it only matter when they are someone who aren’t aligned with us politically? You sir are part of the problem.


If what one finds abhorrent in their political opponents they find acceptable in their political allies. That isn't going to reflect kindly on them. Frankly Al Franken resigned for less. I don't think the left in the broad sense should make it a performative practice of falling on ones sword. But showing some humility and knowing when the gig is up would grease the skids and move the cause forward. Unless Socialist Alternative is dependent on a prop of personality there should be more of them where they came from, its not like they think for themselves anyways.


To follow on Max Solomon's comment @5, I hope that cop faces some kind of disciplinary action for shooting that bear for no reason other than existing. Of course fat chance of that happening when the police unions won't even tolerate cops being held to account for shooting and killing human beings who were posing no danger. (Max Solomon, always pleased to come across your comments.)


Also want to respond to tim browne @10. Totally agree with you here: "Massively not interested in the never-ending Israel / Palestinian thing." I saw a Tom Friedman column on the New York Times home page this morning: "Israelis, Palestinians and Their Neighbors Wonder: Is This the Big One?" And I was like, "Sorry, not interested. We've got our own problems." To me, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict exists in American politics as just another wedge in the culture wars to distract us from our core economic issues.

Having just agreed how little I care, I do have to give a similar response to other commenters to the rest of what tim browne says: "BUT if you go lobbing rockets at a neighbor and they shoot back, don't come whining about getting hit." Yes, on the face of it, this is true, but I think the other commenters here make a good case that it was the Israelis who were largely responsible for this latest escalation.

Oh, and here's a productive way for America to care less about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while at the same time making it less of a conflict—sharply cut our military aid to Israel.


@8: "Durkan's text messages" are to The Stranger what "Hillary's e-mail servers" were for folks like our very own Raindrop, right down to (of course) flat-out ignoring a far more serious IT security violator. (One might almost start to suspect the very loud braying about the one is specifically designed to deflect attention from the other...) In Raindrop's case, that security problem was D.J. Trump's open broadcasts of classified information from his personal, unsecurable mobile device, which D.J. insisted on using despite having a secure one provided. For The Stranger, CM Sawant's use of private e-mail for City business is the Donald-sized elephant in their room. Years have now elapsed since CM Sawant and Socialist Alternative ignored at least one public-records request into the latter's involvement in the former's hiring and firing of City employees:

"Sawant’s office does not use city-provided email accounts; they use gmail accounts instead. They argue this is to allow them to use Google’s online collaboration tools, and they claim to support public document requests on emails in those accounts. However the latter claim is clearly untrue: a Public Document Request filed related to the termination of employment of Liebermann and Kahn returned no documents or emails from Sawant and her office — nothing at all. This is despite Socialist Alternative’s own internal documents showing that they have collections of documents on Liebermann’s and Kahn’s terminations — directly related to Council official business — that Ziemkowski and Sawant would have received and almost certainly contributed to, given that by their own admission Ziemkowski brought the proposal to fire Kahn..." (

And yes, The Stranger's exquisite care in selecting exactly which of Dukan's text messages to repeat -- and, much, much more importantly, which ones NOT to repeat -- does produce some great comedic moments, doesn't it? (All the funnier, due to the lack of humorous intent...)


@27: Maybe I should put Jenny and Hillary in a raindrop, just for you tensie.


@28: By comparison, your PhotoShop skills certainly do make your b.s. detector operations look pitiably weak indeed -- and that's not a compliment to either. (Go ahead, do your worst to the ladies, we all know you secretly want to anyway...)


@30 - Na, I already used them.

So nasty.


@31 -- cloaked in reasonableness
'Nasty's' tense's middle name.


@10 and @26 I don't support the Hamas rocket attacks, but seriously, what were the Israelis expecting? The raid that kicked off the current round was the equivalent of clearing St. Peter's Square on Easter Sunday with riot police. Of course there was going to be a violent reaction. Then later on, Hamas says that if Israel attacks a particular building, they will fire rockets at Tel Aviv. Israel bombs the building and is shocked, shocked that Hamas returns fire at Tel Aviv.

Cut off all military aid and most of the non-military aid to Israel and then let's talk.


OUR Tax Dollars to support:
War Crimes?
Bombing Civilians?
Stealing Occupied Lands?

what are we


@34 How do you think white folks got there hands on Seattle?


@33, you and I seem to be in violent agreement. Right down to my last paragraph @26:

"Oh, and here's a productive way for America to care less about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict while at the same time making it less of a conflict—sharply cut our military aid to Israel."

If we're getting our troops out of Afghanistan, maybe we can get our American tax dollars out of Israel. Let them pursue their ethnic cleansing on their own shekel.


@36 Yes. I almost edited the @s at the top of mine to try to clear that up, but bailed. Should have done that.


Those Tribes have been spilling blood in those deserts for thousands of years. Their not gonna stopping anytime soon.


They're, there, their.


"Their not gonna stopping anytime soon."

"Let them [Isreli War Criminals*] pursue their ethnic cleansing on their own shekel." --cressona

andj we got
another Bingo

@39 - it's gotta be
5 o'clock or 4:20

*My words


@38: Because they've got God on their side! Always have, always will. Just ask them. Don't bother trying to ask their god, who although being all-powerful and almighty and all-just and also just all-around all that, doesn't ever seem to just, y'know, be around there for them when their children need food and schools, their (rocket) bombing survivors could use miraculously regenerated limbs and/or divine cures for PTSD, etc. All that good stuff, apparently, being not His Department.

@31, @32: For some folks, the truth is just going to hurt. And hurt. (And hurt, and hurt, and hurt...) No amount of my putting a reasonable face on it can help them make it hurt any less. (But that's really not my fault, now, is it?)


@38 "tribes?" And which tribe divided up the Middle East into self serving historically non-existent nation states with arbitrary boundaries?

And which tribes then installed hand picked stooges of religious minorities to be dictators in these new nations?

Which tribe decided to plop down a diaspora of European religious refugees smack down in the middle of an already occupied territory of an entirely different religion?

Which tribe sells billions of dollars in advanced weaponry to the region?

Oh. And which Tribe was it that invaded and occupied Iraq again, resulting in the deaths of a quarter million Iraqis and over 2 million refugees that flooded neighboring nations culminating in the rise of a new international terror movement, a civil war in Syria, and expanded emergent Iran?

Need any hints?


They have been fussing and bloodletting for thousands of years, long before England and US became super powers.


@41: What are you babbling? Not hurt.

And about my pixels, put up or shut up.



@43 And during that time what were the tribes in Europe doing? Sewing peace quilts?


yeah but
God's White so
WE always Right

nah prolly not
but So WHAT?
WE don't Make the Rules!*

well We kinda Do
so get over it.

*spose Savages are even Capable?
think again.


@44: Um, where did I promise to paint pretty pictures with pixels? I believe that was your threat at me, not the other way around (@28). It now appears to have the same validity as any other threat you make here. Quelle surprise.

Have a nice day.


@47: Yes, you need to call it day. Sleep well.