Jesss Stein

"Let's Not Celebrate a Chance to Eat at a Shit Buffet"
On Capitol Hill.
On Capitol Hill. JK
It looks like the phrase came from Olympia-based band Xylitol's song "Shit Buffet." A good distillation of where my brain's at right now.

"Spidey Senses"
Who did this?
Who did this? JK
Would love to be read like this by Spiderman.

Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. JK
Another hit from Casual Industrees. Also, don't mind the bug.

"Mask Up Buttercup"
I care.
I care. JK
This is truly how I think I look nearly 15 months into this panini.

"Ooga Booga"
Me looking at Megan Thee Stallion.
Me looking at Megan Thee Stallion. JK
Everything relates back to Spongebob for me:

"Be Your Own Doppelgänger"
Self-on-self action.
Self-on-self action. JK
Thanks Jake Levin! My new Gemini catchphrase.

"Stop the Spread of Coronavirus"
This font!
This font! JK
A friend pointed this one out to me in the Montana bathroom. And, rest assured, I did wash my hands.

"The Party's Over, Seattle"
Spotted in the International District.
Spotted in the International District. JK
The gag is that the party's BEEN over a long time.

"Abolish Cops and Billionaires"
Sure, this works too.
Sure, this works too. JK
ACAB, it turns out, is a pretty versatile acronym.

"Downward Facing Dyke"
So sweet.
So sweet. JK
Spotted near Tamari Bar on Capitol Hill.

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Housekeeping: I’m out this afternoon recording some more Sticker Patrol videos for The Stranger's Instagram account. Here are our last two in case you missed them: