Helicopter pilot to the US: Baby whos that? Dont look now, theres a monkey on your back.
Helicopter pilot to the US: "Baby who's that? Don't look now, there's a monkey on your back." sarkophoto/gettyimages.com

After a six-day halt caused by a cyberattack attributed to a gang of hackers called DarkSide, the fucking 5,500-mile long Colonial Pipeline is back up and running and pumping the substance that melting ice on the poles and diminishing the only kind of terrestrial environment that humans have ever known and flourished in. Everyday, Colonial Pipleline pumps 3 million barrels of this world-destroying stuff "between Texas and New York."


And, this is how it is these days. The moment that pipeline's repair is reported is also the moment we learn that the US government knows we have entered a very dangerous time in human history.

The homeless people living in Broadway Hill Park have been cleared. We will no longer have to meet them with our eyes. The park is now free to please those who must believe they work so hard to bring home the bacon.

A car chase. From Snoqualmie to Seattle. It began with a cop stopping a vehicle "for an unsecured load." It ended with a crash that totaled the suspect's automobile near the Death Star-looking stadium. So many lives were forced into a zone of great danger for this dumb car chase.

The crazy thing about the rabid bat recently found in the garden of a Sammamish resident? This person picked it up from the ground. Picked up this obviously sick flying mammal with their hands (which were gloved, but still). Of course the bat bit the person "multiple times." Of course, it was rabid.

Thank you, The Onion. I really mean it.

Louis DeJoy is the Trump loyalist who tried to dismantle the US Postal Service's ability to handle mail-in votes during the 2020 election. He is still in power. He continues to be up to no good. But the first step to his removal happened today. One of President Biden’s three nominees to the Postal Board of Governors, Ronald Stroman, was confirmed by the Senate.

This is how the US looks right now. On one side, we have a member of a party that should be called the Grand Old Cult claiming that the terrorist, Ashli Babbit, caught breaking into the Capitol Building on July 6 was executed by the Capitol Police.

On the other side, we have the police officer who actually murdered George Floyd facing a longer sentence because he was unusually cruel.

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What this means is that the distance between the GOC (“Ashli Babbitt was executed by the police”) and mainstream America (“White cop Derek Chauvin killed an innocent black man”) is becoming more and more dangerous by the hour. The question that must be asked at this point is: Is it possible to include the GOP in the electoral process anymore? How is it possible for the Dems and other political organizations to compete with a party/cult that no longer believes it can lose, or in anything real for that matter? January 6 may not be the end but the beginning.

COVID-19 has also made time tough for dry cleaners. Christopher Quinn of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have devastated service industry businesses from florists and spas to restaurants and hotels. But, as pandemic-related restrictions are lifted and people slowly return to eating out and traveling, dry cleaners are struggling to stay afloat. Many are closing. That’s because this past year has altered the way a large number of people dress.

The situation must be really bad for Seattle dry cleaners because much of this city has avoided what can be described as serious threads.

And, yes, I mentioned "Time Tough" on purpose:

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