Slog PM: Show Your Lips if You Got That Juice, Washington Reopens on June 30, BBQ Drama



Remember, if you're not fully vaccinated, you need to go to the end of the line to get into public places, especially stadiums, as you still have to follow the Mask Distance Hands rules.

We'll just walk in, since we're fully vaccinated, get the best seats, and you can hope there will be space in the Vaccine Deniers spaces in the nosebleeds. Probably won't be, but that's life.

If you're 12 or older, of course, you can just walk in without an appointment and get vaccinated at any of the many hospitals stadiums pharmacies firehalls that have vaccines. Free.



gonna Cheat
they care Nary
a whit about your
'personal Safety' &
frankly think it's all just
a Big Joke -- plus OWN
the LIBS! woohoo! a Two-fer!


Because people who refuse to get vaccinated are going to be super diligent about still wearing masks.


"She's a chicken. She doesn't want to debate. I don't think the debate has been agreed to yet," Greene told reporters after Ocasio-Cortez ignored her, referring to her request in tweets to debate on the Green New Deal.

Why, Margie dear, you already told everyone AOC had agreed to debate you. Don't you remember? You lied about it to Twitter a few weeks ago, in the same tweet where you let it slip that you'd not read a single page of the 14-page Green New Deal outline:


yeah knatty that shit don't even matter to trumpfy's team of tough guy Belligerents cum the ruggedest of Individualists overtly bent on a FAR 'right' takeover of this USOFA

and they'll be quite Well-armed for the upcoming 'republican'* the-Voting-Rights-Act-be-DAMNed election coming up next year -- and promise to keep an up close and Personal Eye on suspected 'voters' who might be placing damn near Anything in the sole Deposit box in the County & prolly with lines of frustrated members of the Electorate miles long & pehaps rumors of Deportation and Olde Warrants will begin to float around just before the Fasciis Steal this next one

adios, America

*believer in an Elected president
as opposed to a Monarchy (bow when
I say that).



try again.

see also:
'the Death of Stalin'
and see how Life under
Tyranny* is lived. Long live Stalin!
[boom] <<< that's how it Works

*the 80-year-olde teensie-handsied toddler tyrant
Twitter gonna be Required and Talking
Back outlawed.
you Dig?



Yeah, independent accounts of the scene make it sound like Greene pretty much ambushed her on their way off the floor. I'm pretty confident AOC is both more intelligent and a better debater and would make that pretty clear in a moderated setting. She should really consider agreeing to it. I'd even allow for it to happen on Greene's home turf, say with Chris Wallace on fox.


"My GENITAL HERPES was so severe that my genital parts were infected with bumps and itching blisters" --@5

glad you could get that
off your chest.
pix to follow?

NO thnx!

can 'doktor' Nelson
cure trumpfrrhea?
Not a rhetorical
question sirs.


Re: "Today in "Wow... Republicans are truly pieces of shit" you missed Missouri today. After refusing to expand Medicaid for six years since Obamacare offered to pay 90% of the cost, there was a ballot measure that passed to expand Medicare to 275,000 people last year. The cost would be $1.8 billion dollars, but 90% percent would be paid by the federal government. So the Republican governor, Mike Parson, obfuscated the true cost to Missouri as $1.8 billion, not $180 million, in the state budget that was rejected by the state legislature. He then says, I'd like to expand Medicaid, but funds weren't approved.


How to get magas to vaccinate? Free shitty beer? Free viagra for da tiny pee-pee they can't see over beer-belly? Free DJT autographs? Topless photos of Melania? This is what we should figure out.


@8: Spam referring to deleted spam


No need to mention Seattle Schools FINALLY said they’d go back to full time person in fall. It was a big news day and the school district got on board with reality at the last possible minute.


Secret Life of Plants is a great album, and a trippy movie. The album has plenty of songs like Earth's Creation, but it also has some great jams, like A Seed's a Star. This is one of the few live Stevie Wonder performances on a regular album, and features virtuoso bass work by the great Nathan Watts. The album is one of those that sound mediocre on a cheap system (or in the car) but really shine on a great stereo (MP3 quality just won't do).


@10 -- It is not just Trumpers. The big problem is young people in general. You can see that nationally (, and locally ( In King County, almost everyone over 65 has had at least one shot. The lowest percentage is actually in Seattle.

There is some political effect, as the numbers under 65 are worse in Southeast King County (Trump country) than they are in the rest of the county. I think a big part of the problem is folks who think of this as an old person's disease. People over 65 -- even in MAGA country -- are getting their shot. They are more afraid of the disease than the shot. As you get into younger groups, you find people that just aren't in a hurry to get the shot. There is some reluctance due to idiocy, but I'm sure a lot of it is just finding the time, or realizing it is free and not that difficult anymore.

Most of the public service announcements have focused on older folks, when we really need to focus on younger people. We need to make it clear that getting a shot is free and convenient. We also need to make it clear that we won't be out of this mess unless lots of people get their shot. Don't do it for yourself, do it for humanity.


@14 Most of Seattle, as you well know, has higher vaccination rates than King County's average, which in turn has a higher rate than WA, which in turn has a rate higher than the national average. The city's low outlier zip code, as you also know perfectly well, is its industrial zone, which is home to only a fraction of a percentage of the city's residents.

As you also know perfectly well, people under 65 in WA have only been eligible for vaccination for four weeks; people over 70 have been eligible four times longer. Adults over 16 in many red states have been eligible two or three times as long as adults over 16 in WA, yet those states have lower vaccination rates for all age groups.

And let's remember there are a a significant number of people out there who aren't in any hurry to get the vaccine for the fairly understandable reason that they've already contracted COVID-19 and survived it. These people, for reasons I hope are obvious, skew young.

This isn't to say all anti-vaxxers are Republicans. There was an anti-vax fringe on the left before the pandemic as well as an anti-vax fringe on the right, and that has not changed. Nor does any of this imply that all young people are clear-headed model citizens with sensible priorities in life. But a lot of them are, believe it or not.

The idea that the biggest part of the problem is The Youth These Days is garbage. I don't know who's been feeding you that garbage, or why you feel inclined to regurgitate it in defense of Republicans, but garbage it is.


Seriously, why would any sane person believe someone has been vaccinated just because they say so? I for one am going to remain skeptical and assume anyone I come into contact with who don't know personally hasn't been vaccinated and act accordingly.


71% vaccination for King County today!
More than 50% have at least one vaccine shot!



I have a laminated card from the VA showing proof of my two Pfizer vaccinations on Saturday, March 20, 2021 and on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at the Mount Vernon CBOC if anyone still doubts my getting vaxxed. I also have my masks at the ready when going out (I still wear them in stores, healthcare facilities, and on public transit).

@16 COMTE: Agreed and seconded.

@17 Professor-Hiztory: We need a vaccine for RepubliQans and MAGA tools.
Marjorie Taylor Greene definitely needs a rabies shot in the butt. Lately I have been envisioning a lovely updated 2021 version of a scene from the 2019 Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. This time, Brad Pitt (as stuntman Cliff Booth) sics his pit bull on Majorie Taylor Greene at the famous house on 10050 Cielo Drive. Go, Brandy, take the bitch down!


Then I'd love to also see Matt Gaetz and his worshipped dick-tator, Donald Jackass Trump, along with Rudy Guiliani, Mitch McDumbbell, Louis DeJoy, ad nauseum roasted over an open flame to a federal prison jumpsuit orange.
Hey, Washington AG SuperBob--time to yell, "Checkmate!"