Wood Shop in the Central District is unequivocally great and singlehandedly elevates us into the top 10, or 15 at least.


"Articles" that merely aggregate social media outrage are tedious.


You can't beat our meat.


Pours a 40 for the OK Corral.


yeah, bur nobody
goes there anymore

it's too Popular.


"I will not take sides on this issue", followed by taking sides on the issue. Shit Charles, get a clue. This has nothing to do with gentrification. Top Ten Thai Food? I could see it. Best Chinese food? Why not. Best Barbecue? You gotta be kidding me. Its not that we don't have good barbecue (of course we do -- we are a big city) but we are a really long way away from the center of the barbecue world, which just so happens to be left out. No Memphis, no Texas. Holy shit, no Kansas City! They left out a city that pioneered its own style of barbecue that was so important that it warranted a Wikipedia article: While we are at it, Texas has its own entry as well ( with four different styles!

Next up, the greatest cities in the world for pizza (spoiler alert, we left out New York, Chicago, and all of Italy).


Maaaaaan, barbecue sucks. Or is highly overrated at best.

I mean, grilled meat is great, fantastic even. But 90% of traditional barbecue sauces are disgustingly, syrupy sweet. And slathered on so heavily as to detract from the fine, minimalistic and simple beauty of a nice piece of grilled meat, Ribs, chicken, brisket, whatever.... A light application of sauce, particularly one with a spicy-ass jalapeno or habanero pepper base is wonderful. I rarely, if ever, find that at any barbecue places I visit.

Also.... The whole thing with including a slice of white bread as a side is dumb. I get that it was a thing in the days of the south, when bread was a cheap and plentiful staple, but we're no longer there. Gimme a freaking delicious ass biscuit or some homemade mac & cheese. Or some greens, which frequently come overcooked, but are still often rather tasty.


Would love to see the reaction to a similar list like "Best States for Smoked Salmon" - with a bunch of land locked states on top and Washington omitted.


I moved here from Texas, so I am both happy to learn about some solid local bbq places I hadn't found yet and only just a little entertained by the backlash. I expect some exceptionally angry and aggressive pickup truck driving on the freeways of DFW tonight.


Charles, you of all people should be able to appreciate a good troll, no?

There was a deft touch on this one, too, kudos to whoever put in the work to turn that travel website SQL query into a listicle.


It wouldn't be clickbait if the article just validated what we already knew.

You fell for it.


@11: Not true


@10 Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City. Much less sugar in the sauce than most. You can find bottles of it on Amazon - get the "Original" sauce.



well youve Convinced me.



Well, for one thing if you're equating "grilled meat", that is, meat quickly cooked directly over a high heat source, with BBQ - meat slowly cooked indirectly with generally lower heat - you're doing it wrong. If you can cook it in a few minutes, it ain't BBQ.

As for sauces, I agree and frankly, wouldn't touch store bought "BBQ sauce" with a 10-foot mop. A little sweet in the sauce - I prefer honey - to balance the heat or tang is one thing, but drowning meat in sweet, sticky, semi-gelatinous glop is an abomination and IMO usually done to mask improper cooking. Sauce, in modest proportions and on-the-side is definitely the way to go. That said, I totally get white bread on-the-side: it's highly absorbent and so a good way to sponge up those last delicious dabs of sauce and meaty bits, whereas a biscuit is a bit to crumbly to do the job properly. And any BBQ joint that doesn't offer a decent mac-and-cheese and greens, preferably slowly braised in apple cider vinegar, with caramelized onions and bacon, just doesn't deserve the appellation.


@10 If you'd ever sat down to it inside America's BBQ belt, you'd know that in a lot of joints you'll get the stink-eye if you ask for even a side of sauce.


It's super fucking simple: BBQ is extremely regional. People from that place trash whatever they deem inauthentic, or different from that style. Seattle has no BBQ style or sauce but does have a ton of people from everywhere else, as weather-wise, ALL of those places suck. We have a number of really great BBQ joints doing styles from those places, without having to travel to those dumps. Therefore, Seattle IS a great BBQ city.
See? Simple.


@20 Not having a child


Seattle is the BBQ and LGBTQIA capitol of the known universe, and we should proudly embrace this achievement, with other ethnic foods like Greek and Thai cuisine given their just desserts.

Meat is king, and let us encourage minority businesses to prosper by patronizing these restaurants and embracing our success as a diverse, international city.

Remember to vote for González, Echohawk or Sawant for Mayor. Okay to exhibit gender bias in this regard and vote for women, who are more sensitive and possess superior communication skills, not to mention cleavage.

Fully permissible to go pee-pee on Trump supporters and Republicans.



I wouldn't pee-pee on one of those deplorables if they were set on fire and writhing in agony on the street, because they probably did it to themselves to pwn some libtard or something equally as stupid like smoking while carrying a Hefty Bag full of gasoline.


"I was miraculously cured with no side effects. I highly recommend him ['doktor' Nelson] to anyone suffering from ORAL HERPES VIRUS, HERPES ZOSTERS, FIBROID, PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND SUGAR"-- @Tyod

what if I exhibit only 6 outta 7 of those horrific Afflictions? can I get by with a half or 2/3 Dose? oh and wtf are HERPES ZOSTERS?

christ this


@28: Seek help


Seattle doesn’t have shit for BBQ besides Lil Red’s. I’m from FL and FL has better and more BBQ than Seattle..... who made this list???


@24: "Not having a child"

But I love children. Particularly if they are cooked properly.

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