Well, this is an odd year, and exceptions have to be made, but June is Pride month and under normal circumstances, it should stay that way. Never understood completely why Pride Days are staggered up and down the West Coast. I was told once that it is so that the circuit queens can hit them all. Really?

Nothing wrong at all with having more than one event. Look at dear ole Vancouver. They celebrate all week long before the first Sunday in August (which is when their Pride Day is) with all kinds of events. Cruises. Brunches. They even have a dance on...Thursday night, I believe? As long as the events don't compete, I'm all for it. Two Pride parades might be overkill though. Wouldn't it be better to have a Broadway Street Fair or something?


Um, remember a little riot called Stonewall? Most Pride events started as marches historically remembering the June 28th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Thats why most marches are on the third weekend of June. The Stonewall riot started when police were harassing the gay community and we had enough. Drag Queens and youth stood up and started running the police out of the neighborhood - not unlike today's BLM movement and CHAZ creating an autonomous zone.
This year I'm all for supporting my local businesses recovering and supporting social justice organizations on police reform over anything virtual fluff parade.

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