Does tripping over a hobo count as "displacing a homeless person"?


Sorry, @1, I thought you were resting


How is this remotely newsworthy? The KIRO story is based on the uninformed speculation of a single individual, which KIRO characterizes as a "sinking suspicion."

Personally, I have a sinking suspicion this encampment was swept because the HOPE team is in the midst of addressing high priority encampments--a fact that is referenced in this SLOG post. Any KIRO reporters who want to contact me for a quote, just leave a comment with a call-back number.


If people don't like homelessness, then they should support immediate housing, and not shelters, but hotels or apartments. Sweeps are inhumane and a huge waste of resources.

Plus ... how can you codify into a constitution homeless encampment sweeps? They're fundamentally unconstitutional, to begin with. Or did I misunderstand the writer's meaning? Because otherwise, how is that story so under-the-radar in "liberal" "woke" Seattle?


We need more movies to film in Seattle. Maybe we could get them to sweep from Pioneer Square and down Third Avenue.


For the love of god. If you read the Stranger only you would think that homeless junkies are some endangered species or something.


Oh and Natalie, never ever ask us to spend millions on parks again. What a huge waste of money.


@4, @6, @7: The Stranger's chronic, raging hard-on for homeless encampments might make some sense if camping in Seattle had been shown to be the first step on the path to recovery and re-housing. But it's not; campers just rot and die in our parks, sidewalks, and greenbelts. Lisa Vach might still be alive, living in Tacoma with her friends, if she'd not been so comfortable camping in Cal Anderson Park. Sweeping her repeatedly from her camping sites might have induced her to move in with her friends in Tacoma.

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