Washington Quietly Passed One of the Strongest Universal Health Care Laws in the Country



Excellent reporting, Rich. Washington and the other coastal states will gradually drag the rest of America toward prosperity and justice.


@1, an evergreen statement


Reducing physician compensation, or even discussing it, is stupid. That will only mean a fight to the death with the AMA, and a flight of physicians to any one of 49 other states. Of course, that would help alleviate their shortages in certain specialties...while aggravating Washington's. Compensation is such a tiny proportion of overall health care costs that it is not worth creating, or aggravating already existing, problems with access to critical specialties.


If we had some ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.


Shout outs to thrice legitimately elected Governor, Jay Inslee, Senator Emily Randall for this amazing state healthcare bill, Dr. William Hsiao, and to you, Rich, for consistently excellent reporting.
Hooray for Washington State's expansion of Medicaid! Individual health insurance premiums through for-profit companies are a sick joke at the expense of the insanely overcharged, grossly uncovered individual.

@2 Professor_Hiztory: I shudder to think of what we Washingtonians would NOT have under the grossly mismanaged watch of an unvaxxed and unmasked Zombie Ex-Cop Trump sympathizer. Just ask all the Sheriff Deputies in Ferry County who had to cover Looney Loren-y "Nope---something's fishy" Culp's clueless butt during the 2020 Washington gubernatorial race.

@4 Morty: I did not read anywhere in Rich's article of a reduction in physician compensation. I see your points, but am left wondering if Senator Randall's state healthcare bill would instead work wonders in cutting a LOT of bureaucratic red tape that only feeds Porsche-lusting MDs, Big Pharma, Big Med, and all For Profit Heath Insurance Corporations.

@5 Toe Tag: Hmmm. I have both ham and eggs in my refrigerator. Bread and butter for toast, too. Do you have apples but not oranges?


@6: It's about ham and eggs, not apples and oranges. Stay focused.


@7: .....said the trolling incel so stoned on Elmer's rubber cement it's hard for him to stay awake, much less focused.
What do ham and / or eggs have to do with finally being offered affordable universal healthcare for everyone vs. for-profit no-care for anyone but the obscenely wealthy .000001%? Toe Tag's comment @5 to me is like comparing apples to oranges---two subjects entirely. Try to keep up, Elmer.
Dial 9-1-1 before your oxygen supply runs out.
Thank you, Amewica, it was fun being Pwesident.


@8: Try this dear:

If we had some apples, we could make an apple and orange crumble tart, if we had some oranges.


@9: Elmer, you really are an ultra maroon.


Alaska actually did a study years ago and determined they could save something like 1billion (at the time) if they had a statewide public health care system (a lot of the bush already has some variations of this based on their special geopgraphic conditions). The Alaskans in Juneau said thank you and nothing ever really happened. I don't think anybody (but the incredibly strong insurance lobby) will be sad if a number of bill collectors and non medical personal have to find meaningful employment when public health becomes a reality. Well, maybe stranger trolls...


12 this is an oversold fallacy. People don’t want to abandon their single-payer healthcare systems anywhere in the world.

The rest of the developed world thinks we’re morons for paying what we do for the low quality we receive.


This single-payer option is crucial because many employers do not provide health insurance, so we have many unhealthy citizens who are procrastinating on basic dental and health procedures, particularly young people, who are the future of our civilization.

Needless to say, homeless folks need universal health because you cannot pay for medical care if you live in the park and dumpster dive.

Pollysexual would like to have an affair with Governor Inslee for pushing this crucial public health advance through the legislative process, which is like watching sausage being stuffed, what with all these dumb crackers from Eastern Washington, like that yahoo who ran for Governor and didn't even post a campaign statement in the voter's pamphlet.

This is no hand-job under the desk--Polly will twiddle your balls and take you around the world Mr. Governor for your courageous health care initiative.