Seattle to the May sky: Jaime les nuages... les nuages qui passent... là-bas... là-bas... les merveilleux nuages!
Seattle to the May sky: "J'aime les nuages... les nuages qui passent... là-bas... là-bas... les merveilleux nuages!"

What is this in The Hill?
Voters in five rural Oregon counties approved measures on Tuesday to consider joining the state of Idaho, a part of a long-shot grassroots movement to break with a state dominated by liberal voters west of the Cascade Mountains.
Why make it a long shot? Give it to them right away. Even tomorrow, if humanly possible. Move you and your gas guzzlers to Idaho. And while you are at it, take Eastern Washington with you. Such a separation will put the tax burden that you really are onto the back of the Potatoe State.


So, as expected, anything like normal will not begin to happen until fall. One could see that from the distance of June 2020. And so it is not a surprise to learn that the very popular Capitol Hill Block Party has been cancelled for a second time. I even love the way Capitol Hill Seattle Blog dropped the news: "Short, sweet, and to the point, producers of the Capitol Hill Block Party have announced to fans that the annual three-day music festival has been canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions..." Save your energy and crowd-love for 2022.

The Chinatown purse snatcher who is now behind bars is a dinosaur. This business of grabbing purses and running is too tired. The thieves of today are on another level: "Colonial Pipeline reportedly paid the hackers nearly $5 million."

As the purse thief cools in the cell, he might consider how he might "get up on things."

Washington is exiting the closed economy with a demand for "about 100,000 workers, according to the Washington Hospitality Association." KOMO, a right-wing institution, cannot get enough of this story because it shows to them and their kind the inherent docility of wage earners. This is why workers do not deserve benefits: they hate working. For KOMO, the reading of the situation should end right there.

You talking to me? About cars? Of course I love anything that takes something away from their bloated existence. I love these street seats. Less parking, more misery for drivers, and more joy for pedestrians. This is the way to the good city.

Speaking of cars: Rainier Avenue keeps bringing out the hits. This one jammed at around noon. It looked serious but it wasn't bad enough to make the news.

Just another day...
Just another day... Charles Mudede

A cop car chase from where to where? From Tacoma to Marysville. That second city is north of Everett.

Seattle this week, and indeed the first part of May and a bit more. It has been the clouds, nothing but merveilleux nuages. If I may speak like Cornel West for a moment, let me say it this way: Brother Charles Baudeliare, sing your song:

Tell me, enigmatic man, whom do you love best? Your father, your mother, your sister, or your brother?

'I have neither father, nor mother, nor sister, nor brother.'

Your friends, then?

'You use a word that until now has had no meaning for me.'

Your country?

'I am ignorant of the latitude in which it is situated.'

Then Beauty?

'Her I would love willingly, goddess and immortal.'


'I hate it as you hate your God.'

What, then, extraordinary stranger, do you love?

'I love the clouds the clouds that pass yonder the marvelous clouds.'

There really is no such thing as "rock bottom" when it comes to the second-largest political party in this US. (The GOP, if you were wondering.) And so, here we go again to yet another mindbogglingly low. "A Republican congressman who denied there was an insurrection and likened Capitol rioters to tourists was photographed barricading the chamber doors against them."

Support The Stranger

This business of forever hunting for the ghost of Trump's presidential victory is beginning to break the heads of a number of Arizona GOP officials. They just can't take it anymore. Who is this company anyway? And how do they have private access to serious public property? Why are they still counting? It was supposed to take just a little bit. Now there seems to be no end to their "hunting for bamboo fibers and cheese dust." And now this!

Dems on the left are putting pressure on Biden to do something about an out-of-control Benjamin Netanyahu, who has succumbed entirely to the monster in him. And this is all the more sad because his father was a noted scholar of Jewish Spanish history.

Biden has been reduced to begging Netanyahu for a "significant deescalation" in Gaza. But, reports Politico, Netanyahu ain't hearing it.

There is no way a UFO can exist without capitalism. Meaning, a form of life that has that kind of technology must have experienced capitalist growth, which is programed to push technology forward in the race against the power of labor and the search for new wants in consumer markets. (This was the point of the great theorist Moishe Postone.) This is how it happened on the earth. This is how it will happen on other planets. If there are UFOs, they are capitalists... galactic capitalists. We do not even want to learn about the kind of exploitation that led to technologies that can cross vast interstellar spaces.

All Aboard: Sound Transit celebrates Pride Month
No matter where you were born, the color of your skin or who you love, all are welcome here.