«What's the former state Attorney General Rob McKenna up to these days? Just joining the fight against Washington State's new capital gains tax.»

Recall the GOP was peddling candidate McKenna as a 'moderate Republican', a 'compassionate Republican' just a few cycles ago?


Wow, so the Greater Idaho movement is now looking to swallow up most of Oregon and much of Northern California. There's getting to be a real "Manifest Destiny" quality to this exercise. Just what happens when you view your fellow Americans as "the other."

Charles Mudede: "Can Greater Idaho also include Eastern Washington? It's yours for the taking." Hey, why stop there? Idaho has a small border with British Columbia. Why not lop off a big chunk of B.C.?


The Greater Idaho movement, much like the "Connection Corridor Biodiversity" activists are just a bunch of kids with a crayon set drawing on maps. This means they must have other maps which shows the entire West Coast as part of Greater Idaho, and possibly all of North America. If you're a delusional dreamer, may as well Dream Big!


SPD's initials now stand for 'Schönheit-der-Arbeit Police Dept' seeing that protecting violent fascists from within is now in their business plan.


And in the immortal words of cancelled Socrates:
"I drank what?"


Gary Newman beat you to the aliens.


No, Udaho.

Runners up: New Somalia; Dumbtrumpistan.

Instant third-world country.


I do not understand the perceived value in redrawing state borders. If you want to live in idaho you can literally just move there.


I live in Oregon and this whole movement to change the state lines of Idaho baffles me.

MOVE TO IDAHO! Seriously. This dream will never be realized. Oregon is not going to simply give up a huge swath of its state so RWNJ can be a part of Idaho. Don't want to be in Oregon? LEAVE. And I am not one to say that lightly (because it's stupid and it's usually people telling people who move somewhere to leave because they don't want people to live there).

Oregon will not give up 2/3 of its state (or its tax revenue from that portion of the state) to Idaho. The legislature will never vote to approve that. Then you have the matter of Idaho and does Idaho want all of the RWNJs who want to redraw their state line to incorporate 2/3 of Oregon into their state? Haven't heard Idaho saying anything about the matter. The Idaho legislature would have to vote for that, too.

And the portion of Oregon that wants in on Idaho? Well a lot of burnt to a crisp last year in the fires, a lot of it are towns that are havens for white supremacist terrorists, most of its residents (where there are actual residents) are RWNJs who don't believe they should have to pay taxes or follow any laws (but they sure as shit expect people to show up and help them when their land is burning down or some other disaster has happened). And the rest is land and infrastructure that they would now be responsible for managing and caring for, etc.

And on the off chance Oregon and Idaho both say, sure! Do it! The United States congress has to approve it and Oregon is still waiting on congress to approve it's vote of ditching daylight savings time (voted for years ago now by the people of Oregon).

So yeah, why these asshats don't just MOVE TO IDAHO is truly beyond me.



My guess is these people are too lazy and entitled to even consider the idea: "MOVE to EyeDeehoe? Why would I want to live next to them ignorant rednecks? I just want their tax breaks and barely contained racism!"


@2 And hey, let them go ahead and take Southwest Washington too, while they're at it. A state comprising only the counties surrounding Puget Sound would be the most progressive in the country. (If you're going to dream about political geography, you might as well dream big.)


I'm sure I'll be in the minority on this but I find it sad that an event put on by a group very familiar with being discriminated against will now choose to add legitimacy to the mindless bigotry being directed at the police and discriminate themselves. Before the usual posters start chiming in with all the reasons the police are bad I'd just pause and ask yourself, does whatever reason you just listed apply 100% of the time? If the answer is no (and if your honest it will be no) than you are no better than the people who insist all the homeless are druggies, all immigrants are criminals, all Vietnam Vets were baby killers and on and on and on. It would be more courageous for the Pride organizers to acknowledge there are issues with policing today but stand by members of the LGBTQ community who are members of the police dept.


To be fair, if you read all the way through the MyNorthwest article they lay the blame for this on the snowflakes in SPD:
"Police officers in Seattle certainly aren’t at all underpaid or underfunded. That means the only logical reason officers have for leaving the department en masse is that they no longer wish to serve the public in this city. And if all it takes is a modest budget cut and the bare minimum in disapproval of an intransigent police department, then perhaps having those officers leave is what’s best for everyone."


@9 I don't have the figures handy but I'd bet dollars to donuts that the "tax revenue" from Oregon's eastern and southern counties is a net minus for the state. Let them go.


12 pride is an annual celebration of an anti-police riot


@12 Take heart my friend, there are others who share your very sincerely held and loudly expressed concern.


How many people are we talking about actually voted to change the border? I heard 700 people 'voted' for it. The population in Oregon (and Washington) is definitely skewed towards the west, but if the population of Oregon was split 70/30 or hell, let's say 50/50, 700 out of 1.5M is not even worth talking about. I agree with other sentiments, want to be part of Idaho? Move to Idaho. Have fun with all the mormons.




To the Oregon counties hoping to join Idaho - enjoy your new Idaho state sales tax and to the Washington counties - enjoy your new Idaho state income tax!


I always get a big ol' kick outta the fact that those people will happily entertain the idea of radically redrawing state borders so as to give even far more wildly disproportionate influence to a select group of nutters, but the granting statehood to DC so that American citizens can be granted congressional representation is too radical to consider.


@12: It was the event, just like Selma.

But depressing that you think a LGBT cop shouldn't be proud or that a cop of color shouldn't be proud or a combo of the two.


23 is for 15.

Great comment @12.


@19 I seriously doubt the heavily subsidized ranchers out there give a damn if the schools have adequate WiFi or whatever.

This is all about Ammon Bundy's cows and the sense of entitlement they inspire in people who wear expensive cowboy hats and don't give much thought to who The Land might have been managed by before great-granpaw put 2000 head out and promptly overgrazed it down to a hardpan that nobody since has even tried to regenerate.


No one is saying gay cops shouldn’t feel pride but it’s funny how the “facts don’t care about your feelings” crowd expects pride organizers to coddle the personal feelings of the vanishing minority of cops who identify as queer. Their hurt feelings are not anyone else’s problem so it’s not clear to me why you’re making them yours, without even knowing whether said hurt feelings even exist.

They are certainly as welcome at pride just as anyone is. But police departments are not welcome to use gay pride as a propaganda tool to pinkwash an organization that, as the slog post helpfully reminds us, provides cover for seditious & racist officers, among other civil rights violations they allow their agents to commit that are in direct opposition to the very spirit of pride.

This “but what about gay cops?” seems to be of a piece with the stirrings of “no kink at pride” that i’m seeing online now. A lot of people have lost the thread about pride and what it celebrates. But the idea that the stonewall riot is incidental to pride today is some of the strangest attempts at revisionist history that i’ve come across since “the civil war was about states’ rights”. If you need to lie to yourself about history for your argument to be valid that tells me everything i need to know about it.


With both sides of the isle wanting to ditch things like section 230, that comment about cancelling Socrates isnt that odd. When both sides are saying fuck the marketplace of ideas, the government needs to decide what is suitable for people to read on the internet that is pretty much the same as canceling Socrates, although the nomenclature sucks.


Bouchard just didn't statutorily rape a 14-year old; he married her when she was 15, divorced her when she was 18, and she killed herself at 20. just like romeo and juliet, per Bouchard.

that was 31 years ago, though, so NBD. he'll probably win.

as Catalina says, "Republicans are horrible people".


18 a lot of people either know nothing of history or think pride ceased to have value once marriage equality was achieved, even as states across the country are passing laws that restrict the rights and bodily autonomy of trans people. Andrew Sullivan writes a column saying as much nearly every year.

All of these events happened in the lifetime of many people still alive today, yet to my knowledge no police department has ever format apologized for their anti-lgbt actions let alone tried to make amends for it. Instead we are asked to accept their “support” in the form of a parade float. But stockholm syndrome is completely incompatible with pride, and i’m not just talking about the event but the human emotion. There is no pride in sympathizing with your abuser.


@26: The pride parades lost that Stonewall edge decades ago, which is a natural evolution as senses of community evolve in all aspects of society - which makes it them kind of boring I think - but that's a good sign.


*formally apologized


I get a little fed up with excusing the cruise line industry's rampant harm to the environment because it is a boost to local economies. Degree of legality aside, I could open up a whorehouse staffed with smuggled teenaged Cambodian girls that would create jobs and boost the economy, but it that something we would tolerate? Why is damaging our oceans, which are in dire peril and on the verge of ecological collapse. any more moral than human trafficking?


The Idaho expansion plan seems quite reasonable to me. First of all, Idaho is small; adding 870,000 people would bring it closer to average (without shrinking Oregon very much). Idaho is also very rural, and these counties are rural. You can expect the state to focus more on their concerns.

From a federal representative standpoint, I don't think it would change anything. I think it would include all of District 2, which is held by Republican Bentz. It would chip away at DeFazio's 4th, but that is probably a good thing for him (right now the district trends Republican, but is held by the Democrat). From a state management standpoint, Oregon would probably come out ahead. They lose some tax revenue, but probably save more in spending. There is a closer match, politically, with that part of Oregon and Idaho. (I think it is funny that @4 believes that Idaho wouldn't want RWNJs).

All that being said, it probably won't happen. For one thing, this would likely give Idaho another elector, and Oregon would lose one. The system is already unfair (with two Dakotas and one California) and this would make it worse. But if this were included in say, DC statehood, I could see it.


Categorical prejudice is bad, m'kay?


You know, of those who would vote for either Cheney or Bouchard? I'm not so sure that they would consider knocking up a 14-year-old so unforgivable.


@29 you can justify it however you wish but when you punish an entire group of people for the sins of the few (both real and perceived, past and present) than you are engaging in bigotry plain and simple. If your solution to injustice is to create new injustice than you are not seeking to heal or advance human rights you are simply looking for revenge. The unhinged hatred of the police needs to stop and community celebrations that seek to perpetuate them further are no longer worthy of my time or support.


If you're going to use the language of punishment -- which is a tad melodramatic but ok -- it is The Police as an entity who are being "punished" by being denied the opportunity to use a pride parade as a propaganda vehicle. Individual police officers are still allowed to attend pride like any other civilian. No one is being discriminated against, the organizers are just choosing to work with a different security provider.

But to call this bigotry is a complete insult to actual victims of bigotry, particularly in this context. The entire reason the police are being turned away this year is because they target minority communities with impunity, including the very minority community pride exists to celebrate (again I invite you to consider the history of pride). This is the same line of (for lack of a better term) "reasoning" that says criticizing Hamas for lobbing missiles into Israel is Islamophobic. You can be critical of an entity and its abuses of power without denigrating individuals. That's not to say you can't also do both, just that it's not inherently bigoted to criticize bad-acting entities. It's a hollow appeal to emotion, because there is no rational basis to your argument.

If this relatively mild and historically literate take on the police is too much for you to swallow, or if your "support" for the queer community is contingent on the police being allowed to have a float in a pride parade, then all I can tell you is that word doesn't mean what you think it means and your "support" won't be missed


@38 If you want to consider the history of pride and its relation to the police than why has it been ok up until this year for the police to be involved? That's why the historical reference makes no sense. It was fine until 2021 and now its not. What changed? If you want to say I'm being melodramatic using punish that's fine but dude, you are just said the police are using this as a propaganda event. C'mon, how is that not the height of melodrama?

There isn't an easy answer on this but bigotry is absolutely the right word to describe what is happening now. From Webster's "prejudice against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group". So whether officers are being denied service at a cafe' or being told they are unwelcome to celebrate in a community event it still comes down to the fact the only reason they are unwelcome is the badge they wear and the fear it will attract other elements to the event that will cause trouble (looking at you black bloc).

If my support is not welcome or missed I'm ok with that but I also won't be coerced into agreeing that being exclusionary at an event that is designed to build community is a net positive.


I love that movie!


@39 are you really that confused? LBGTQA police and their allies are welcome at Pride. As the individuals they are. They are not being declined admittance to the Fest. The uniformed group is being denied a place in a parade. Most high school bands are not invited to the Rose Bowl Parade, that doesn’t mean the kids can’t attend the parade and festivities.

This is not complicated


what it is


"The cruises are available to guests who received their final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the start of the cruise. Proof of vaccination is required."

How many gonna Fake it I wonder
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a Floating
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hard, hard pass.

the schmorgushborging can Wait....

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@41: No, it's not complicated - just obnoxious and pouty as hell. But I guess that's the organizers' prerogative.


@41 never said it was complicated, just noted it’s sad.



Substitute "Blacks" for "cops" in your argument and then get back to us about whether you'd still support that.


COMTE thinks he's clever, but he's not.


The fact that anyone thinks the police are victims in any way in this country are fucking dumb fucks. The cops in this country are overpaid, murder people daily and get away with it, commit all sorts of other crimes (the #1 crime being lie about everything they do, including murdering people), and our taxpayer dollars pay for their salaries AND the big payouts when families are paid off when their loved one is murdered instead of getting any kind of justice - like cop gets fired, cop gets prosecuted, cop goes to prison. Oh the poor police, paid over a trillion dollars across the nation nationally, given immunity against all sorts of charges regular people would face if they murdered people or lied about it or otherwise didn't do their fucking jobs. Absolutely incomprehensible how anyone other than a white supremacist could consider law enforcement in this country victims. Cops literally have to do one thing: stop murdering Black people and their so-called fucking victim status would end. That's it. Black people can't stop being Black. Cops can literally STOP MURDERING PEOPLE and things would change. OMG WHAT A FUCKING CONCEPT.


@46 you’re literally proving my point yet again. If you’re not sure if something is bigoted simply substitute a group you do care about and check. If it sounds cringey than you have your answer. Thanks for backing me up.


@49 NOPE.



Evading the question isn't a defense.


@52 no defense needed for bad faith questions. Unlike you and your sidekick Xina I find all forms of bigotry abhorrent. Hope someday you both will join those of us wanting to build community instead of wallowing in hate.


@xina, I don't think that you'd disagree that your position on cops is at the far end on an analog dial. One wonders whether you'd agree with a cop pulling over a drunk driver, enforcing a restraining order on violent ex-husband, or stopping a mass shooter.

You'd probably answer by pointing to a fictional society of a world without cops, where everyone has had a cumbayha moment and aggressions and inequality have all somehow been reconciled and dealt with and everyone lives in blissful harmony.

But objective reality dictates that society doesn't exist, and certainly isn't the society we all are living in now. Congratulations for claiming and holding onto the most extreme position on cops here on Slog, and I'm sure you're not expecting but a few to agree with you - as you're a smart woman.


CBS News interview: 260 Seattle police officers gone and counting...


These rednecks are at it again with their secessionist diatribes against the rest of the population based on perceived slights, such as normal folks with cerebral cortexes and a sense of propriety pointing out that Trump and his spouse, Madame Space Beaver are ridiculous red or orange-necks.

Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes and lay-off the junk food. These latter-day Confederates should move to a special place in the deep woods like those researchers portrayed in the film "In the Earth", who could only be reached with a two-day barefoot hike, and were ultimately molested and eaten by horny Sasquatches.

What sense is there to redrawing the state map so rednecks can fondle their guns and watch Fox News? Also, there would be a colossal redundancy of governmental services to address the requirements of the new right-wing Thousand Year Reich.

Nice to know the Gay Pride people have banned police from their festivities, and this event would certainly open the door to further abuse from law-enforcement, with more bodily harm and ongoing litigation against the city and her goon squad. Let it all hang out without interference from the counterproductive boys in blue, who should be defunded and replaced with humanitarian aid for the downtrodden and homeless.

Rob McKenna is still advocating for the rights and wrongs of the moneyed elite, as his anti-capital gains tax rant would indicate. Let us keep the minorities on the plantation and or out of the country so rich folks can swagger behind their ivoried walls, or so it would seem.

Regardless, it is nice to now McKenna is still making the rounds after his godawful gubernatorial run, which was torpedoed by Governor Inslee and his big hairy weenie. It would not be surprising to see McKenna as a topic of discussion on “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy or doing hair-growth and reverse mortgage infomercials, such was his obscurity and Republican Pat Boone irrelevancy.


@7 Original Andrew, @8 blip, @9 xina, & @10 COMTE for the WIN, BAYBEE!!!
Seriously, rabid QAnons, diehard Trumpists, and FOX TeeVee misled MAGA dumbfucks---get up off your rapidly STUPID, lazy asses and MOVE TO IDAHO, ALREADY.


No change to state boundaries can be completed while we still have the electoral college - this basically just amounts to National Gerrymandering.

I'd support massive reform of state boundaries, based on population and economic flows, into sensible groupings. What's sensible? I'm not sure. I do know that Western Washington is much more like Western Oregon than they are to their eastern halves, so in some extent, this makes sense, but should really only be undertaken in the name of fully rationalizing our state boundaries are reconsideration of what a "State" even is.

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