Hmm, I would have assumed that luxurious is the right word for that sentence, but it turns out luxury is just fine (grammatically). Shows how much I know.

Anyway, it is nice to have pretty things. It is even better if they work well. This year, Sound Transit takes one of the biggest leaps in its existence, by finally building what they should have started with: a light rail line from downtown to the U-District. It won't have the First Hill station (as originally promised), but it will go even further, to Roosevelt and Northgate. We will finally have a real metro -- something that shaves minutes off of common urban trips (that have nothing to do with going downtown). Roosevelt to Capitol Hill, U-District to Beacon Hill. It will tie the city together like never before. It will change the way we view transportation in the city. This is far more than just looking pretty, it is connecting people in ways that were never possible before. Now that's beautiful.


they need to have busses
with detachable carriages
depending on demands:
road trains.


Just wait till it goes to Bellevue and Redmond (and Lynnwood) - that's not that far away!
The trains are filling up post-Covid- and will keep increasing ridership. The low ridership numbers are fast going away!


I have light-triggered migraines. A certain color of blue green to greenish white light can incapacitate me for two days. I read a headline like that combines ‘Fancy Light Show’ and ‘Public Transit’ and all I can think is ‘another public space I can’t use’. Dear designers of lighting for public spaces: Please do your research. Please use natural spectrum lights and warm frequencies when possible. Please keep changes as gradual as practicable, and give us somewhere where we can look away. Since the (laudable!) proliferation LEDs I find myself ambushed by the color of pain on a regular basis. I am glad the idea of the lights brings joy. I hope that they will bring joy for me too. There are others out there like me. I do not rely on Seattle transit to live my life or make my living, but I hope that these lights don’t make life harder for people with migraines who do.


I’m with you FeralHair, lighting in some public spaces are getting a little extreme for my comfort. In these new trains, the white over head lights are pretty strong. I felt a little funny under those lights and the windows have some kind of mirror effect going on. It definitely had an effect on my spatial awareness, I wasn’t sure if I like dancing as if I was in a night club or sit still because I’m being watched.

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