Can anyone truly be said to have won Eurovision after Conchita Wurst?
Can anyone truly be said to have won Eurovision after Conchita Wurst? DorSteffen / Getty Images

Måneskin are the 2021 Eurovision winners. The song’s fine, I guess. It’s no Cake to Bake. Following their win, there was a bit of a brouhaha due to a video in which one of the band members leans forward toward a table in a way that one might if they wanted to put something up their nose. The band denies any drug use and says that he was bending over because someone broke a glass. (????)


Garbage haulers reject garbage contract. If you've got any recycling to throw out, better do it quick — Republic Services, the second-largest waste-hauler in the US, refused to play ball with the union and now the Teamsters have authorized a strike. The current contract ends May 31, so there's one week left before the recycling could start piling up, mostly in the burbs outside Seattle. (Republic does handle commercial recycle disposal within Seattle, though.) At issue: Differences in pay between drivers who haul waste and drivers who haul recycling. Republic Services CEO Donald Slager made nearly $140 million in compensation between 2011 and 2019.

The Seattle Police Officers Guild really thinks they should be allowed to attend Pride. Capitol Hill Pride will ask police to stay at the perimeter of the event. (CHP is the smaller Pride event, the festival in Cal Anderson park; click here for the rundown of all our different local Prides this year.) SPOG has responded to their request by calling it “disgusting, bigoted, discriminatory.” In fact, SPOG is apparently so worked up about the event that they repeatedly referred to it as “Pride Week,” whatever that is. Anyway, if cops want to march in a parade so bad, why don't they just start their own?

Seattle Pride wants to know your thoughts about cops. That’s the big pride, the corporate one, the one with the big parade and stages and money-money-money. They’re running a survey about how involved the Seattle Police Department should be in their festivities. You should let them know what you think. Totally unrelated: Here’s a fascinating read about how Seattle police used to bust and bribe gay bars.

Birth rates are dropping. At these prices, who can afford to be born?

Good news, nerds. The Ray Bradbury Theater is streaming for free on Peacock. You have to sign up for a free account to watch — you might as well, they’re bound to hook you sooner or later — and then you can watch this delightful old anthology of sci-fi stories. It’s like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace but actually good.

A massive party turns into chaos. Does this mean things are going back to normal? A bunch of dreadful rowdy YOUTHS descended on Huntington Beach for a messy disastrous street party. Police claim there were around 2,500 people — who knows what the real number was, but footage from the weekend certainly looks boisterous. Taylor Lorenz found the dweebs who started it.

Who stole all the cicadas? The big noisy bugs are popping out of the ground all over the east coast — but in fewer numbers than expected. As usual, humans are probably to blame, wrecking the bugs’ schedules with various pesticides and disruptive construction.

Goodbye, Reckless. Seattle’s last family-owned video store will shut down on July 31. It’s pretty amazing that Reckless Video made it this long — no word on whether they’re planning a farewell party, but if they do, we’ll be there.

New mural on Maynard Alley. Work is expected to finish today on a new mural in the ID, located in an alley that was once a significant gathering-place for immigrants. It looks nice!

WSDOT launches its latest attack on Seattle today. Maintenance work starts today on various I-5 joints and surfaces, and will continue through 2022, costing nearly $30 million and ensuring that we will be cursed for the foreseeable future by the miserable freeway scar. Of course, there’s only one way to truly fix I-5, and that’s to demolish it and replace the neighborhoods that were destroyed to build it in the 1960s. Freeways are for suburbs, not cities.

Disney is proud to present another shitty token gay character. Cruella will apparently have a gay character, kind of? Here's how he's described: "We don't see him falling in love; there's no social aspect to the character. It's not beating you on the head with a stick." When I first read that quote, I assumed it was from someone disappointed with the portrayal, but it turns out it's a quote from the actor who plays him, so, IDK, I guess that's supposed to be a good thing? Ugh. I'm so sick of not being allowed to beat people on the head with sticks.

Giant Vampire Lady answers questions. Delightfully, IGN got the voice actress who plays Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu to respond to reader comments. She seems great! And hoooooboy that LD is a real highlight of the game. Will they bring her back for some DLC? I hope so. Or at the very least let Nintendo put her in Smash, why not, everyone else is in there.

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Giant Vampire Lady wears hat. The best RE8 video on the internet is this one featuring a mod in which her hat just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Looking forward to seeing your cosplay come Halloween, everyone.