Slog AM: Eurovision Cocaine Kerfuffle, SPOG Mad About Pride Ban, and Goodbye to Seattle's Last Family Video Store



«A massive party turns into chaos»
White rioters are known as 'excited revelers' who are 'blowing off steam'.


wow how the rank n' file are
Hangry this morning
Po-po be Pouting:

we gonna bash*
ya for This!

said Just-US
Maximus is OUR'N.


« social aspect to the character. It's not beating you on the head with a stick.»
How about "beating you on the head with his dick!" That would be gay!
I will be here, folks.


If you think Republic sucks, well, they do...I paid $80 to drop a mattress at Republic that would have cost only $30 at Waste Management.
But anyway...Waste Management was built-up by the same guy who started Blockbuster Video (hey, another tie-in with a slog thing!). This guy basically took the Starbucks approach to business wherein he went around the country buying up small, independent video stores and refuse companies and putting them under the Blockbuster or Waste Management brands. Somehow, I remember all this from a maths textbook from like freshman year high school.
So, I guess add WM to the Stranger's shit-list of capitalistic bad-guys?


That NYT article on population decline is astounding. And for decades we were warned about the opposite.




spoggy say
from Pride Parade
but it ain't True: as a
Mob they gotta stay out
but Individuals (rugged or
Otherwise)'re ALL Welcome.

& we So wanna
Trust ya Spog!

whose side are you on?


@5 -- Your comment reminds me of one I made about ten years ago. I said "Sometimes those long term predictions aren't that accurate. Experts predicted it would take twenty years for Germany to absorb East Germany, and be an economic power again. They are now."

My friend said "Yeah, but Ross, it has been twenty years since the Berlin wall fell". Oh yeah.

So, basically, we are living in the future they predicted. In 1960 there were about 3 billion people on the planet. Now there are 8 billion. By mid-century, we will probably have about 10 billion people, at which point, the population will level off, and start going down.

It is like global warming. They mentioned it as a problem back in the 1980s. But we didn't do shit about it. The problem is getting worse. Eventually the emissions will level off and start going down. At that point, we will emit way more than we should, but not as much as were doing at peak.

But it will all be fucked. We ignored the problem, and it didn't "take care of itself". There was, and will be, a lot of human suffering as a result. Lots of species will become extinct. Natural ecosystems will be wiped out. It is just that eventually things won't continue to get worse and worse, they will simply be bad.

Declining birth rates area good thing. The world still has way too many people. The whining you see from various groups in the richer parts of the world represents a failed economic approach. It is partly due to a reluctance to allow immigrants. It is partly due to economic change. But mostly it is due to an economic system that fails to recognize the fundamental changes over the last fifty years ago that have nothing to do with demographics, which is that most of the wealth has gone towards the top. Adjustments have to be made, but that is the biggest one that has to be made.


@5 What I find so interesting about that article is the author portrays the declining population as a fairly large issue in the next few decades. For the longest time we have been told overpopulation is a problem and now that many countries are reproducing less we are told that is an issue as well. Sigh.

Matt's beef with I-5 is tiresome. There is no reality where you remove I-5 from Seattle without creating massive environmental and economic fallout.


@7 - "This week was next week last week." B. Bunny.

I am very encouraged to see that population may actually come down. Perhaps there is hope for the planet after all. We have a bit of work to do to learn how to manage it, though. And you are dead right that managing immigration is the solution - bring more people into places where the birth rate is down & even everything out.


We’ve been talking about the declining birth rate in the US for many many years, possibly decades? Particularly in the context of immigration & abortion, literally the issues that define our politics. In developing countries a declining birth rate is a good thing because it means more people are surviving childhood, so parents end up have fewer babies.

Anyway this isn’t a new concern, it’s just being dressed up in panicky language in a big nyt article. Eventually the planet will reach or surpass its carrying capacity for humans & growth will decline, because for a period of time we grew too fast. Overpopulation will lead to population decline at some point because this is how things work in the absence of unlimited resources.


all the Shit
we've dropped
into the Biosphere*
gonna make us Sterile.

better save some
Good Genes

*treat it like
a Garbage Dump
and let The Children
Inherit the Spoilts. oh wait


@7 Concern: Automation is happening so fast that there may not be jobs for people to do in the future.

Also Concern: We won't have enough workers to support all the old people.

To me, the big issue is making sure that the wealth created by increasing automation is shared to support people through their lifetimes.


Look, Seattle gets that the Seattle Police Department just want to riot and destroy things like the SPD 6 did in Washington DC, but that is so not a thing for modern LGBTQ2+ Seattleites, and they should go do their violent stuff in someplace like GITMO. I hear the facilities there are almost ready for their 20 year prison terms.


Fucking SPOG. You are your own worst enemy.

I'm kinda sorta sympathetic to LGBT cops who want to participate in Pride. I'm a gay veteran who served in the late 1970s & early 1980s, not long after the Vietnam war, at a time when the military was pretty unpopular, and being gay in the military could get you arrested and jailed. I remember occasionally getting mixed reactions from LGBT people being inclusive of me but also really hating the military. I think an argument can be made that we shouldn't be excluding LGBT people from participating, and that we should welcome allies and attempt to foster better relationships with SPD. That seems more productive than excluding SPD entirely. But I also understand that a significant percentage of the LGBT community feels that SPD is one of the organizations that oppress us. Why invite our oppressors to participate in Pride celebrations?

Either way, SPOG is just about the worst spokesman you could choose to make your case. The head of SPOG is one of the most racist right-wingers in SPD, freely elected by the members to represent them. They've resisted any and all attempts at reform or accountability. SPOG in general, and Solan in particular, undermine the credibility of SPD. SPOG whinging about being excluded from the CH Pride just makes me think CHP made the right decision.


The population declining is only a problem for the people who expect to be able to continue bilking the working population to maintain their obscene wealth. Hard to maintain billionaire status when the population is too old and too small to use as labor slaves.

When it comes down to it, humanity will either allow huge numbers to suffer significantly and die off to make sure the wealthy get to keep theirs or there will be a required redistribution of wealth. Either way people are going to suffer. Oh well. I'll be dead. REALLY grateful for that. And I chose not to breed so there's that.

The police have also been banned from PRIDE in NYC (and Boston, too, I think). We need to start doing things without the police. If the police are gay and want to participate in PRIDE they can do so off duty, as civilians. If the community feels it needs protection (from homophobic gay bashers), police, being the ones that are typically doing the bashing and the killing and the harming, are not the answer.


So, Disney is portraying a gay character that is more realistic and less stereotypical than the shrill femme type usually portrayed in their movies. Disney shit is boring as hell and seems pretty targeted to conservative breeders so this character could actually be considered educational to some people(that gays can be normal/boring people who golf and eat at Applebees because its their favorite). For most of us it will be just another gay character in a movie where his/her gayness is not the main focus because its 2021 and is just considered to be a pretty normal lifestyle now. But somehow this made you want to clobber people's heads with sticks. You even point out that you are a little confused yourself of why you are so mad. You don't always have to be outraged for people to take you seriously Matt.


Fun fact, when recycling collection started the truck driver union, Teamsters 174, did not want those workers. Reasoning? Perhaps recycling was a fad, or real men hauled garbage, not recycling, or something. Teamsters 117, mostly clerical, got them. Now there is no real difference in the work.


Also, an interesting fact about LGBT representation: according to Gallup 8.9% of characters in scripted primetime television during the 2018-2019 season were LGBT. This is roughly twice as many LGBT people as exist in the US population (around 4.5% according to Gallup again).


Matt, if you wanted to beat people on the heads with sticks, you should have been a cop instead of a super-woke Stranger writer.


18 the gay agenda is working, no rest until it's 100% with mandatory sex changes for those who resist


@18 Well that'll start to make up for the first 70 years or so of TV won't it. Or scripted, primetime TV, at any rate-- never forget your caveats! Still kinda waiting to see the gays represented in, say, live sports programming, aren't we.


If people don't want to wear a mask or stay home for a 2% fatality rate virus, it is just a matter of time for a quicker spreading one with a higher rate to wipe them all out. Good riddance!


Since humans (like most living creatures) really like to breed, I am skeptical that human population on earth will have much of a decline.
The real question is,; Are humans getting smarter? Or in the famous words of GW Bush; Is our children learning?


@5 "The Mark of Gideon" comes to mind


@21 what, you never seen ice-skating on TV? badum tsss


@25 Chuds just gonna chud, ain't ya.


@14: Oppressors? Really?

The SPD cops haven't raided a gay bar in decades, there's no widespread "driving while gay" stories (although we'll hear one after I post this) - save some harassment stories out there - I hardly think to call a wide section of Seattle municipal employees as "oppressors." Besides, I thought the narrative was that the billionaires are our oppressors now.


Lol, mandatory sex changes. Tight dude. I can hardly even get my insurance to cover my own, who’s gonna be financing this orwellian nightmare of yours, brother?

Watch out though young blood, them evil transgendereds comin to take ur children away in the night too! Proselytize em with their sinister AGENDA!!!

PS: all lgbtqia+ folks are all on one big group chat and we meet up every week in an underground thunderdome near Portland where we sacrifice your abducted children to appease the gods.

Fucking moron :)


Mike Solan definitely does not illicit much sympathy however that doesn’t mean he’s wrong about this. It’s mindless bigotry based solely on the desire to avoid conflict with the roaming CHOP degenerates spoiling for a fight.. They are fully within their rights to do it of course but it’s sad and hardly a model for building community. Like I said on a previous thread you can’t fight injustice by creating new injustice. I hope the broader Seattle Pride doesn’t follow suit although I would guess the anti police dipshits are stuffing the ballot box of their online poll. Sad.


@30: As long as the SPD continues to sports a vice unit, they shouldn't be invited to any LGBT event. Those who criminalize sex are in no position to celebrate it.

Perhaps they can hold their own Stonewall reenactment.

You know, raid a gay bar for not paying their protection money, then have their assess kicked by a group in drag before hiding in the bar like the group of pussies they've always been.


@30: Human sex trafficking is what vice is mostly tasked with, along with busting hookers and their johns. I can understand how the latter might be removed from their charter, but the former is a noble endeavor. I assume you'd agree.


A rock n’ roll band hinting at drug use? Oh no what’s next - disrespecting the church elders?


@31: Ya, I think we're all past the "white slavery morel panic sex trafficking" thing. They might as well be trying to sell satanic daycare at this point.

I would agree with you if Vice went after actual human traffickers, but they have been caught repeatedly running enormously expensive prostitution reverse stings they call "human trafficking!" along with other operations targeting Asian women involved in adult consensual sex (what historically we called "police bigotry") and their customers. They have been caught repeatedly lying about consensual adult sex being sex trafficking when it was not.

This includes King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, who violating his oath of office by conflating sex trafficking with adult consensual sex for the purpose of pleasing a private multi-millionaire oil heiress who paid his office off to spread their lies on this topic.

I'm sure you would agree:

Back to the original point, no one can feel safe at a Pride parade around of a group that expressly and actively polices the sex life of consenting adult that falls disproportionately on the LGBT community I am a part of that is most likely to be involved in sex work.