Experts agree that pink camo really doesn't allow one to blend in.


I'm no gymnasticologist, but I'm assuming some point value was deducted because she didn't remotely stick the landing.



Probably. Though the fact that she landed on her feet and stayed on her feet, even though there was that huge bounce, was likely way better than any other female gymnast could accomplish.

If anyone's interested, here's a video of gymnast Kristian Thomas nailing the exact same maneuver, but he stuck the landing:


I voted for Orana as the new lemur's name. Rain seems pretty dam Seattle.

But then I really, really wanted the stupid hockey team to be the Seattle Freeze and apparently no one cares what I think about the best names for things.


If Best said it was her command staff's decision to evacuate the precinct, that means it was her decision. A Chief of Police is also Chief of the command staff, not the other way around. Command staffs are also not democracies; they can advise, even strongly advise, the Chief, but the Chief decides.


Oh Jenny and Carmen are so pathetic and coy - like two tenth grade high school kids who never had the guts to get their story straight.


@2, 3,

This writeup leads me to believe the scoring was circumspect owing to the fact that the move was unprecedented in women's gymnastics and so the judges just didn't have a scale for it. It's also got a fun video embed of her doing the vault in practice into a big, deep pit of rubber sponge landing thingys. I want one of those pits for my apartment!


"Former SPD Chief Carmen Best kinda revealed who made the decision to abandon the East Precinct last summer, the decision that precipitated the formation of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and then the Capitol Hill Organized Protest."

And then the murders of three young Black men in the CHOP, but nobody cares because #BLM.

If my City Council Member had been, oh, say, Chairing our Council's Public Safety Committee, she might have issued a blizzard of subpoenas to former Chief Best, all of the SPD chain of command to the East Precinct, and to SPOG officers about their members' illegal wildcat strike there. But she was writing a stupid editorial here about the totally murderous awesomeness that was the CHOP. (Then she had to go break a major promise to us from her recent re-election campaign, so she was just too gosh-darned busy to govern.)

Oh well, if it contains a quote attacking Mayor Durkan, you'll publish it without question. Context is for journalists.


"Biles, 24, performed a vault at the U.S. Classic last night that no other gymnast has ever successfully attempted during competition."

Male gymnasts have done it in competitions. She is the first female gymnast to do it.


Somehow dying because you literally got stuck in a dinosaur seems like it ought to get you a Darwin Award for Lifetime Achievement.


Does @8 have a cashback deal on Dr Nelson Salim's herpes treatment? If they don't I'm gong to have to say they are just spammers.


Translation: SPD said they had to burn the village to save it. Also more tear gas and pepper spray on the people who live in Seattle, because why not?



Reminds me of that great Robin Williams line from "Good Morning, Vietnam":

Adrian as Camp Fashion Consultant: "I want to tell you something. You know, this whole camouflage thing, for me, doesn't work very well. Because you go in the jungle, I can't see you. You know, it's like wearing stripes and plaid. For me, I want to do something different. You know, you go in the jungle, make a statement. If you're going to fight, clash. You know what I mean?"



I see you still haven't decided which of your many anonymous handles you're sticking with...


@15: This is the only pseudonym I've ever used here, and it's hardly the first time I've commented on the miserable failure of civic leadership which got us the CHOP and aftermath.

(Don't worry; no one expects you to grapple with any of the substance I included in that comment, or in any other comment, for that matter...)



"This is the only pseudonym I've ever used here..."

Exactly the response one would expect from an anonymous troll with multiple sock puppet accounts.

As for your comment @9, well, we weren't discussing that incident, so it doesn't really merit a response unless you want to actually discuss the actual subject we ARE discussing - which presumably you don't, since you attempted to deflect the conversation away from it.



@17: "Exactly the response one would expect from an anonymous troll with multiple sock puppet accounts."

Or of someone telling the truth, but I think we can all understand why that explanation just wouldn't naturally occur to you. (Other than your just-expressed flat-out McCarthyism, have you any evidence for your belief?)

"As for your comment @9, well, we weren't discussing that incident,"

OK, take a look at the headline of the post, then look at what I wrote. Does any common four-letter acronym stand out there for you, champ? (Go ahead, push your perspicacity to the absolute full extent of its outer limits -- that won't take long, so we can wait.)

@11: FTW! Well-played, sir!



Given the number of times we've seen the use of multiple sock puppet accounts around here, the only rational position to take is that any and every troll here is using sock puppet accounts - particularly when they make the mistake of outing themselves through their own inability to keep track of said multiple accounts.

And if you had actually bothered to READ the article before spewing irrelevancy like you sucked in too much cheap lager doing a keg stand, you would have noted it deals with one very specific topic: who in the City Administration made the decision to abandon the East Precinct last year. So, yes, you are in fact trying to deflect the conversation, presumably because you either don't want to or can't debate that particular subject.


@20: Oh, so you simply assumed what you needed to prove. I can understand how that works better for you than the evidence-and-logic route, as the latter (a) requires work, which is hard, and (b) always relentlessly leads you in the diametrically opposite direction from the one you intended to go.

For example, which comments do you believe show I made "...the mistake of outing themselves through their own inability to keep track of said multiple accounts."? What was -- to your discerning eye -- the evidence? Please do tell. (Don't worry, I'm not expecting an answer.)

"And if you had actually bothered to READ the article..."

Did you? As you somehow correctly noted, that section of the headline post was about how the CHOP began. The Stranger took some exceptionally weak sauce from ex-Chief Best, and tried very hard to punch it up into an indictment of Mayor Durkan. In response, I noted our City Council should have "...issued a blizzard of subpoenas to former Chief Best, all of the SPD chain of command to the East Precinct, and to SPOG officers..." to obtain sworn testimony, from multiple sources, soon after the fact, as to how the event occurred. All we have here is the self-serving recollection, long after the fact, from someone who may have very good reason(s) to tell outright lies. If what I just quoted somehow "deflect[ed] the conversation," I'd really like to know what "debat[ing] that particular subject" would require. (Especially since you haven't actually done that here yourself.)


@20 I'm inclined to give tensor the benefit of the doubt (on the smurfing at least) because, in order:

\1. He doesn't seem to have the imagination for sock puppetry,
\2. He routinely trips over his own dick; he'd have fucked up his login-switching at least a few times by now, and
\3. Just because Phoebes got busted (again) a day or two ago doesn't mean there can't be a couple other real live chuds out there with an unhealthy fixation on our quirky local dining circular and a lot of idle hours at work to waste on hate-posting.


There's nothing sockpuppetty about tensor, COMTE (who has blocked me).

So where do get off railing about sock puppets when you're blocking users? You're pathetic in how much you love ruminating in every resentment or grievance you can concoct.


@22: Busted? As if you have a lookup list to everyones' email address. It's like germansausage who claimed to know who I voted for.


@24 Oh I guess you missed it then? I suppose that's a sign of good health though, so cheers.



Just because tensor's account has been around since 2009 doesn't mean he hasn't created additional accounts since then. I'm sure no one would have suspected Ms. Phoebes as having multiple handles - until of course they accidentally spilled the beans on themselves. So, based on prior examples and unless or until anyone can prove otherwise, it seems the prudent position to take would be that most of the anonymous trolls around here are probably rolling multiple accounts.


Let's look at the piece in its entirety:

"Carmen Best spills: Former SPD Chief Carmen Best KINDA REVEALED (note that the linked article at focuses squarely on what follows in Nathalie's piece, that is) who made the decision to abandon the East Precinct last summer, the decision that precipitated the formation of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, and then the Capitol Hill Organized Protest. Best told the podcast "Reducing Crime" that her command staff chose to leave the precinct after Mayor Jenny Durkan made the call to remove the barricades at 11th and Pine, the intersection that saw all the action that June. Best maintained that she advised against evacuating the precinct and that she warned city officials that they should do something about CHOP, but no one listened.

She really threw Durkan under the bus here:

"It wasn’t our first choice to do as a command staff, I’m just going to be honest here, we did not want to open up those streets,” Best said. “But the mayor’s office and others were like, ‘Look there’s a skirmish line there, and that’s a point of contention.’”

The entire point of the piece is NOT to argue the relative merits of CHAZ or CHOP - or lack thereof, which is how your trying to re-frame the debate - but it specifically deals with what Chief Best DID, that is, as the article infers, throw Durkan under the proverbial bus by implying the decision to abandon the East Precinct came from her. Aside from two subordinate phrases in the lede the entire piece focuses on that one issue; furthermore, the money quote from Best specifically refers to that ONE issue.

So, if you want to debate that, well, pitter-patter. But it appears you have no interest whatsoever in addressing THAT, and instead want to go off on a subordinate rhetorical tangent for your own purposes.


@26 Nah, the bulk of the trolls who are in it for kicks don't bother with sock puppetry. Mainly as a matter of style-- most of them are stuck at the mental age of an adolescent, yes, but only a fraction are so stunted that they haven't outgrown Punch and Judy. It's just a crapload of unnecessary effort, too-- you don't need all that mucking about with logins and burner emails and working up different characters just to get a rise out of an average message board's little clique of regulars.

Now, you do also have some trolls out there these days who are in it for the money, and the money can come from some pretty weird places, and the trolls who take that money absolutely do use multiple accounts, and automation, and a whole bag of other tricks that are by and large completely useless to the purely recreational troll. I'll admit that now and again I've entertained the notion that our quirky local dining circular has drawn the attention of the pros for some unfathomable reason, but come on, who am I kidding? Look around you, here. What on earth does anyone stand to gain from these dribbly little threads that rarely crack 50 comments? Even the herpes-potions spammer doesn't bother half the time.

I for one did have my suspicions about Phoebes before she got caught out a couple years ago and earned her nickname-- the signs were always there if you were low enough to read 'em. God, I'm getting old. The troll world isn't anything like it was back when I had both feet in it. It's turned a lot of unlikely corners since then, some of them real dark, and I'm sure it isn't done yet. But trust me, friend, I know what I'm talking about here.


@26: " So, based on prior examples and unless or until anyone can prove otherwise,"

No, wrong again. Demanding someone prove a negative is one of the oldest of all the cheap, sleazy tricks in the dishonest rhetorical handbook, and you don't get to use it here -- especially not after getting caught simply assuming the truth of an accusation you have made. If you want to give any alleged additional pseudonym I've ever used here, go right ahead. If you don't, then assertions made without evidence will, yet again, be dismissed without evidence.

I addressed multiple angles of the CHOP fiasco, yes, and it's not my fault you simply cannot comprehend more than one aspect of my critique at a time. Since you have yet to notice, I'll kindly inform you I've now twice implied that Best's self-serving account is not to be trusted, and that our City Council failed to establish what actually happened. That latter point is directly germane in that in the American (and many other countries') system of government, the legislature oversees the executive's performance, and is obligated to investigate major disasters of that performance, such as the events which created the abysmal CHOP.

It's also grand to see The Stranger -- which glorified the CHOP for most of the last year -- finally understanding it was indeed not worth having, and so pouncing on this self-serving account by Best to blame Durkan. They have always been at war with East Asia.


@14 COMTE: You just plain fucking rock the house! I remember that line of Robin Williams' well.
I love Williams' impersonations (the veteran comedian, Jonathan Winters, has proven to be a fabulous mentor). Robin Williams' voicing of Jim Nabors' Gomer Pyle, USMC is spot on ("Sur-PRAHS----Sur-PRAHS, Sur-PRAHS, Sur-PRAHS!"). Now I want to stay up to watch Good Morning, Vietnam again for the upteenth time (it's one of my favorite veteran related DVDs). Of course, my absolute favorite line of Robin Williams is the retort he gives the venomous Sgt. Major Dickerson (played by J.T. Walsh):
"You know, you are in more dire need of a blowjob than any white man in history."

and, speaking of movies....

@26 COMTE: Best throws Durkan under the bus? Well, so much for ex SPD Chief Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan being compared to Geena Davis's and Susan Sarandon's BFF title characters in Thelma & Louise. Nothing at all like in Glenn Frey's song, Part of Me, Part of You here.


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@26: "The entire point of the piece is NOT to argue the relative merits of CHAZ or CHOP - or lack thereof, which is how your trying to re-frame the debate - but it specifically deals with what Chief Best DID, that is, as the article infers, throw Durkan under the proverbial bus by implying the decision to abandon the East Precinct came from her."

In the headline post, The Stranger had argued clearly, albeit implicitly, that the CHOP lacked merit. By definition, Best could not "throw Durkan under the bus" unless the decision which resulted in the CHOP was a bad one. Rather than "re-framing the debate," I was more than happy to agree completely with The Stranger on this point. The CHOP was horrible, and the sequence of events leading to it showed incompetence or even malice on the part of the decision-makers.

Best's account should not be believed, and The Stranger should not have repeated it. First, the recall attempt against Mayor Durkan was denied specifically because the Mayor of Seattle does not have operational control of the SPD. Second, as noted @5, above, the Chief commands the command staff, not the other way around. For these reasons, Best, not Durkan, was responsible for the CHOP, and Best's attempt to pin blame for the CHOP on Durkan fails for those two reasons. (This assumes Best was actually in control of the SPD, which also may not be true: the abandonment of the East Precinct, and of the citizens of Seattle who rely upon the protection it provides, may have been a wildcat strike by renegade members of SPOG. Again, our City Council failed to perform oversight of the executive and SPD.)

I doubt very much The Stranger intended to imply the CHOP was blameworthy, as this contradicts their solid year of hardcore propaganda about how totally awesome the CHOP was. Rather, The Stranger's pathological hatred of Mayor Durkan drives them to repeat as gospel truth anything negative they hear about her. Their inability to think clearly (if at all) about Durkan meant they simply never noticed that Best's (self-serving and factually-challenged) statements about Durkan and the CHOP implied the CHOP was bad.

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