Slog PM: The Fully Vaxxed Can Ditch Masks at QFC and Fred Meyer, George Floyd's Family Visits the White House, Say Hello to OK Broomer



Thai Tom was awesome. RIP


RIP Tom Suanpirintra, indeed. definitely sad to hear of his death.

When I lived in Seattle that was the only reason I would ever go to the U-District and it was worth it every time. It reminded me of this tiny place in Brooklyn, Planet Thai (and then later, same family, Thai Cafe) that I went to when I lived in NYC. Fantastic Thai food and so much fun to sit at the counter and watch it be cooked.

When I visited in 2009 (by then disabled), I took my mom there as she and I had not been able to go there when I lived in Seattle. We were served the worst meal ever, burnt, cold food.

I complained to the woman running the place and she said "see all of these people around you, they're eating their food and not complaining." I could not believe such an awesome place, a place I used to wait in line to get a meal at, had turned into such a shit hole and that woman said that to me. I was going to walk out and not pay for my burnt cold food and that woman could come after my disabled ass, but the person who came with my mom and I freaked out and said we couldn't do that. We paid and left. No tip. First and only time in my life I was forced to walk out of a place like that. I can't imagine the restaurant has been any good since (so the last decade plus) and now with Tom dead, that pretty much seems impossible.


Re the mask free option at QFC and Fred Meyer, I think its a bad idea that will blow back in a higher infection rate a couple of months down the road, but I suspect the store employees are tired of having to be the mask police.


3 - I feel the same way, but at some point we have to take the "plunge".


"If you're not fully vaxxed,
you've still got to cover up."

and the Penalty is?

Inflicting your Fellow Man
whilst Pwning the Libs -- a Two-fer!

let's let Neocons
Darwin themselves
right offa the Planet...

mask up


No worries, I'm confident that QFC will enforce the vaccination rule just as strictly as they enforce the no-dogs rule.


QFC and Fred Meyer are not separate grocery companies; they're both part of the Kroger corporation. qFC just charges more than Fred Meyer.


@7 That's stated explicitly in the linked King5 piece.

To date, Kroger has been pretty hands-off with its acquisitions, which include that Red Apple on Beacon that Mudede is always holding up as an icon of independent neighborhood community something something.

For the time being the parent company doesn't interfere much with sourcing, hiring/labor practices, and other decision-making that you might expect to get stamped out as the acquired company is flattened into nothing but an alternate logo to print on the store-brand goods. If they even bother with that.

It won't last, I'm sure.


Rest in peace, Tom Suanpirintra.
@2 xina: Thank you for sharing. It is sad, though that your last meal with your mother at the eatery he made famous was such an awful experience.

Here is hoping that the Justice for George Floyd Act passes in Washington, D.C., bringing with it true police reform. This would be a big step in returning the U.S. back to a democracy. Systematic racism and white supremacy must end NOW.

@5 kristofarian: I have been fully vaccinated but still as a courtesy mask in stores and on public transportation. There are still too many idiots out there who refuse to mask up let alone get vaxxed. There was one guy who made a big stink yesterday on a local bus. He had traveled all the way up from Whidbey Island, claiming 'it's not a law'. Obviously, he was mad about having to wear a mask on public transportation. This guy actually wanted a fight. Fully double-masked, I looked him squarely in the eyes and calmly responded, "Well, I want to stay healthy."
Luckily, he shut up and got off on the next stop.
The die hard Trumpists just don't get it.


Happy Birthday, Mike Myers! Party ON! Ex-cel-LENT!


@2 Xina, maybe you should change your handle to XinaDisabled or something similar so you dont always have to mention you are disabled every time you talk about yourself, especially when it has absolutely nothing to do with the story you are telling. You had a super shitty meal and aweful customer service, that is for sure, but your disability had nothing to do with any of it. I enjoy smoking weed(and my fiance who is disabled takes it medicinally) but i put that it my handle so i dont always have to add that unrelated detail every fucking time I tell an anecdote(they drag on enough)!


yeah petey everytime I see
your Handle it pisses me
off* that you think putting
'4420' makes others
think you're 'cool.'

'cause what the Fuck
does '4420' have to
Do with Marijuana?



@11 Maybe you shouldn't go online after 10pm buddy, it doesn't look like you're doing your mental health any favors there.


COMPLAINT TO THE STRANGER - HEY WRITERS AND EDITORS AT THE STRANGER: Your bold type Seattle/King County based headline says "The fully vac'd can ditch their masks at QFC and Fred Meyer." WRONG - and by your own sources at King 5 and the King County Dept of Public Health. The stores themselves said "unless a local mandate is in place." The local mandate is the King County Dept of Public Health and they say at your link to their document:

"[..] the Local Health Officer hereby finds that:
Continued use of face masks for everyone 5-years of age and older within indoor public spaces is reasonable and necessary in King County to reduce the risk for CoV-19 transmission until CoV-19 disease rates decline, and more of the population is protected through vaccination.

"EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, as Local Health Officer I hereby DIRECT as follows:
Everyone 5-years of age and older in King County should continue to wear a face covering within indoor public spaces, unless a state-approved method is used to assure that all people allowed inside have been fully vaccinated."

Therefore you must still must still wear your mask inside a QFC or Fred Meyer in King County and Seattle WHETHER OR NOT you are vaccinated.

Please print a public front page retraction of the blatant misinformation you are spreading encouraging people to not wear masks in QFC and Fred Meyer in Seattle and King County and with a front page headline, no less.


@11: Dude----maybe you should lay off the saltpetey, especially after 12 midnight.


@11 Yeah telling people how to be totally works. I will do whatever the fuck I please and I don't give a shit if you don't like that I mention that I am disabled. The fact that it bothers you is ALL ABOUT YOU, not me, dude.


@11 Also: Funny how you mention your disabled fiance who smokes weed because she's disabled in your comment. I am assuming it's a mental disability since she chose to say yes when you asked her to marry her. Oh and the fact that you smoke weed and feel the need to put it in your user name is pathetic. Why not petetheloserstonerwiththedisabledfianceewhoalsomokesweed

See how personal opinions about other people and what they choose to put in their comments works?