Anniversaries are always handy when trying to come up with a reason to riot.


Who won the fistfight?


If there are any Antifa types here can you explain the endgame or reason for last night? Those cops are going to prison and there’s new legislation everywhere to satiate cop-haters. Shouldn’t you be celebrating in some positive way instead of trashing the city you live in? Also after viewing countless Antifa mugshots I’m fascinated as to why Antifa types almost universally look like they are either deranged homeless, deranged transexuals, or deranged homeless transexuals? I’m serious and not being snarky. Why are those demos so overrepresented at these protests?



The first rule is we can't talk about it.



Every group has its share of assholes. Are all christians assholes? No, but some are. Are all lawyers assholes? No, but some are. Are all protesters assholes? No, but some are.

Not all of those protesters were destroying property, just the assholes.


@5 @6 Fair enough and I cheerfully withdraw my (in retrospect) mean stereotyping. To be fair the guy always out front in PDX in the tiny sundress, heels, and as hairy as Klinger is hilarious.


@6: "Not all of those protesters were destroying property, just the assholes."

And Portlanders are supposed to find that comforting?



Your ass must really be sore from constantly reaching in there and pulling big fistfuls of bullshit out of it. There is literally a section of Capitol Hill named "millionaire's row" because so many "people w/ money" lived there at one time.



Why are you so obsessed w/ The Mercury and their blog's sparse comment section? I've checked it out and wish it was more active, though it seems all of the action is on the Willamette Week's site, Plenty of engagement there if you're so inclined.


On related note, the Phoenix PD designated ACAB a gang to be able to come down on protesters and violate 1A rights with impunity. When called on it, they blamed it on a lying CI who told them it was a gang. Properly blaiming the CI has got to be in the training by now.



I wouldn't expect them to regard it as comforting, just as reality. The world's got a lot of assholes you have to deal with, whether you want to or not. Fact of life. It sucks, but we all deal with it. I'm going to assume Portlanders aren't naïve fools and already know that part of life is dealing with assholes. They'll figure this out too.


@18: No, you can't separate the assholes from as they're in the same crowd. The property destruction has the defacto blessing of the protestors.

It's the exact same thing as going after the Jan 6 insurrectionists. They're all guilty of smashing up the capitol (or Portland) whether or not they actually smashed something.

Jan 6 insurrectionists and Portland rioters are all in the same boat of evil.


Has anything been accomplished?

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