The sublime clouds of May to be replaced by boring rain clouds tomorrow.
The sublime clouds of May to be replaced by boring rain clouds tomorrow. Charles Mudede

For my green brothers and sisters out there, I want you all to know that Seattle Weather Blog predicts that tomorrow will be the wettest day since February. So, get your roots ready for the soaking.

Did you know that May is Volcano Awareness Month (VAM)? I'm certain that many of those who ran for their lives from the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo last Saturday also did not know it was Volcano month. Who indeed knows about the extra work May is doing for volcanoes? But VAM exists, and it is there to remind us that Washington state has five active volcanoes.

The mystery of the woman seen walking here and there in Columbia City with a robot has been solved, by, of course, the woman walking around with the robot:


GeekWire already warned Seattle of the coming of these robots back in April:

Boston-based Piaggio Fast Forward is targeting the Emerald City as a particularly walkable and tech-savvy place where they hope residents will take to a rolling robot named Gita that’s kind of a like a shadow that carries your stuff. But at $3,250, the price alone could be a heavy lift.

Gov. Jay Inslee keeps reopening the Washington economy. Today he permitted outdoor spectator events to "increase occupancy from 25% to 50%."

Why can't we have one of these everywhere in the US? Really. Why fucking not?

How today's mass shooting went down: "The suspect set his own house on fire, then drove to a Valley Transportation Authority union meeting and began shooting [unionized workers]." An FBI official described the crime scene as very large and time consuming.

The story of the alleged shooter, Samuel Cassidy, is beginning to surface at the end of the present business day:

Cassidy is the present king of American mass shootings, but the king of an American massing shooting is, in the words of that song by the Thompson Twins, "king for just one day." (Or a day or two.)

Meanwhile in D.C.: That Ted Cruz character is keeping it real stupid with the AR-15 genuflection.

But Cruz's state is going all out for guns. Soon and very soon, Texas will permit anyone to carry any old gun at any time they feel like. No licence needed. No nothing like that anymore. It's gonna be you, your gun, and all of the American freedom you could ever want. And, yes, soon and very soon, lots of Texans will be going to the see the king.

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The king of American banking, Jamie Dimon, said something during today's Senate hearing that's being reported as amazing. He "acknowledged [that American] housing" is in "a little bit of a bubble." But he thinks that there will be no repeat of the housing crash of 2008 because banks now have "loss-absorbing capital." Just know now that no such kind of capital exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist. Indeed, money made for losing can't by its nature be capital. When the whole business comes crashing down, access to what I can't stop calling government cheese is the only certain thing out there for banks betting borrowed cash on house values.

Remember, Elizabeth Warren is not history yet. Dimon had to learn this the hard way today.

Let's end with a set by a DJ I can't get enough of these days, Detriot's Stacey Hotwaxx Hale.