This is supposed to be the mind of an Amazon worker taking a brief break in a ZenBooth.
This is supposed to be the mind of an Amazon worker taking a brief break in a ZenBooth. SAND555/

Please just stay in Seattle for Memorial Day Weekend. It's just not worth the trouble. The high cost of gas, the traffic, the waiting due to the rush to make everything just like it was in 2019. We are still in the pandemic. We need to take our time. The rational thing to do is abandon the American monster (burn gas, drive, drive, drive) and just enjoy the local sun, parks, activities, and businesses.

Instead of driving here and there and every fucking where out of Seattle, why not take a walk at the magical beach between Golden Gardens and Carkeek Park? It is not always there. The passage only appears during low tides. Seattle Times says it "makes for a special, quiet walk." Indeed: "I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled."

He had three rounds of ammo. He had an “AR-15 style weapon." He boarded the MV Tokitae ferry on "Wednesday night in Mukilteo" at about 7:43 p.m.. But the ferry had lots of eyes that spotted the concealed weapon and the ammunition. The police were called, around 10 troopers rushed to the ferry, boarded it, found the suspect, and arrested him. Washington State Ferries spokesperson Ian Sterling said to the Seattle Time's that “[t]his is the type of thing our people do train for, so we’re really proud of them for being able to spot this person and keep anything worse from happening.”

Amazon has apparently decided to give workers in its warehouses ZenBooths. These are slim boxes that one can enter to look at soothing images, feel some breezes, and let their mind fly for a moment from the job that's making them so miserable. The ZenBooth is a part of a program, WorkingWell, that provides stressed employees "with physical and mental activities, wellness exercises, and healthy eating support that are scientifically proven to help them recharge and reenergize, and ultimately reduce the risk of injury." Wake up, it's time to be in the long-awaited future.

Unvaccinated now make up 97% of new COVID-19 cases in King County, according to Dr. Jeff Duchin, and many of these cases are in South Seattle. But check out KOMO's headline for this story: "Majority of COVID-19 cases in King County are from unvaccinated people, health experts say". Here, the word "majority" is used to conceal the incredible effectiveness of the vaccines. You don't say "majority" for percentages close to 100% because it could also mean 51%. This creates confusion. A 97% protection rate is a great success, and 51% is a great failure.

One more thing about the unvaccinated. Soon we will reach the point where the correlation between poverty and access to COVID-19 vaccines falls noticeably below the correlation between ideology and the rejection of vaccine access. When that happens, those who are vaccinated will see the persistence of the diseases as purely a product of American cretinism.

While Idaho's governor, Brad Little, was just doing the usual—attending some conference in Nashville, Tennessee this week—the state's super-batty lieutenant governor, Janice McGeachin, used her temporary governing powers to ban face mask mandates in public schools and in state buildings. This was done in the name of freedom. But get this: the present governor, Little, has never imposed a mask mandate on freedom-loving Idahoans. So, all of this nonsense is about showing voters how Little is not all the way there. There is still a whiff of the RINO about him. He did not ban the ban of a ban that never existed. This is life in Trump country.

As Idaho's governors are caught in the nut race, the promised land of Greater Idaho has become a little bit more real.

Today in the extras you get if you are white in America: "At least 70% have been released as they await hearings – compared with a typical rate of 25% of federal defendants." At this point, we should not at all be surprised that the legal system is doing its damnedest to keep these white people, whose attempted coup cost 5 lives and considerable damage to public property, out of prison.

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The Guardian:

The disparity in pretrial detention rates highlights what legal experts said was a broader development in the 6 January cases: the likelihood that a substantial swathe of the alleged rioters may not serve any prison time at all, even if they are convicted or plead guilty.

Let's do this one more time: Memorial Day Weekend driving is just not worth it. Gas is not only expensive, but we also shouldn't not be burning it in the first place.

And now for a literary confession from yours truly. The core of the post I most enjoyed writing this week, "Why Do Rats Love to Die on Sidewalks?", owes a ton (inspiration, structure, tone) to the final movement ("I walk slowly in the wind") of the dub poem, "Poem of Shape and Motion," by the great Linton Kwesi Johnson.