RE: Tulsa massacre

White people accuse black people of being lazy and unambitious. Black people prove them wrong by creating a wealthy and prosperous society. White people murder black people, stealing their wealth and destroying their society. White people then lie and cover up the massacre so that their future white decedents can again accuse black people of being lazy and unambitious.

The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

White America has two major problems: They are racists and they refuse to admit they are racists.


True, the Tulsa massacre sure is popular in a lot of white circles these days but I dont think it was exactly a popular story with black folk up til recently either. I thought that is the modern agreed upon narrative; that racist text books plus those involved, including victims, kept silent because it was just too shitty to be reminded of, causing it to nearly disappear from the national conscious.


@1 - And I suppose they means all, no doubt.


And in comes @3 to prove @1s point. Clockwork.


our Racists're Terrified they'll be
treated as they've treated others

yeah I don't think Revenge's any
part of the Reparations Package
but Projection runs Srong in the
FarFar 'right.'

Quit the Slave Patrols
make Amends and
we can Move On

we've got Business to Do.


When making a broad generalization about race, if one doesn't account for those who are not racists or have changed from being racist (e.g. redemption) then please don't complain about how this nation will never overcome its racism if you consider such a superlative as an immutable fact.


Best part about the video: The homophobe's boat exploded, boat driver crapped his pants, they got hurt, received help from the family they were harassing and didnt said thank you

As for Tulsa, its one in a long string of serial massacres committed by white people against:
1) Native Americans
2) Black Americans
3) Chinese Americans (drove Chinese out of Bellingham)
4) Japanese Americans
5) probably many others...
The common thread is white racists did all this shit, who are now on course to become a minority:


Oh look, someone's not just gone #notallwhitepeople, but is already posting through it... before the comment count has even hit double digits.


Remember, the more white terrorist attackers of DC you turn in, the fewer there will be to attack American patriots like the Tulsa defenders.

Every link establishes more connections.



RE: the homophobe's boat exploding

I saw on another thread in another blog that the boat was uninsured as well. It's not verified, but just the thought that they might have to eat the loss is delicious.


Oh look, someone has just gone #noneofthishopecrap


Why it took 100 years for America to learn about the Tulsa massacre

The long-hidden racist attack on “Black Wall Street” and its residents is finally in the open — and raising questions about all that Americans don’t know and have tried to hide.

For decades, the story of the massacre remained untold so as not to deviate from the narrative that America is exceptional and founded on democratic ideals.

The whole philosophy that someone is better than or more deserving than someone else simply because of birth is absurd, irrational, and illogical. But that’s what racism is. And we’re still dealing with it.”


Poor magnolia, where are they gonna find money to repair an old bridge? It's not like it's a wealthy neighborhoods with any mega corporations living in the vicinity...


There's nothing hopeful about hijacking a discussion of bigotry ingrained in society and turning it into yet another proclamation of innocence for you and people like you. That's just insecurity.

No conversation on any social issue is going to move forward if you keep turning it back into a conversation about yourself.


"No conversation on any social issue
is going to move forward if you keep
turning it back into a conver-
sation about yourself."

right as rain, rbs.
right as rain.


@14: I disagree with your interpretation.


Moses Lake used to be a cool area. I used to camp out there a lot in the desert.
Something about Trump and Q-anon though, last time I went I noticed a severe uptick in trashy, entitled, shitty rednecks. Also there were used syringes in my camp fire pit. Didn't really seem like a safe place to camp anymore. RIP cool desert camping.
Gonna have to make a new batch of meth to replace that burned-up 90s shit-mobile of a boat.


@17 It weren't the trumpies that turned it, the yahoos took over Moses Lake a couple decades before them.

They've gotta have their fun somewhere I guess, and it might as well be on a patch of sand next to a reservoir in the middle of nowhere. If you don't like 'em, just go when the weather is either too hot or too cold for buzzing around on dirt bikes and quads half the day. For all their noise and carrying on, they're kinda sensitive to the elements.


The Tulsa riot wasn't THAT unknown; I heard about it in the 1980's. But most Americans don't know where Tulsa is (quick, is it east or west of Oklahoma City?), so it didn't get a lot of publicity. The East St. Louis race riot of 1917 and the Chicago race riot of 1919 were a lot better known. Having the stress of a world war and then a pandemic, all under a racist president, made all of these possible.
Similarly, the stress of the present pandemic and the last president drove a lot of the stupidity and hatred we see today.
That hatred and stress faded in the 1920's as the presidency changed and the war and pandemic faded, so there's reason to be optimistic that the next few years will see similar changes for the better.



To be fair, "race riot" was a widely used euphemism during the early and mid 20th Century for "a bunch of white people attacked a bunch of Black people", but intended to convey the impression that it was the Blacks who did the attacking. "Massacre" is certainly a more accurate - and contemporary - description, so long as it's made clear it was white people committing the violence, destruction and murder.


Thanks, Comte. I deliberately used the term by which one can find out more information about those awful events, as they are recorded in history books and online; surely an historian should appreciate that. A quick Google search for "race massacre" shows only Tulsa and Elaine, Arkansas. If one wants to know the full scale of the slaughter in so many cities, you need to use the term "race riot" or "red summer"


@19 - Tulsa is northeast of OKC. (I lived in OKC for 8 years as a kid and went to Oklahoma State for 2). I kind of liked Oklahoma, but it does seem to have since become a Trumpian wasteland over the last several years.


@1 & @10 Urgutha Forka: +1 Agreed and seconded. So well said!

@3, @6, @11, and @16: Spoken like a true ultra maroon.

@12 xina, @19 & @23 Biologist in the stix, and COMTE @22: Jesus wept, that is inexcusably horrific! Thank you all for the grave history lesson. I knew historically that the United States has been a racist country, but fuck--I had never known until now about the Tulsa Massacre and all the innocent people murdered. My heart goes out to the three survivors, their families and loved ones.
My own experience of four months in the Southern United States while in U.S Navy basic training in Florida and tech training in Mississippi were enough for me to never want to return to the South. The KKK proudly paraded through fields. I am sickened by so much racism that has been hidden for so long, and what is still happening to this day. The blood red pro-Trump states haven't progressed or learned shit since 1989.

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