Geese and the people in Seattles top-rated park system.
Geese and the people in Seattle's top-rated park system. Charles Mudede

Jason Rantz still on that crying-a-blue-river tip: "Seattle Police exodus worsens, 270 out since ’20, with 100 more ‘unavailable.’" But, Rantz, all of this moaning and groaning could go on forever. Wouldn't it help if we all got our heads together and came up with solutions to the brawn drain? Here is one to consider. It's very simple and can be done in no time at all. We could just replace the cops who have split or are not showing up for work with prisoners. Of course, none of the hired convicts would be into eating human brains or that kind of thing; but instead be in Sing Sing because they were, unlike Dr. Hannibal Lecter, born poor. Such men or women can hardly be worse than the cops who've had it up to here with all these black lives mattering. A cop job would give a non-violent prisoner a golden opportunity; a chance to begin life again with health insurance, a pension, and high wages.

Derek Chauvin, the white former cop who murdered George Floyd a little over a year ago, has what? Asked a judge to cut him some serious slack. Why? Because "prison will inflict 'long-term damage' on his 'life prospects.'"

The three Tacoma cops charged with killing Manuel Ellis are still getting paid. (I refer you to my solution for Seattle's much barked about cop exodus crisis.)

Seattle has the 9th best park system out of the "100 most populated American cities." This placed it above Portland, Oregon (10) and below Cincinnati, Ohio (8). The rating factored in race, class, park accessibility, and acreage.
The Urbanist:

Jumping from 14th to 9th place in one year, Seattle leapt forward in the Trust for Public Land (TPL) ParkScore index in 2021 due to an increase in new park acreage. Seattle also performed well as a result of broad park access and high levels of park investment.

Vision Zero has become a joke in Seattle precisely because people are walking and biking more but the behavior of drivers has not changed at all. You can't preach the gospel of urbanism but run the city as if it's a suburb or rural town. Vision Zero will not happen without a hard NO to the freedom of cars.

If you hated today's heat (I know I certainly did), you will be happy to learn that tomorrow will be cooler than today, and the day after tomorrow is predicted to be even cooler than the tomorrow. By Friday we shall be back in the 60s. The only weather that makes any kind of sense is between the 40s and 60s. All else is madness.

If you love beef and, for one reason or another, are on the cheap side, you may want to run down to the local grocery right now and buy whatever beef is there cause that cyberattack on JBS, the world's largest supplier of that kind of meat, is certainly going to do a number on its price. Beef, it's not what’s for dinner for now.

West Virginia is offering guns to people who are reluctant to get a jab. The state's governor, Jim Justice, a crusty Republican, announced a new program, which involves a lottery, yesterday. So, death can go out one door as it enters another. "The drawings will run from Father’s Day on June 20 to Aug. 4, and will include a variety of prizes from cash to firearms and even trucks."

Of course this man owns a horse that failed a drug test. What the fuck you think? Color me bad, but don't color me stupid.

Benjamin Netanyahu's goose looks cooked by a coalition that makes absolutely no sense to me. The right-wing pro-settlement party together with the Islamist party together with the centrists together with the left. It seems no one likes Netanyahu and that's about all there is to it. “No one will be asked to give up their ideology, but everyone will have to postpone the realization of some of their dreams,” said Yamina leader Naftali Bennett. "We will focus on what can be done, instead of arguing over what is impossible.”

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I almost believe this happened....

Let's end with a vision of the future we are already in. This one is from the streets of Columbia City. It's a woman with a robot following her more faithfully than a dog.

More robot action in my hood, Columbia City....
More robot action in my hood, Columbia City.... Bellen Drake