What incentives has he got up his sleeve?
What incentives has he got up his sleeve? LESTER BLACK
Gov. Jay Inslee and WA State Lottery director Marcus Glasper will announce COVID-19 vaccine incentives today: The governor's office has declined to say in advance what exactly these incentives will be, but it comes as the state is trying to reach populations who are either skeptical or haven't had the chance to get the vaccine (around 43% of all Washingtonians are fully vaccinated). Looking at other states' incentives, I'm guessing we might be in for a cash prize and perhaps some full-ride scholarships to public universities here in the state. And maybe he'll toss in a lifetime of free Washington state parks passes if he's feeling freaky. I doubt the guv' will give away guns, however.

23 people sick after eating at Habit Burger Grill in Shoreline: According to KING 5, health officials are now investigating the burger joint after almost two dozen people came down with a norovirus-like illness, landing one in the hospital. They said they have not yet determined how the highly-contagious virus spread in the restaurant. No employees have gotten sick.

Etsy buys Depop for $1.6 billion: Depop, an influencer-friendly platform where people can sell their secondhand clothing, will continue as a standalone service, reports Vox. Etsy is "staking its claim on a much younger generation of sellers and shoppers" rather than competing outright with the younger, more Gen Z-focused company.

Are you an artist? Curator? Creative-type? Nonprofit cooperative space
SOIL in Pioneer Square has put out a call for new members. Interested parties have until Sunday, June 27th to apply. If that's not your thing, you should still consider checking out their show, Surfing & Chess, that opens Saturday.

Just a heads up: Avoid eating cicadas if you're allergic to seafood.

Unemployment claims fall below the 400,000 mark for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic: Initial jobless claims hit 385,000 for the week ending on May 29, reports CNBC. The last time claims were lower was March 14, 2020, after which claims went up to a mind-boggling 3 million. However, this new jobless report says that 3.7 million people in the country have filed continuing claims and 15.4 million people are on government benefits of some kind.

Sunken ship spells environmental disaster for Sri Lanka: The X-Press Pearl had been on fire for two weeks and now is on the bottom of the seafloor near the port of Colombo. According to the BBC, officials are preparing to address the tons of oil that could spill out from the ship and harm the marine life around it. Cargo from the ship has already caused some devastation—millions of plastic pellets have coated beaches along Sri Lanka's western coast, and they could travel as far as India, Indonesia, and Somalia.

NASA greenlights two missions to our hot planetary neighbor, Venus: The goal is to figure out how the planet became the inhospitable place it is now, despite sharing many similarities with Earth. According to CNN, the first mission is Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry and Imaging Plus (DAVINCI+), dedicated to analyzing the Venusian atmosphere and how it evolved. The other is Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography, and Spectroscopy (VERITAS), which will map the surface of Venus to figure out how it turned out so different from Earth. Each mission will receive half a billion in funding and will launch sometime between 2028 and 2030.

SR-520 Montlake Project construction worker dies in on-site accident: He was struck in the chest by an 11,000 pound steel beam, pinned between a pillar and flatbed trailer that was carrying it, reports the Seattle P.I. The Seattle Fire Department said the 45-year-old victim was transported to hospital after his coworkers were able to free him and administer CPR. He unfortunately did not make it. It is not clear if work on the project will be put on pause.

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15 former and current WSU frat members charged in 2019 alcohol poisoning death: In 2019, WSU freshman Samuel Martinez died of acute alcohol poisoning after attending an Alpha Tau Omega initiation event, says the Seattle Times. Martinez consumed almost half a gallon of rum the night before he died and became unconscious; the medics were not called until the next morning. Yesterday, the former frat bros were charged with furnishing liquor to minors in connection with Martinez's death. The victim's family called the charges "insulting," disappointed that none of the men will be charged with hazing as the statute of limitations has expired.

Minneapolis looking to reopen George Floyd Square: Early this morning, city crews dismantled barricades around the intersection where Floyd was murdered by a white police officer last year, sparking a wave of protests across the country. The four-block area around where he was killed became a memorial where people came to mourn and protest police brutality, reports the New York Times. City officials say they are working with the Agape Movement, a community group, to "preserve the artwork, artifacts and other memorials at the square, including the sculpture of a raised fist."

ICYMI: Yesterday, Crosscut's Margo Vansynghel caught up with 16 artists behind the "BLACK LIVES MATTER" street mural in the area formerly known as Capitol Hill Organized Protest. Check it out to hear these artists' reflections on 2020 and their thoughts on the future of the movement for Black lives.

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U.S. finally announces donation plans for 25 million COVID doses: According to Politico, 19 million doses are going to the COVAX global aid program, which will distribute the vaccines to Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. The remaining six million doses will be split among countries including Mexico, Canada, and South Korea, as well as U.N. health workers.

Texas valedictorian goes viral after using speech to talk about abortion rights in her state: Paxton Smith swapped her approved speech with one railing against Texas's new restrictive abortion law, banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. "I have dreams, and hopes and ambitions. Every girl graduating today does," she said. "And without our input and without our consent, our control over that future has been stripped away from us." Take the time to watch her rousing speech—I'm emotional this AM!!!!!!!

For your listening pleasure: "Wu U Do (Newbody Remix)" by Azealia Banks. Happy Pride!!!!!!