I'm pretty sure an Amazonbro-fueled Studio 54 for the '20s in Seattle has got to be the worst of all possible worlds.


guy sounds like a dick


It seems to me that, its strange that, in Seattle there aren't more "Burner" inspired club spaces that have a more pansexual feel instead of explicitly gay inspired dance clubs. Its all marketing, but it seems the clubs here are more segregated between gays and straights than other cities ive lived where clubs have a bit more of a melting pot feel. Could this one be it?


The title is misleading. I know the guy and he’ll have a great party no doubt. Studio 54 was only about its celebrity clientele and not the music. Zac gets the music!


@5 - my how crass

@4 -- pro bone
or pro bono?


How much does it cost to get in? Can't be cheap with all these performers on payroll on-top of regular bar/club staff.


@7 -- why go in?
sounds like plenty enough
Entertainment right on the sidewalk

ever had a stiltz-wearer
stroll right over you?

mind the Dangle!


This is like the Snyder cut of an out of touch culture vulture with too much $. Chocking a place full of marketable anachronisms and a healthy serving of rainbow capitalism, then calling it counter culture.

And a disco ball DJ booth?? Why???


Despite the grouches in the comments, a new venue in Seattle is something to celebrate. I'm hoping they are successful and can do big art things in SODO.


Excited for the progressive $120 cover. It seems like Daddy’s millions has given him a really good education in marketing appeal, in addition to a nice bed of capital.


Can't wait to have my car broken into by the homeless in sodo!

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