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He called movement on the issue “critical,” as the health problems these drugs improve (when paired with guidance from trained medical practitioners) create barriers to housing for “a lot of our neighbors experiencing homelessness.”

There must be a missing add between improve and create, but no big deal. So in the last article we heard an anecdote about one person's account of having to lie by omission about mind manifesting therapy for drug dependency in order to maintain their housing situation. Now suddenly there are lot of homeless for whom this is a barrier. If they are living in a tent what is there to have to lie about? I supposed they would have to lie in order to receive accommodation in some maybe most drug rehabilitation housing programs. I suspect this is way more about the drug counselors being able to do their work more openly and therefore have a more stable lively hood. If such counselors are currently making life more difficult for their patients, then they should be guiding them to cool with that housing situations.

Early in the marijuana movement it was all about food, fuel, fiber, and medicine when most everybody just wanted bong hits. I'll be paying attention to see if this movement is any different.


What Seattle City Council does the best is proclaim how they are going to do an all inclusive, multimillion dollar study of an issue. If you read the story closely, this seems like a study of the possible choices of moving forward on the issue of psychedelics and their potential for therapy. Nothing for you drug warriors to get your panties in a bunch about. If anything, they have the potential to get people off of drugs, particularly opioids. If they ever get passed the study phase.


And Rich, if you are serious about psychedelic studies maybe lay off the camping jokes.

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