Wow, The Wall is unstreamable. It is mostly about the soundtrack, of course. In that sense it is like Quadrophenia, but a lot darker. I don't know about the relative sound quality of streaming movies, but it may be that getting it on a DVD is actually a lot better, if you have a decent stereo.

I could never get into Twin Peaks, but I did like Blue Velvet, when I saw it at the theater (freaked me out, and I'm not a fan of being freaked out). Here is a suggestion though. If you think a movie is not your cup of tea, have someone else review it. I would never review moves about zombies, or comic book characters, but you can give me an indy film that is all about character development and sense of place any day. Speaking of which, I don't think you can stream the Wayne Wang classic Chan is Missing (other than fuzzy YouTube videos).


"This is a Dad Movie to a tee."

My Mom took me to see that when it came out. She even bought me the marching hammers t-shirt. She said Pink was angry with women.

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