A scene from a #StopLine3 protest last month. Indigenous leaders want Biden to put the kibosh on a pipeline that would run through Minnesotas tribal lands.
A scene from a #StopLine3 protest last month. Indigenous leaders want Biden to put the kibosh on a pipeline that would run through Minnesota's tribal lands. Drew Angerer / GETTY

Thousands of Washington drivers will soon have their licenses reinstated: The state will also temporarily halt its practice of revoking driver's licenses from people who fail to pay fines or who fail to appear in court. The changes come after a Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled that the state was unconstitutionally taking away peoples' licenses in response to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Washington, the Seattle Times reports.

I have never watched a season of the Bachelorette in my life, but the woman seeking a lasting relationship on television, Katie Thurston, lives in Seattle. People like her Instagram, and they say she's blunt, funny, and sex positive. In an interview, she said she crushed on Robert Pattinson and once mailed him a fan letter. On the show last night, she remained open to the possibility of not bearing children. This is the stuff that's happening in the culture. People are talking about these kinds of things with others.

Only "high tech couples" can afford a house on the Eastside: Or really anywhere else, for that matter. According to the latest housing price analysis in the Seattle Times, the anarchist jurisdiction and its surrounding areas are impossibly expensive: "The median single-family home in King County last month sold for $869,975, a 29.5% increase from the same time last year. The median was $697,000 in Snohomish County (up 35%), $510,000 in Pierce County (up 29%) and $500,000 in Kitsap County (up 25%)."

Largest new cop class in two decades: SPD tells KIRO they've just hired 20 new officers, the biggest class in 20 years. Last year, 186 officers left, according to the department.

Homeowner shoots 19-year-old in Snohomish County: Police say the homeowner told them he heard pounding on the back door, believed someone was trying to break in, told the person he was armed, and then shot when the person "advanced," KING 5 reports. Friends of the man killed say he was at a graduation party and left "disoriented" to go for a walk.

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The internet glitched this morning: "Dozens of websites briefly went offline around the globe Tuesday, including CNN, The New York Times and Britain’s government home page, after an outage at the cloud service Fastly, illustrating how vital a small number of behind-the-scenes companies have become to running the internet," according to the Associated Press. The cause of the problem? "A service configuration."

Kamala Harris supports separating families at the border: In her first trip overseas (thanks, COVID), the Vice President of the free world displayed her liberal bonafides by telling the tired and poor and huddled masses of Guatemala not to come to the U.S., according to the New York Times. Biden still employs the Trump-era policy of accepting children but turning away adult asylum-seekers fleeing a corrupt and violent government for which the U.S. is partially responsible, and Harris offered her full-throated support for that policy.

If only the Guatemalans had a stronger tourism lobby: The U.S.-Canada border could open as soon as June 22, or so border mayors tell Politico. The border closed for "nonessential travel" last March, but "struggling tourism industries and families who have been separated for more than a year" have been "intensifying pressure" on both countries to reopen. That pressure is apparently working.

Cops arrest 100 water protectors in northern Minnesota: As the world continues to melt at an alarming rate due to our ongoing obsession with fossil fuels, a Canadian company called Enbridge wants to expand a pipeline "that would carry hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil through Minnesota’s delicate watersheds and tribal lands," the New York Times reports. To stop that from happening, indigenous leaders led a protest to stop the line. Protesters chained themselves to a boat they used to block an access road, while others occupied the construction site. To protect the oil company's property, cops donned riot gear and made mass arrests.

Islamophobe uses car to murder four, injure boy in Canada: Ontario police say "a driver intentionally struck a family because they were Muslim...in what has been denounced as an 'act of unspeakable hatred.'" The dead were 77, 46, 44, and 15. They were out on their usual walk, according to a friend. Cops arrested "without incident" a 20-year-old man "wearing a body-armour-type vest" in a parking lot, Al Jazeera reports. Prosecutors charged him with four counts of murder.

U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan more than half complete: But there are still unanswered questions. The top U.S. commander for the Middle East, Gen. Frank McKenzie, plans to give Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin a range of options for securing the U.S. embassy and providing support from outside the country, "a reminder that much about U.S. postwar support for Afghanistan remains uncertain," according to the Associated Press, "including how to protect Afghans who worked with the U.S. government from reprisals and how to avoid an intelligence void that could hamper U.S. early warning of extremist threats inside Afghanistan."

Macron slapped in south France: Looks like the face-slapper was on a mission. Both supporters and fierce adversaries of the French president denounced the attack. "French news broadcaster BFM TV said two people have been detained by police," the Washington Post reports.

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We need a wealth tax so we can start taxing these unrealized capital gains: ProPublica got tax returns for the wealthiest 25 people in the country, and, behold: the multibillionaires legally avoid paying millions in taxes by claiming lots of deductions and offsets. While the median American household pays 14% of its income in federal taxes, the richest 25 people paid "a true tax rate of only 3.4%" between 2014 and 2018. The outlet's analysis of these returns "demolishes the cornerstone myth of the American tax system: that everyone pays their fair share and the richest Americans pay the most." Biden's current tax proposals would do little to change this.

Here's the Bezos money shot: Between 2006 and 2018, "Bezos’ wealth increased by $127 billion, according to Forbes, but he reported a total of $6.5 billion in income. The $1.4 billion he paid in personal federal taxes is a massive number — yet it amounts to a 1.1% true tax rate on the rise in his fortune."

"Dozens" of staff at Houston-area hospital protest vaccine requirement: They gathered outside the hospital with signs that said things such as "VAXX IS VENOM." Last month, 117 employees at the hospital, Houston Methodist, filed a lawsuit against their employer over the vaccine policy, the New York Times reports.