Slog PM: Edouardo Jordan to Close Salare, U.S. Capitol Insurrection "Planned in Plain Sight," Gird Your Loins for the Vaccine Lottery



RE: celebs as politicians

I don't know anything about Alyssa Milano's potential effectiveness as a legislator, but there's nothing wrong with celebrities being politicians if they ARE effective. Think Al Franken, for example. Don't rule people out just because of their day job. Judge them on their effectiveness in the position.

On a somewhat related note, I totally had a teenage crush on Alyssa Milano when she was in Who's the Boss.


Lol hell yes 1/6 was planned in plain sight. Anyone half paying attention to social media saw it going down. I saw numerous people online trying to raise the alarm.

What I'm wondering is ... do you think authorities are paying any attention to the shit being openly planned online right now?


@3 Al Franken who may have handled a love handle a little too handily for the love handle's owner's own sake?


Jasmyne, can you or anyone with the MYIR Washington CDC website help me with being able to get entered in the Shot of a LIfetime Sweepstakes? I am a lifelong Washington State resident and U.S. Gulf War veteran, trying to get entered into the Washington CDC database. Because I got my vaccines (Pfizers) through the VA at the Mt. Vernon Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) two months ago, my proof of vaccination is not in the state database.
I tried using the link provided in your article, but when I try to log in to check my status, I keep getting a kickback notification that either a user exists or I need to change my password and then I get locked out. Please help.

@2 Lastlight: I sure hope we can take down the insurrectionists and stop the insanity of the GOP at this point. Otherwise, all is lost. An old school classmate of mine emailed me a message that they're planning on reinstatement in August, laughing their asses off because their prized patsy, Joe Manchin, D for Doofus, W. VA-- is doing such a terrific job playing into their slimy hands.



That were all from anonymous, alleged sources who all conveniently disappeared. And Franken was never given the chance to defend himself against said anonymous, alleged sources. Where did they go? Why was there no trial?

Do you simply believe everything you're fed, without question?

Do you also believe the Earth is flat? Because you just demonstrated you're dumb enough to believe so.

I feel ashamed for you. Do you even know who bought you?




Do you think the city's lawyers chopped the CHOP party? Can't be lookin' like we still throw our support behind that debacle while embroiled in multiple lawsuits, now. Would probably hurt their chances of winning against the grieving mothers of dead children and pissed-off residents and shop owners.


No deal could be made with republicans? Who could have possibly seen that one coming, gosh! Oh well, who needs roads.


@11: the investigation that led to dozens of seizures, arrests, and jail time, yeah. There's also no evidence COVID came from a lab - intentionally or not - because China won't allow an investigation.

And Franken was clearly POSING for that photo, "groping" his USO tour partner through her goddamn flak jacket without touching her.

Boy that's a lot of stupid you put on display.


@11, yeah sure. 580,000 Americans have died from COVID and the real scandal is with the media not knowing then what they know now about the virus's origins.

Boy, it sure would be nice to be living in your perfect little partisan world.


I'm mostly Team No Celebrity Politicians and would like to see if there's something we could do to prevent it from happening again in the future. Like, maybe some cutting edge scientist could send one of our present day citizens back in time to knock off the one celeb who seems to have brought the practice mainstream, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But who among us could possibly be expected to pull off such a barbarian task?


@14 John Conner?


@11 Holy fuck the "CHINA VIRUS CAME FROM A LAB TRUMP WAS RIGHT" bullshit.

Fun fact: There is no scientific evidence. None. It is all a media driven conspiracy rat fuck right from the MAGA spinners and total racist cranks like Nicholas Wade. There is no "new found credibility."

And here is one of the best (unfortunately) Twitter threads outlining why the the reemergence of the so called theory is bullshit:

No NEW evidence has surfaced since last April when this materialized to distract the mouth breathing fuckwads like FNFAL up there from Trumps utter incompetence (and it's especially cute that idiot goes after Franken when his own Dear Cult Leader has over dozen standing sexual assault and harassment accusation against him). They only thing is a bunch of out of context coincidences, rumors and the Chinese government being the Chinese government.

The only thing that that changed was Biden green intelligence to look into it. You know why? Because NOBODY can find the supposed "source document" the original report came from — which guess what — excerpts were leaked a week before Trump left office. What an astounding co-inky-dink.

And ultimately it doesn't matter if WAS a "lab leak." Since the US policy makers are in charge of US policy responses anyway. Not fucking China. And Trump failed in his responses.


Also here is a great rather wonky article on the actual science behind the the lab leak theory and why there is nothing there (yet) and why it keeps getting passed around from Science Based Medicine:


@3 Frankin could have contributed far more to achieving progressive goals by remaining a senator than becoming a casualty of the Metoo movement. Also, pretending to do something is not the same as actually doing it.



"Leading biologist dampens his ‘smoking gun’ Covid lab leak theory
Nobel laureate David Baltimore says he overstated case, and the origins of the virus are still unknown"


@19: All such postulations are meaningless until the Chinese government reveals their hand.



Cheers for saying it so succinctly. Al Franken got a raw dill-e-o brought on by some who could have counted on his support in the Senate. Crazy shooting yourself in the foot stuff. There is a world of difference between posing for a picture without ever touching and actually groping someone who is asleep. Has the world gotten so humorless that they don't get comedy anymore? Sure, there are some things maybe we shouldn't find funny, but c'mon. The man was a comedian,,,. on a USO tour...depicting someone clueless, And the woman in question was not dishonored IMHO.

Hey, don't link stories to paywalls, m-kay?


@8: Thanks, Elmer. A MYRI tech suggested I check in with my PCP.. It's all taken care of. :)


@11 is further rabidly glaring proof that white supremacism and all things Trumpist must end NOW.