Slog PM: Seattle's the First Big City With 70% Fully Vaccinated, KOMO Still Sucks, Crows Must Stop This Dive Bombing of Humans



Yoke? YOKE??


Crows are capitalists. What did you expect?


You have to ask yourself Charles, "What have I done to anger our crow overlords?"

Crows are awesome dinosaurs, really smart with amazing memories. They're fun to watch, you can see the cognitive thinking happening.

I throw peanuts to the crows year round, so they recognize me, and I'm pretty sure I can tell individuals apart based on mannerisms and behavior. Correlation is not causation but I haven't been dive bombed since I started feeding them, even during fledgling season.

So the question remains, What have you done Charles to anger our Crow overlords?


People own dogs, dogs chase crows, therefore crows dive bomb people, and especially people with dogs, at this time of the year to keep them at bay when their fledglings are making their first forays out of the nest.

And Charles, I realize you've been around for a long, long time, and so can't be expected to remember EVERYTHING that's been published in The Stranger, but your former colleague Sean Nelson addressed the "why is the song called 'Seattle"?" question with Mr. Lydon back in 2015:


@1 Don't correct his spelling. He is obviously in a bad mood. Lashing out at the mayor for having the audacity to not run again, the president for representing the USA, and crows for protecting their young.

Of course the crows fear us. They've seen what we've done to our own kind. If you were a reasonably smart creature, you sure as fuck wouldn't trust us.


Crows are NOT capitalists. They are far too intelligent to be part of such a failed and inhumane economy. They are loyal to each other and feisty birds that stand up for themselves. If you give them food they don't forget and sometimes bring you gifts. Don't mess with them because they can get even. From a crow lover.


When I was a teenager I had one of the dive bombing crows land on my head and hang out for a bit after harassing me for a few days.


And seriously, $18mm for three radio stations in a large market is dirt cheap, and given KOMO-AM is a pretty well performing station it seems odd. But, OTOH, I think these were the only three radio stations Sinclair owned, so it does sort of make sense. Plus, it covers a good chunk of that $48mm fine they were hit with last spring.


Eat shit, Charles, corvines are far superior to humans, you or me or anyone here, in pretty much every way. Crush yourself with your stupid ape fists instead.


make Friends with the crows Chas and you'll never need call another cab or uber or whatever -- get one of those golf umbrellas slightly smaller than a patio-type and they can carry you all over Seattle Proper, long as it's Daylight and you've paid them protection money -- you'll be Seattle's own Merry Poppins

after sunset tho you'll
need a different mode
rocket packs are Nice.


”Since Jan. 1, 98% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations in Alaska have been among people who were unvaccinated” --Way to Go AK!

but too fucking Bad
there’s so much FAKE
News out there not inconviently
tethered to any Reality and those
sans time & inclination can just buy
into the Current Narrative or whatever
Corps deem Worthy so we the Peeps inherit
their Wind foot the bill pay the Exorbitant Price.

Let’s fucking VOTE on that Shit next time.

end Stupidity
or Bust.


@6 -- whoa -- musta been a rough three (+?) days with a corvine perched up there... is it true they'll make a nest in one's hair in the middle of the night often incorporating random kitchen utensils and smaller furniture did you share waffles? most importantly didja ever get the smell out? asking
for a friend

@8 -- opposable thumbs!


@5 It is fair to argue that capitalism is inhumane. It is not, however, fair to call it a "failed" economic system. Please consider the real world results of the alternative. Social Democracies are free market systems with a progressive tax structure and strong safety nets. They work reasonably well. The best argument against capitalism is the environmental argument.


We camped out at IHOP for hours eating pancakes and drinking coffee until I realized it was all a setup for a fledgling multi layer marketing scheme. I felt so foolish and used. Owls give way better financial advice, buy index funds.


Try feeding the crows. Having a murder of crows in your side is worth it. If they start to think of you as part of their food supply chain, they’ll alert you to enemies (which are now their enemies) and help you see the wildness that we live within.


@9, @10, & @11 kristofarian: I'm going off-topic here, but.....did you send me a lovely package recently?


I heard on KEXP years ago that Johnny Rotten (OK, Lydon) called it "Seattle" simply because he happened to be here when he wrote it.


If you think the crows are fucking with you now, I can't wait to hear how they start treating you after you actually act violently towards them.


@2: Once again, Swifty sets himself up to eat crow. :)

@5 Ivy R. Nightscales for the WIN! Thanks for beating me to it. :)

@17: Thank you, I've seen The Birds. :o


@12: Can you name a non-capitalist country that's a model for addressing the environment and climate change?

@15: How sweet and thoughtful of him. Don't forget to send a thank you note.


@19 I heard Bhutan measures the value of their nation based on Gross National Happiness and they're one of the only carbon negative nations on Earth because they didn't clearcut their forests for profit and they export most of the renewable hydro power they produce due to low consumption. So that might be one example.


I don’t get it, a highly vaccinated public isn’t impressive because all the whiteness? Please explain. I have many problems with Seattle but good public health isn’t among them…


You can talk to crows but you must use their name, as in "Crow, leave me alone!" or "Crow, you are not a rooster, quit making all that noise!" They aren't so tough, either. Once I saw a tiny bird chase a crow away from her nest, and that crow was moving fast!


@20: Thanks, but Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy and Wikipedia notes its economic freedom and ease of doing business and lack of corruption. The joys and humanity of wonderful capitalism!


capitalism can only be Great if it rewards EVERY one who Works somewhat equally but Capitalists have Rigged the System so they can now reap rich Rewards for shuffling paper, creating Monopolies off-shoring our Middle Class or myriads of ways whilst MILLIONS Struggle to afford food clean water health- and childcare, housing meanwhile the Kings of Capitalism have taken over OUR Government to suit themselves -- isn't that what they call Fasism?

this Capitalism
is taking over America.
Billionaires are Buying our Asses

that what you want?
Corporate* Rule?

UN-fucking Elected
and you can either
Fucking take It or
you can fucking
Leave it.



@25 - glad you got it!


@3: Yeah, crows will definitely target specific people that they remember. But I've also seen many times where crows will do a scare dive (no actual contact) with anyone that happens to walk near the tree that holds their nest.


sorry, not @25 -- @15


"Speaking of Seattle, why the fuck did Public Image Ltd name this tune after our city?"

Of course Charles has no idea the Stranger already covered this years ago, which is classic Mudede. Here's the answer:

I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about the song "Seattle" and your relationship to the city. [It's often said to be a rebuke to the band Green River, who opened for PIL in 1985, but the lyrics don't reflect anything specific.]

Well, we had a week off in the tour for some reason, due to gig rearrangements and/or whatever, and I flew back to LA, but the band hung out in Seattle and they started jamming about and rehearsing and started putting together a really catchy tune. So I flew up, and the words just flowed out instantly. It's a great song. The subject is about rioting, really, and when you see them World Trade Organization riots, it's kind of appropriate. It's an homage to Seattle, a town that's never done us any harm. A town we feel quite warm about... great atmosphere, the gigs are always amazing. It feels like home to me.


You are never going to be able to retaliate against the crows because the only time they are quiet is when they are sneaking up on you and they would not get close enough to smack if they knew you were alert to them. They may be smart for birds but at least some of them seem to think that people can fly. After one nailed me on the head it sat on a wire and when I gesticulated at it first it cringed, then it took off (as if it expected me to swoop up there in pursuit). They seem to be far worse than usual this year for some reason. Got used to fewer people being around due to the pandemic?


Agreed that for people that care about and want a better world this mayor is just horrible to all that need a break. Bought and sold with her demented past as a prosecutor. Next time we should have and deserve better.


29 Hey sweetie, don't try to retaliate against the immortal crow. Be nice and they won't try to get you. Like throw some nuts or bread crumbs and talk nicely. For real.


Crows are anarcho syndicalists, actually.

Didn't they cover that in grade school?


Raindrop darling, can you name a capitalist country that has gotten rid of wage slavery?

Yes, there are parts of Spain, that, having not been fucked up by U.S. takeovers and attacks are thriving well with alternate economy. There was a thriving anarchist area in northern Syria until it was attacked by Turkey. There are other examples in history and in the world.

When people in South and Central America such as Honduras tried to get it together with their progressive government it was overthrown by the U.S. and a brutal dictator was installed. Now we have people running for their lives to other places and being called illegal. Over and over this has taken place by the CIA in other countries. Huge fines and debts are forced on countries that dare to defy the almighty USA and western world. You realize that the authorities don't like me telling you this.


UK fines Amazon 2 billion but the US does nothing but tax the working, middle and poor.


Good luck with your plan to punch a crow. Let us know how it goes.


Capitalism has only been around for a piddly five centuries or so. If you want a nice durable system of political economy have a look at feudalism or earlier oligarchies based on slavery. That shit lasted 10,000 years.

And they wrecked environments to the best of their ability, too. I reckon it's a coin flip as to whether most of us would be sitting here today if the Egyptian Old Kingdom or the Shang Dynasty had invented internal combustion engines and ammonium nitrate and all that.


RE: dive-bombing crows. Who says no one has need of an AR-15?



If you're trying to shoot birds with anything other than a shotgun loaded with birdshot shells you're doing it wrong...


@21 Yep, nailed it.

complaining of that Seattle is highly vaccinated because it’s too white is not the high-level, pseudo-intellectual observation you think it is, Chuckles.

Vaccines are available everywhere; at this point, the majority of the unvaccinated are unvaccinated due to choice.


@33: Like in North Korea? Or how about in Cuba where there's a maximum wage law?

For all this bashing of capitalism, I have yet to see one socialist or communist country heralded as a sterling example for humanity.


@36: What a thought. Or even where we'd be today if Julius Caesar had been more thoughtful and considerate in his battles that burned down the Library of Alexandria.


"For all this bashing of capitalism... "
yep dewey & the Plutocrats're cringing in
terror in their palatial Bond Villian˜ Estates
that's a joke

but you got it bass-ackwards
it's Capitalists bashing YOU
hard sans lube or even .....
and yet you so heartily
Endorse them

forgive me for thinking
that you think like me
puzzling you are


I feel your pain criscofarian


@5: "He is obviously in a bad mood. Lashing out at the mayor for having the audacity to not run again, the president for representing the USA, and crows for protecting their young."

Having such a fierce hangover at 6pm on a weeknight must be tough, even for Charles. Next up is his tirade at water for being wet (or, perhaps during this season of very low tides, not being wet enough).


@38 - Isn't spray-n-pray akin to a shotgun blast?


@19: Awwwwwwwwww, are you jealous, Elmer?

@25 & @27 kristofarian: Thank you so much for so cool and thoughtful a surprise gift! I remember your mentioning a while back that you had something to send in the U.S. mail for me. I am treasuring this wonderful book with my literature on VWs. Everywhere my beloved Love Beetle and I venture out, heads turn. Alas, kris, I found no return address to thank you properly. Would you be comfortable with emailing me?

@43 :"Thank you, sir, may I have another?... Thank you, sir, may I have another?...Thank you, sir, may I have another?...Thank you, sir, may I have another?" And the hits just keep on comin'!
No wonder you're so incoherent, Elmer--I'm surprised you're even conscious.


@37 & @45 Morty @@38 COMTE: Ahem. Has either of you seen The Birds ? Archie and tribe will remember you. I wouldn't shoot a crow. They live in extended clans, are very territorial as well as being highly intelligent, know who their friends and enemies are, and, like most creatures of the late Marlin Perkins' Wild Kingdom, are very protective of their own.


@46 -- sure. will do. this
doesn't mean we're
Dating btw.

oh and yeah
there's Magic
in those VWs.

glad you liked it!
& you're most Welcome!


@48 kristofarian: Oh, no--I wasn't implying online dating, kris, just acknowledging a very kind, thoughtful, and generous gift. Again, many thanks! Somehow an online comment of gratitude from me to you, however earnest, doesn't seem like it's quite enough--especially after your going through the expense of Priority Mail. :)


it had your name written all
over it when I ran across it
and your enjoying it's plenty
enough thanks for me auntie Gee.

[just ignore dewey on
this -- it's usually Best].


@50 kristofarian: The photo of the classic ruby red 1964 Beetle Cabriolet convertible looks like my Love Beetle's Big Brother, as does another one with surfers at the beach. Here's hoping my VW and I can last as long as those guys! :)


that Rocket- (or was it Jet-) powered VW caught my eye . . .
the Beetle certainly has Made its iconic Mark on America
& a LONG Ways from Ferdinand Porsche's (and Hitler's)
"Peoples' Car" -- here's to your Outliving them all!

Remember the 'advert' in the Lampoon?
"if Bobby Kennedy'd been driving a
Beetle* he'd be President Today."

*an incident in which the car Kennedy was driving plunged into the Chappaquiddick River and the woman with him drowned, along with his shot at President. the Implication being, hey, the Beetle Floats (for a while) and she Would have been Safe.

as a Junior in H.S. a friend and I accompanied another to give us a ride home/purchase Insurance for his Beetle and when going around a corner, hit a dip; he over-corrected, it rolled and on our side we skidded down the hill (with a cliff alongside) for quite a ways... onlookers helped us roll it upright and we proceeded, but, his VW pretty banged up, he cancelled his insurance buy and later turned it into a dune buggy.

it's way more than 'just a car.'


@52 kristofarian: I'm sorry to hear about your friend's overturned Beetle! At least you & your friends were and are okay, and the Beetle survived the rollover to become a dune buggy. That must have been scary going down a steep ravine!

I missed the advertisement in The National Lampoon magazine, so I Google searched it. It was actually Senator Ted Kennedy (not JFK's brother Robert, though they're all from the same Massachusetts based family), whose car plunged into the Chappaquiddick River, resulting in the drowning of 28 year old Mary Jo Kopechne. You're right though, about the run for President--Kopechne was indeed working as a secretary for California Senator Robert Kennedy's campaign for U.S. President in 1968.
That was true, too, about the discovery that Volkswagens being so well sealed they could float.
One particular screwball comedy film that also made a joke of that is What's Up, Doc? from 1972, starring Barbra Streisand and Ryan O'Neal, frolicking in a stolen blue hardtop Beetle in a getaway caper---and--just miss the outgoing ferry (" I don't think we're gonna make it")--diving into San Fransisco Bay.

SO true about Volkswagens being more than 'just a car'. My beloved Love Beetle is truly the automotive love of my life. I am a certified Bug nut--and have been ever since Walt Disney's original 1968 Herbie film, The Love Bug. :)

Thanks for the memories, kris!! :)


oh, right, Bobby Kennedy
not Teddy. thanks for that!

btw, we didn't go into the ravine
nor off the cliff but skidded on
the pavement for what
seemed like Ages.

had we gone over
it's Doubtful we'd
have survived.

might 'the Beetle'
be an Opus?


no, no -- Teddy
NOT Bobby!



@54 kristofarian: I'm glad to learn that you, your friends and your friend's poor little overturned Beetle only skidded down a paved road. Indeed, you would not have survived had you gone over a cliff. Eek! That must have been one nail biting ordeal.
Your friend's Beetle might indeed become an Opus. I am currently working on setting a Stephen King novel to music, with a new series of ensemble (orchestral and, in one case, marching band) pieces.


sounds like
you're having
Fun! Excellent.