It's the Year 1997 and in The Stranger: Birthday Spankings Are Wanted, Daft Punk's at The Showbox, and Center Stage Presents June Bride



Calling it "dumpster diving" is a bit insulting. The issues have obviously been professionally bound to be preserved for years. Do you consider any perusing through archives to be "Dumpster diving"?


I am so loving this! I am awash in nostalgia :)


That Amazon advert seeking recruits for the packing center is damn chilling. In a bad way. But thanks for sharing.


I was one of the first people to run an ad in The Stranger's personals. Nothing came of it - I found that having a bunch of mediocre dates in a short period tiresome and boring. But I recall having a blast reading them for years afterwards. I can't remember when I Love Television started but that was probably my favorite column of that era.