Let’s Build a Park on This Reclaimed Freeway Crater



I’d be more concerned about the city coddling the vagrants that block ENTIRE SIDEWALKS with their heaps of junk and forts - probably not ADA compliant.


Sure, with the caveat that it is to be used only as a park.


I'd be more concerned about the State coddling the vagrants driving their private fossil fuel automobiles and killing future and current generations.

They would park in ADA spaces, taking up two spots too.


"That’s not to say it’ll be perfect; the new Elliott Way, which will be far too wide, will route a ton of traffic through that area. Two lanes for cars in both directions! That’s four lanes too many."

I know better than to ask this, but does Matt have a plan to address ferry traffic?


Slow news day at The Stranger?

What am I saying… it’s The Stranger; “must… be… outraged… at… everything!!!”


You realize writing story after story about this and posting it on the stranger is a waste of time, right?


@4 -- The obvious solution is to simply move the car ferries to other locations, and only have passenger ferries serving downtown (like Vancouver BC). We are no longer a tiny city, where dumping a bunch of cars here makes sense. Send them to suburban areas, like West Seattle and Edmonds.

Anyway, the area that is used to handle the big ferry loads is well south of the area that Matt wrote about. It is two lanes each way because WSDOT thought it was necessary, since the tunnel that replaces the viaduct doesn't have ramps to or from Western. This was a stupid omission (spending a fortune a tunnel, but still requiring a big thoroughfare along the waterfront). Even so, it wasn't the biggest blunder, which was to force people exiting from Aurora to downtown to use the left lane. It is like WSDOT learned nothing from the big backups on I-5 around Mercer, or even considered how difficult it would be for a bus to get from the curb lane to the middle one.


Interesting article. Looking at old Google maps, you are right, Matt, there used to be curb cuts there. Not sure why WSDOT didn't add them, but someone dropped the ball. Anyway, it will be nice when it is all done and there is a park there.


@9 I still think giant slingshots might be a better choice.


@1 if we build enough parks we will eventually run out of homeless to fill the parks up, right?



Erudite criticism on display. Bravo!


@4, Of course he does....omit all roads for cars, making walking and biking the main mode of transportation and otherwise use our super convenient light rail. Why not? Everyone in Seattle works downtown, is a 20 something single in peak physical shape and is able to afford living near the city core easily! Does anybody else really matter anyway? Fuck um!


@17: Don't worry, it's purely coincidence and not setting a higher bar.



The "S" in WSF stands for "State" - and the rest of it is just as important as the New Urbanist Swells in Downtown and Capitol Hill. Remember that when you make the idiotic suggestion of getting rid of car ferries and they tell you to piss up a rope.


I'm always amused by how younger, able-bodied liberals will rightly object to barriers to wheelchairs that should not be there, while at the same time push to make the city even more hostile to the cars that the disabled need to get around our city. Eliminating parking, whether on the street, or in new housing, is an active attack on the disabled, and further isolates us from the rest of society. I'm sure Matt has no problem with various venues in the city that are not even remotely ADA compliant, and would defend them as vital parts of the city's arts scene.


@10: "there used to be curb cuts there"

We need to put them in ASAP! How else will the homeless people push heir shopping carts into the nice park being planned?