Slog AM: Durkan Blocked Better Transparency Proposals, Critical Race Theory Could Be Anywhere, and This Guy Says a Whale Ate Him



Pretty disappointing to hear about Jordan and the allegations and kind of shocking how long this had gone on, how far back the allegations go…and sure, they are allegations, but there are too many to all be lies, if any.

All this chef worship has gotten out of control and pretty is ridiculous. They certainly have some good ideas but most of them don’t even really cook day to day anymore.

The staff made a difficult and honorable decision in my opinion, to leave their jobs with no immediate fall back. I’m sure they won’t have any problems finding work, hopefully not for another sleazy boss.


The lobster fisherman having an encounter inside a whale's mouth is entirely plausible for anyone who knows the sea.


Dave Meinert's hiring. He's purchased (at least) two restaurants since being credibly accused of multiple sexual assaults and other improprieties.


Perhaps Scott Cawthorn is related to Madison Cawthorn...? CONSPIRACY!


2 And Jonah was swallowed by a sea-monster, a leviathan, not a peace-loving whale.


Litigation is super punk rock. I was on the bar's side, until I read they are still trying to get a pay day even after the NHL agreed to not use the name. Fuck off with that shit.


I guarantee Matt would feel different about money if he had any.


Yay! When employees have the upper hand, they can hold sleazy bosses accountable. Because nobody else will.


" It’s not clear what kind of cargo is on the cargo ship ZIM, but whatever it is probably won’t be unloaded in Seattle."

Nope, it's tied up at Terminal 18 at the moment, unloading containers picked up in various ports in Asia.


Fancy restaurants suffer a very high testosterone poisoning uh... factor (or TPF). Other professions with a high TPF are: large (particularly tech) corporations, high political office, and media production corps. If we reward the solo strong man at the top pattern - and we sure as hell do - then you'll get such behavior at a lamentably predictable rate. Until they catch up with such foul behavior of their own, probably best to put females in such positions.


omg give me a break, criticizing Ubax Gardheere for boarding and threatening a school bus full of children doesn't make someone racist, do you have to turn EVERYTHING into right vs. left culture wars?


@10 Elizabeth Holmes is looking for a job. After she gets out of jail.


@11 "do you have to turn EVERYTHING into right vs. left culture wars?"

I think the rightwing does that perfectly well all on their own.


@6 Unless you are an attorney who offered to litigate the hockey team for free, I think it is still punk rock to ask for money to at lease cover attorney costs, if not a little bit extra for the trouble of dealing with Kraken fans complaining that there are not enough TV's in the bar to watch sports and that complain the music is too loud.


The correct term would be merchant ship, not cargo ship, and ZIM is the name of the company that owns and operates the ship, the name of the ship is ZIM San Diego, which incidentally sails under the Liberian flag, so the crew is likely mostly Filipino.
The owners are Israeli who don't wish to pay Israeli wages.


Arrg it makes me so mad to hear about any economic success during the pandemic. Only absolute economic destruction would have made me happy. Matt being upset about doordash CEO made me think I was reading a Mudede post. I mean, Seattle did just fine during the pandemic; as Baumer indicated, the IT industry only grew. Seattleites are mostly rich pussies who live behind their computers, and the pandemic just encouraged more of that. Eat the nerds I say.


I wonder if the Pro-Palestine protesters are also pro-honor killing, pro-subjugating women and pro-thowing LGBT people off of towers.


There is more than just republicans questioning the wisdom and accuracy of CRT. Despite what proponents would have you believe anyone who has read through some of the content that has come out of CRT can tell you it goes far beyond teaching a "true representation" of American History. The blowback was inevitable and the fact that those who support CRT lash out against anyone questioning its accuracy and academic rigor as racist further supports the notion that it is a bunch of pop philosophy dressed up as a something else. True academic work thrives on debate and discussion.


12, E. Holmes is still innocent before proven guilty...
Holmes pretrial hearings:
◘ 06/15-16/2021 10AM, Courtroom 4, 5th Floor, 280 So. First Street, San Jose, CA

◘ The trial of Ms. Holmes will begin in 8/31/2021.
◘ Mr. Balwani’s trial will begin in January 2022.


17 it's always bizarre to me when people who are ostensibly american / western (I don't know maybe you are commenting from North Korea or something) speak as though they believe people who live under auto/theocratic rule don't deserve basic human rights. I was taught that everyone deserves to live with dignity, & that people who live under oppressive regimes who imprison & kill queers, feminists, and dissidents need more support from us, not less.

Like, you understand that the present administration doesn't rep you or your values, even though they were elected in a free and fair election? The same holds true everywhere, especially in a place like Palestine, where Hamas hasn't held an election in over 15 years, but you speak of the Palestinian people as though they are indistinguishable from their government, and their LGBT citizens are just a prop for your dismissive argument, when in fact they are human lives who desperately need your support.

If you value freedom and democracy, then supporting the Palestinian people should be a no-brainer. But I understand this "they throw gays from buildings" talking point is a hard one to resist because it's very popular with conservatives, even though it crumbles to pieces with the slightest amount of attention (not to mention the people who make this argument dgaf about queer rights here in the US -- republicans are actively trying to ban trans affirmative care & athletics in statehouses across the country -- so if you actually care about queer rights, there is plenty of work to do here.)


From Wikipedia: "In March 2018, the PA repealed its marry-your-rapist law, a provision that allowed an accused rapist to evade punishment by marrying his victim.[12] However, because the Gaza Strip is de facto controlled by Hamas, the Egyptian-derived marry-your-rapist law still applies there." Yep, as a progressive liberal, this is a place I want to support. I'm not saying Israel is on the right-side of history here, but as progressive, I can't support Palestine either.



I totally agree that impoverished people shouldn't have their criticism of economic systems taken seriously.

You're an asshole.


"Critical race theory" is a legal analytical framework but it has become this all-encompassing stand-in for corporate anti-racism and any discussion of race in classrooms. The whole thing has just been bizarre to watch -- Seattle's chris rufo has been one of the main proponents of this effort, but it's basically been 2 guys on twitter beating the drum 24/7 for months on end -- but it's burning way too hot and too fast to sustain, and it's unlikely these bills will withstand legal challenges. Making conservatives think they are an insurgent minority in a constant battle with "political correctness" is the point, so after CRT is old news it will be something else. It's always something.


@23: Nevertheless, it is at odds with those who feel this country has progressed in race relations.


Jesus , stop hanging your hat on Assault Weapons Bans. Any Semi-Automatic Weapon can do a mass shooting just as well, and usually does. There are more guns than people in this country, and a good portion of them are Semi-Autos: hundreds of millions. The toothpaste is out of the tube.

What is wrong with "us"? We have too many guns in too many (male) hands.

And I think you know the reason Biden doesn't have a bill to sign, and probably won't ever have one.


24 no it isn’t. Things are better than they were ≠ equality has been achieved.

If people find themselves at odds with the knowledge that racism still exists they should sit with that, or figure out a way to convince people racism is over, not try to ban discussion & debate about it, but that’s where we are.


21 if you think the palestinian people don't deserve basic human rights because their government is trash then fine, but don't use women & queer people as a prop to advance your reactionary beliefs, and more than anything don't call yourself a progressive liberal



It's not at all at odds with that. It just posits that there is further progress to be made, particularly at the systemic/institutional level.


@25 - I've been saying essentially the same thing for quite a while now. The gun horse is out of the barn, out of the pasture, and long gone. There are just too many in circulation to really do much about.

We can strengthen background requirements and "red flag" laws, which will help a little, but we'll still have more than plenty of shootings.

There will never be a ban that takes guns away from people. Nobody has the stomach for a law that, if enforced, would create a Waco or Ruby Ridge just about every single day for however long it takes to seize all the guns out there. Plus, the vast majority of LE or even military that would be responsible for taking guns away are themselves opposed to it.

Nah, we're just fucked, and that's that. We'll just have to get used to mass killings in the same way we've become used to natural disasters...or pandemics.


@27 If you thing supporting LGBT and Women's Rights to be "reactionary" then fine. But don't call yourself a progressive liberal.


using lgbt oppression to rationalize your lack of support for the human rights of all palestinians is the literal opposite of supporting lgbt rights


@28 The whole point of the exercise is to suppress even the suggestion that racism might persist via the structures of institutions rather than the beliefs and/or actions of overtly racist individuals.

This is right-wing ideology 101: Anything bad that happens to anyone anywhere must be an immediate consequence of someone's imprudent or malevolent Personal Choice. And anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is oppressing you.


You say that as if being critical of CRT can't be a career ending proposition within academia. And that not being appropriately anti-racist is perceived to be racist according to the populist version of CRT which can have negative outcomes in the private sector.

But yeah, it's a low resolution boogieman for the right these days. But is disingenuous for the left to act in a provocative manner and then act upset at a reaction.


@29 About a quarter of Americans personally own guns, a percentage that has been declining steadily for decades. At the same time, the number of guns per owner has more than doubled (I think the average is over 8 now). Gun sales are up overall, but they're being sold largely to people who already have guns-- and are ageing.

Guns and ammunition don't last forever, and they're not indestructible, and we don't have to take them away from anyone who still wants them to reduce the number of Guns in this country.

All we really need to do is make sure a responsible recycler, private or public, is there with plenty of cash in hand every time one of our, erm, "firearms enthusiasts" dies and the kids need to deal with whatever part of the arsenal they don't want to keep for themselves.

It wouldn't be quick, but that doesn't mean it can't be done.


@26 who is arguing that racism is over or that is shouldn't be discussed? No one. The pushback is on that narrative that everything in America can be attributed to some racist past and that racism is not only present today it is purposefully woven into the very fabric of our institutions of government. That goes so far beyond "teaching about racism" or having a discussion or debate. As 33 notes those in academia today who even question CRT are subject to being branded and having their careers ended. Anytime you have a theory that is unable to withstand discourse and review you should be suspicious of its underlying merits.


@33 That "career ending" is a bit of a giveaway, isn't it?

That's why you guys had to invent "cancel," after all-- you know you can't convince anyone it's censorship, like banning books or, I dunno, using the power of the state to suppress the teaching of certain subjects in schools.



It's only "provocative" in the sense that racists get very annoyed when confronted with the concept that racism is hard-baked into much of this nation's history, institutions, government, economy, and culture, with the result being they label any attempt to deal with that head-on as "divisive", because they would prefer to just not talk about it at all or be reminded that it still exists.

I mean, you might as well say: "emancipation was provocative" or "desegregation was provocative" or "the 1964 Civil Rights Act was provocative" or whatever, because, while technically correct, they all point to the same conclusion: racists don't want to be forced to take ownership of their racism and would prefer that we not only not discuss it, but that we stop pointing out their racism to them, because it makes them feel vaguely uncomfortable - and if there's one thing a racists hate it's being made to feel uncomfortable about being racists.


@22 see this? rubs index finger over thumb It's the world's smallest violin.



It's not "economic success" if only a small handful have gains and everyone else has losses. That's an economic failure.


@31 Palestinians don't support the human rights of all Palestinians, so who are you really supporting? Some imaginary construct formed from an American/Western naiveté.



I don't recall any controversy about being taught about the Underground Railroad and the Trail of Tears 40 some years ago in jr high. It certainly didn't clash with my family's values. And it didn't take much self reflection to see what roles my ancestors may have played in American history. But no part of the curriculum explicitly attempted to make me see myself as have being born into an oppressor class part and parcel of systematic racism. Now, I don't really know just how pervasive that actually is in the school system today but its not something the Republicans are making up out of whole cloth. Explicit guilt is church bullshit.


Critical Race Theory panic is just more moral panic culture war bullshit. There are more districts seeking to ban that actually teach it. There is no controversy. Just more racist bullshit. So of course the usual Dipshit Brigade would take up the panic banner. Just like they do with OMG TRANS WOMEN IN SPOTRZ!!!

Great break down from the reality based community here:


"Nothing Important"

What an aptly named account.


The chuds are extra trash today.


Yeah. The apartheid state of Israel is so sensitive to human rights that those Israeli bombs that killed 256 Palestinians, including 66 children a couple weeks back, had these special LGBTQ avoidance systems in them. They only no slaughter straight women and children! What an advancement for human rights!


@45 Well, there has been a lull in police murdering black children so they have drum up something.


Matt is the first person I've seen describe Outer Worlds as anything kinder than "disappointing."


"But no part of the curriculum explicitly attempted to make me see myself as have being born into an oppressor class part and parcel of systematic racism."

Heaven forefend, eh?

Who knows what horrors might have befallen you if your teachers had invited you to stretch your imagination like that for a week or two in February every few years.


"Who knows what horrors might have befallen you if your teachers had invited you to stretch your imagination like that for a week or two in February every few years."

That what, I'd be blind to the moral panic coming from the left as well? I was allowed to think for myself as opposed to being told what to think.



Check out @35, 42.... Other people here might take controversial and often contrarian positions, but at least they have the decency and basic intellect necessary to defend and argue their points. You co-opt a 30 year old joke from a movie. You're fucking worthless.


@44 If you think any comments posted on the Stranger Blog are important, especially yours; then you are the definition of naiveté well as delusional.


@50 I'm sorry buddy, but if you were never taught any alternative to your present way of thinking about racism, then you never had any opportunity to think for yourself at all.

And from the sound of it, you don't think your own views are compelling enough to hold up unless kids who might otherwise think for themselves are also denied that opportunity, just like you were.


The surest and fastest way to defang Hamas (and Islamist militants all over) would be to cut a reasonably fair peace deal with Fatah, aka the Palestinian Authority. As it stands though, Likud and the other right-wing parties benefit from having the Hamas bogeyman around. You don't think it's a coincidence that there was a war just before elections, do you?


@54 And yet here I am thinking for myself.


@60 if you’re not given the full information and context of the history your taught then on basis are you “thinking for your self?” If all you were told was “this racist thing happened on such and such a date” but never told that those institutions that enabled “racist thing” still exist how can you claim your thinking is complete?

FFS. American society was built on over a hundred years of slavery, almost hundred years of Jim Crow, then segregation, red lining etc etc. Hell, even our educational institutions were created during the construction of racist systems.

Our society isn’t magically firewalled from the past. How can that not effect what you know or what you think you know?

From what I understand of critical race theory it isn’t there to make you feel bad or whatever the fuck the racist shitbag panic is about.

It isn’t teaching you “America is racist.” It’s there to show how America itself teaches you that. Understand?

And first things first: when you lay with dogs you get fleas. IOW: look who is bitching the loudest about it? The same lying fucking racists bags of shot in GQP who lie and panic about everything! That’s who.

They are trying to appeal to your worst instincts. Like they ALWAYS do. That right there should make you WANT to learn about Critical Race Theory.

You’ve been fed this Disney Land view of Civil Rights and this cartoonish understanding of what racism is. You know. Southern cops with fire hoses who say “n*gger” all the time. But it’s deeper than just interpersonal overt racism. More insidious.

Read about Lee Atwater and the Southern Strategy if you want a hint just how deliberately insidious it is. None of that has changed. All the same racists did was change the code words and dog whistles. Then you drill down into the structural racism which is simply about old racist systems get momentum and bleed into the present unseen and don’t change very quickly even when you change laws.

None of this is really “theoretical.” It’s practical, well studied and well documented.

The REAL issue is this: What do we DO about it. That’s what the people behind this moral panic don’t want you to ask. So they tell you the “theory” itself is some radical abuse. When it isn’t.

Systemic racism is real. It is a fact. What do we do about it?


@56 No. no you are not. You’re parroting the same debunked talking fed to you by Fox News and Rightwing media. If you haven’t actually read Critical Race Theory by one of its outstanding intellectuals in any depth how can you know to reject it?


I also would like to point out the same political forces that want to ban critical race theory want/wanted to ban sex ed, evolution, trans kids, gay marriage… etc etc. on and on.

How many times have these pieces of shit been on the wrong side of history? So. You’re putting you eggs in THAT basket?


@55 Any "reasonably fair peace deal with Fatah" would at a minimum have to include rolling back the settlements in the West Bank, and that's been politically unthinkable even in left-leaning Israeli parties for decades now.


How do we ascertain when systemic racism in a particular area of society has improved or worsened? I trust no one's saying that systemic racism is immutable.


@56 Perhaps, but you sure as shit don't want to allow schoolchildren the opportunity to decide for themselves, do you now.


For anyone interested in what CRT is about:


Egads, raindrop once again demolishes The Left by revealing he's utterly oblivious to an entire field of study. Pack it up lads, we're finished.


"No. no you are not. You’re parroting the same debunked talking fed to you by Fox News and Rightwing media."

Me in 33
"But yeah, it's a low resolution boogieman for the right these days."
How is that a right wing talking point?
I haven't made any attempt to debunk CRT here. There are repercussions not being willing to just go along with CRT whether its in the academic realm or populist Anti-racism in the corporate world.


@64: I never ceases to amaze me how oblivious you are when you think (but no-one else does) you're being profound.


Yep, that's our raindrop all right. Whenever anyone points out something he's never heard of before, why, how insufferably pretentious of them! How offensive! How crude!


@65 so the “solution” — to something you’ve never studied, don’t know much about — is to ban it?

“Not go along with” what does that mean? What do you mean by that? If you don’t know what it is you are not going along with in the first place.

And what ever that is has “repercussions?” Like what?

Like banning things?


@67: Why are you in such a snit over the asking of academic questions? Granted, I'm not expecting a thesis. But it is sad that one part of you could have commented and provided additional insights even if it segued into something else related to CRT. It was a softball. But nooooo - you had to go and be weird. Sad indeed. And you'll reply to this with another volley. How childish.

I expect better of you robotslave.


Where have I ever advocated for banning CRT or Anti-racism? The GOP has their panties in a twist because their god emperor Trump got his shop box kicked out from under him. They don't really care about someone like Jodi Shaw getting ran out of Smith Collage for not wanting to participate in Anti-racist training.


This thread is a microcosm of what is wrong with CRT. It is a theory and yet is treated like an immutable fact with almost dogmatic fervor by it’s supporters. Any pushback or attempt at discourse is dismissed as a sign of guilt or a character flaw by the person asking the question. The fact that it’s adherents are so afraid to open up CRT to scrutiny and feel the need to personally attack those who see it as an overreach is further sign it’s pop pyschology dressed up as enlightenment.


@69. You fall into an ant pile and your back is covered in biting ants. You scratch off your left shoulder, and when people point out you still have ants biting your back, you keep pointing to the fact that you scratched your shoulder so isn't that enough?


@72: Cute analogy Gabby, but what does it have to do with CRT or robotslave?


@71: Well stated. You'd think CRT proponents would be eager to address questions surrounding it. They don't. They only want to appear to have allegiance to the CRT movement as deeper questions make them feel uncomfortable with their own dispositions over CRT.


@74. Lmao, you are a drive-in movie theater of projection.


@75: Yet another analogy Gabby because you can't articulate what you're afraid to say?


@76. I'd explain and use small words so that you'd be sure to understand, but it's not worth the opportunity cost and defeats the point of self reflection.


@77: Good, take a snarky off-ramp.


@70 "Where have I ever advocated for banning CRT or Anti-racism?" Oh FFS. That's what the thread is discussing. Is the banning of CRT. NA her you are apologizing for that bullshit like you know a god damned thing about CRT.

Jesus Christ. And nobody cares about Jodi Shaw. Including you. Shaw is a fucking attention seeking asshole.

And she wasn't "ran out." Shaw after posting a series of ridiculously histrionic video blogs and literally blackmailing Smith to pay her off, she was put on fucking paid leave, dipshit.

And THEN, when Smith's lawyers said they would counter sue and she knew she didn't;t have a fucking case and wanted to exit the mess SHE made before there was public disclosure, SHE resigned.

And now she see dollars on the Conservative Victim Outrage Circuit. She's raised over $200K on her go fund me. Poor Jodi Shaw!


Oh. This whole thing was precipitated when Shaw called the police to report on a Black student who was reading and eating lunch in a dormitory lounge. She immediately took to social media to counter the narrative that she was like the central park racist lady. And then Smith asked her to go through a racial sensitivity training because they also didn't;t want Woke Twitter after them.

And case you didn't know Jodi-shake-down-artist-Shaw — who was a part-time employee Admin NOT a professor, BTW — was extorting Smith for a seven figure settlement claiming it was a "hostile environment for white people" BEFORE all this hit Bari Wiess' stupid blog.

You want take a guess what the percentage of white people to POC are students or are employed at Smith?

50.9% of the students are white.

75.8% of the faculty are white. Over 75% of employees at Smith are whitey-white-white like Jodi Shaw.

My god. The hostility!


"The janitor, who had worked at Smith for 35 years, dialed security." from the NYTimes link I provided.
Jodi Shaw is was not a janitor.

This link that you provided does not identify Jodi as the caller.