Who Will Save Us from Kathy Lambert?



Instead of bemoaning the fact the people in Duvall have different priorities than The Stranger and wishing they will vote in a more progressive candidate (hint: they won't and they don't give a shit what The Stranger thinks) perhaps the discussion should really be about whether King County is too big. King County has a population of 2.2M people which is roughly 2.5 times the size of the next largest county (Pierce). You could divide King County in half and those two counties would still be the two biggest in the state. A smaller county government would be more responsive to the needs of their constituents and could be more localized in looking at solutions to some of the problems facing the region. It's about as big of a pipe dream as Duvall voting in a progressive but if you are going to shoot for the stars you might as well go big.


If that's Kathy Lambert's idea of representing King County District #3, I shudder to think what her children's books are like.


"...four statewide executives..." What exactly are "statewide executives?"