Slog PM: Edouardo Jordan's Staff Quits, Fentanyl Deaths Flood California, Batman Doesn't Give Head



Did the ERCOT video come from the Onion?


did the Fentynal epidemic
come from the Sacklers?

weep not for they're gonna
get to Keep a few Billions
and to think we used to
Execute Drug Dealers.

it's Good
to be RICH.


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Power and wealth is a great aphrodisiac.


@3 -- & well-represented
here by the Ben Dovers.


I’m pretty surprised this Jordan stuff isn’t receiving much attention here in the comments.

His ex-staff was honorable and brave and I’m sure they will find new jobs easily. Hopefully for someone less sleazy.


As someone who's spent the better part of a decade of my career in datacenters in the past. I can say a lot of techies find themselves asleep in datacenters. Probably something to do with working too many hours, and being surrounded by intense white noise. Not saying they should, and this case, I would hope a place like Microsoft would consider hotel vouchers. Though I'm not sure the hotels available in Quincy would be much better than a carved out Microsoft datacenter sleep cubby.


The cop getting run over then her car getting stolen sounds like a Tarantino film.

RIP Officer Harris. 😢


RE: Food delivery apps

A large part of my job is doing customer satisfaction and audit research for the restaurant industry (mostly fast casual, but also fast food and fine dining too). We've done a lot of studies of these food delivery companies like Uber eats, grub hub, etc. Lots of the drivers, not all of course, but a lot, are doing it because it's literally the only job they can get anymore because they get fired from all other types of jobs due to insubordination, absenteeism, not getting along with coworkers, etc. Not your model employees, in other words. We've compared these third party food delivery services with restaurants own, in-house delivery and the differences are pretty remarkable. In pretty much every category, third party food delivery scores far behind the in-house delivery. Slow service, missing items, cold food, spilled food, unprofessional service.

Ordering food from a mid-tier restaurant and then having some rando deliver it to you is convenient, for sure, but if your food sucks, you might want to hold off on a scathing review of the restaurant and instead try ordering again, picking it up yourself, and seeing if it's better.


Even just 10 years ago I used to get a lot more delivery than I do now. That's because before the Dash/GrubHub apps restaurants that delivered, did it themselves. Back in the day it seemed like every pizza place, Chinese restaurant, and some sandwich places, employed their own delivery drivers.
But now it is hard to come by. I'm not sure there's a Chinese restaurant in Seattle that does it's own delivery anymore. Even the few pizza joints that deliver have shrunk their delivery areas.
Between the exorbitant fees the apps add on, and the unreliability, I've pretty much stopped all delivery.

As to the unsavory nature of the App drivers. Well they're cabbies. With the exception of the awesome Eritrean cabbies in Denver, cabbies around the world are not known for having a lot of options. Even in London, in the days of The Knowledge, cabbies were, well, cabbies. Better than carnies, but not by much.


Shortly after we started wearing masks I started thinking that hopefully we would change the way we dealt with having a cold or the flu. That moving forward, we would all realize that being sick, and going into public unmasked, was pretty selfish and rude. I was hoping that wearing masks when under-the-weather would become routine.

Then they got politicized.

Two years from now, if I get sick and have to be out in public, I'll wear a mask. Unfortunately, I'll be one of the very few who do so.


1) From the Seattle Times article about Edouardo Jordan: "Most [of the employees who quit] asked for anonymity, as they still plan to work in the industry and fear retaliation." Shame on anyone who would retaliate against these people--but the world too often runs on networks of clandestine retaliation, and they can be very powerful. It took courage for the employees to speak as publicly as they did. Bravo to them, and may their next employer be more honorable than Edouardo Jordan.

2) Fentanyl's deadly scourge is, of course, not confined to the Bay Area. The Puget Sound region has seen a huge increase (600%, I believe) in fentanyl-related deaths in the past five years. This is a national and international issue. And a highly personal one, for anyone who knows--or knew--a victim.


"In the last five years, overdoses from the opioid increased 2,100% in California."

God, can you imagine home much worse the homeless situation in California (and Seattle) would be without fentanyl?


obvious troll is obvious


3 of 9 council members commented on the tragic loss of the officer over the weekend. The ones who have spent most of their time in office blaming the police for all social ills and making outlandish statements didn’t bother so at least they are consistent. The sheer lack of human decency in our electeds is really galling sometimes.


What is worse, people living with a oxycontin addiction or people dying from fentanyl overdoses at a rate of 1000% or more? This is considered success in our puritan prohibitionist system. So, instead of giving money to the Sacklers for properly dosed opiods, that money is now going to Mexican narcos for poorly dosed fentanyl cocktails. I swear, the cartels must have serious lobbyists assisting in writing our drug laws. If someone put a gun to your head and said either take an 80mg Sackler brand oxy or a $10 bag of Sinaloan heroin cut with fentanyl mixed in a salad bowl by a 14 year old, which would you choose?


@2, Well most of the Oxy's are prescribed to older adults with back problems, arthritis and other age related ongoing pain issues. The Slacker family marketed Oxycontin by employing large numbers of sales reps, visiting any and all doctors and dentists, and many scripts were written when they should have not been (dental procedures, broken arms and such) to younger people for a limited time like a week. Both the reps and doctors moving the most pills were rewarded with free trips to exotic locations as an example so not many questions regarding addiction were asked. The FDA approved Oxycotin after a week long trial done with hospital patients recovering from surgery. Surprise! No addiction potential was noted, I guess they never had time to figure out how to remove the coating (which provided a large dose (80 mg?) Of oxycodone when removed), prepare it in a needle and shoot it up under the watchful eye of the nursing staff.. Both oxycodone and hydrocodone have been around for a long time and available as generics, and Vicodin or Percocet contain one or the other, mixed with an Tylenol or whatever. Slacker's genius was adding the coating on a large dosed pill, getting it approved by paying off doctors initially who believed the coating protected addiction, along with marketing it aggressively and proposing a easy two dose pain free patient experience. The weakness of the coating was well known by the company all along. The Slacker family brought us Valium in the 1960s, also marketed as an addiction free alternative to other benzos available at the time. At it's height of popularity somewhere between 30 to 40 percent of American woman had a prescription for it. It is said that 1/3rd of those who receive oxys have the gene to become addicted. Most middle aged and beyond people (those with ongoing scripts for age related pain) have jobs, families, mortgages or whatever and thus are able control the addiction, not wanting to lose it all and end up in a tent shooting heroin. Younger people do not yet possess such foresight sometimes, don't have as much to lose and take more risks in general. The problem now is that those who truly do have an ongoing need for it cannot get it very easily. So those who use it responsibly and truly need it to function may be denied so that a small minority of people can be protected against their own bad choices and use it to get high. Makes perfect sense actually!


"So, instead of giving money to the
Sacklers for properly dosed opiods... "
--@petey 420ish

"properly dosed"?


see: 'An evil family': Sacklers condemned
as they refuse to apologize for
role in opioid crisis

Two of a group of billionaire Sackler family members that own Purdue Pharma, the US pharmaceutical manufacturer of the prescription painkiller OxyContin, refused to apologize for their role in the opioids crisis that has killed almost half a million Americans, during a hearing in Washington on Thursday.

Kathe Sackler and David Sackler, former board members of Purdue, both said sorry for the pain endured by individuals suffering from addiction and those who lost loved ones to overdoses, but they avoided admitting any personal culpability.

It was the first time members of the family faced such public scrutiny in person for their alleged role in the opioid epidemic.

The Democrat Jim Cooper of Tennessee, a member of the House of Representatives oversight committee questioning the two at the online hearing, said that watching the pair testify made his “blood boil”.

“I’m not sure I know of any family in America that is more evil than yours,” Cooper said.


we allow Billionaires
over Our

Ownership of OUR
Government IS


Corporate Control

whilst you
Still CAN.


Someone should hack MTG's iCloud and get all the pics her cuck husband took of her and Gaetz fucking. You know that's what's up.


No crisco, it is not fascism. I suggest you look up the word.


Batman is arguably the most notorious closet case in American fiction. No way would DC jeopardize eight decades of cultivated homoerotic mystique by letting him get frisky with Catwoman (or any other woman).



Golden City in Ballard still does its own delivery. Sure, it's pretty basic Americanized Szechuan/Cantonese fare, but at least you know all the money is going to the restaurant.


@21. So you're an authority on fascism now? What a surprise.


@25: Do you always call people out who use words by their definitions authorities on the word?


Was that the wind?


Gone with


Ben and Jennifer = publicity. They kiss where they know they can be filmed without obstruction. And don't think for a minute that if they were that hot for each other either one couldn't rent the penthouse at the Royal Hawaiian for a summer's worth of bump and grind in private. So, yeah...somebody's career is sagging.

I adore Ted Lasso. Glad it's coming back soon. I really hate it when a good series disappears for years - so long, in fact, that you lose interest. I call it The Sopranos Syndrome. I realize sometimes good writing takes a long time. Yes, I understand. But another favorite, Better Call Saul, has been gone too long. Can't even remember much of the storyline. Another favorite, The Good Fight, blames the pandemic for it's long break. OK, I guess. But it hasn't had a new episode on since 2017! It's coming back on the 24th. We'll see if I've lost interest in that one, too.


Hey, COMTE...sometimes basic Americanized Szechuan/Cantonese fare is EXACTLY what I want. About 300 years ago Genghis Khan used to deliver to Belltown. Maybe it still does. Food was always pretty terrific and out-of-town guests (and a few dates) were always pleased. I understand things have changed though. The 90s were a long time ago now. You're lucky to still have local generic Chinese. It seems to be a disappearing breed in favor of the upscale stuff and other Asian cuisines (re:Korean).