Who's Responsible for Those Little Robots Rolling Down Seattle Sidewalks Lately?



I grew up in the era of The Jetsons, and am still grumpily awaiting my jetpack. So pardon me if I don't get all excited—or "mindful"—over this half-keg on Segway wheels.


I can see this as almost useful for older people and people with handicaps. But the carrying capacity is pretty pathetic and they have the same problems with stairs and terrain as old people and people with handicaps. So maybe in five more versions? Through I predict a large percentage will be smashed into by cars.

Right now they are embarrassing expensive toys that will fill up landfills like Segways, eScooters, Google Glass, and all the rest of that "Hi I'm a fucking loser dork" accoutrement.


"all for the reasonable price of $3,250"

...so robonapping (and subsequent scrapping if not ransom) will appear in the grand book of ordinances real_soon_now? ("They'll send out tracking info!" meh, car trucks make pretty good faraday cages)


Agreed, the Gita sounds ridiculous.

But Matt your statement, "I want two dozen passengers to be pissed at me for making the bus do the whole kneeling thing," is pretty revealing.

Seattle is woefully deficient when it comes to ADA compliance.

That "bus kneeling thing" is done so passengers who need mobility devices can ride the bus.

As an advocate of a car free city you should be a proponent of that "bus kneeling thing" as it expands public transport.

And face it Matt, the fact that you don't need that "bus kneeling thing" is only transient. You are only a slipped disk or a broken leg, from needing that "bus kneeling thing" yourself.

It's actually appalling how non-compliant all of Seattle is with the ADA, and your glib dismissal of an important mobility tool is evidence that Seattle has a long, long way to go.


For $3,250 you could pay a human being $15/hr. to carry stuff for you, for a total of 216 hours - which is probably more use than you'd get out of one of these 'bots before it got stolen or wrecked. All we need is some tech innovator to come up with a gig-economy-based, carry-my-shit-app.


I love the idea of my own personal robot to carry the heavy load. Price is a bit steeeeeeep though!


Looks like that little robot from “Star Wars” called RU12.


I for one welcome our robot overlords..... we can get rid of all the high priced minimum wage jobs.