Elections Department Will Refer Two SPD Voter Registration Issues to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office



First, it feels wrong to support an election board that is trying to invalidate voter registrations.
Second, it seems like every time conservatives get worried about progressives breaking some law it's because the conservatives have already been breaking that exact law.


The six Seattle cops who stormed the US Capitol screaming "VOTER FRAUD" should've been storming their own precincts instead.


"First, it feels wrong to support an election board that is trying to invalidate voter registrations."
No, they validate registrations to prevent fraud. Invalid submissions get the attention they deserve.


@2: The precinct was already stormed, rammed, tagged, trashed, and almost set on fire.


There is Washington State Supreme Court precedent where a person registered at their place of work. The Secretary of State said that wasn't their residence. The voter said they registered there because they spent more time there than at their house, in another city. The Court sided with the voter.

Because of the history of using technicalities to disenfranchise voters, especially people of color, Courts are VERY deferential to the voter, when a voter asserts they are resident of a locality, with a right-to-vote in said locality.


All high-ranking antifa members, no doubt.



Can you provide a citation for this? I'm not finding any reference to it.


B...but I thought wrongful voter registration was a myth invented by Republicans???


SPD beats the fuck out of hundreds & kills folks experiencing a mental health crisis, but this is what The Stranger "investigative" reporting is reduced to. The Stranger has always opposed engaging in the kind of reporting on Seattle police that might lead to true police accountability, as indicated by firing the only Stranger reporters to do investigative reporting, Dominic Holden & Ansel Herz. But it is worth than that: when the Stranger is offered tips or analysis or op-eds which reveal what is going on they ignore or reject them. What are they afraid of?


@8 - once they invented it, they figured it was worth a try.


@9 - Dominic wasn't fired - but moved on in his career - I think the same is true for Ansel.


@11 In a world that de-values real journalists & journalism nobody tells you they were fired. Also, absent being fired, who writes for a paper one day & then just disappears because of moving on with their career? And last, how has The Stranger's coverage of police been since they left?