About as many dead as the civil war. And you can probably connect the people that caused the most harm during both to the same gene pools.


@2: How convenient for these death tolls to comply to your macabre and obscure observation.


Based on the weed Tiger king was buying for his gay for pay boyfriend/husband on the show, I'd say the quality has to be pretty fucking good. Or maybe comes with a giant bag of meth taped to the side.


@ 3 Thank you


Well, I heard on Fox News Facebook group chat that a friend of a guy had a buddy who died in a motorcycle accident but they reported it as Covid so the hospital could get more money.

You really can't trust those numbers.

(Just kidding. The actual number of Covid deaths in the United States is probably about twice 600,000.


The death toll is far greater than 600,000. A conservative estimate is it is 36% higher than reported. It far more likely we are past the one million mark. Given that states like Florida and Texas and South Dakota and who knows how many others that refused to provide accurate counts, it wouldn't surprise me if 2 million have died. And people keep dying every day, and they will continue to keep dying as long as over 40% of the population refuses to get vaccinated.


@2: The difference being that was ~3% of the total U.S. population at the time, and that unavoidable war ended slavery. We'd need to lose ~10 million persons to COVID for the same per-capita number of deaths; perhaps we eventually will. And COVID was totally avoidable, serving no good purpose at all.


@2 - excellent point. The idiotic neo-Confederates who elected the Previous Guy are (at least indirectly) responsible for the magnitude of the Covid death toll, just as the original Confederates were responsible for the Civil War.

And while I firmly believe that marijuana should be fully legal, it is not yet. Particularly at the Federal level. I wonder how the Texas parole board is going to react to that Tiger King jackass committing daily Federal crimes from his prison cell?


The Central library is the most architecturally progressive homeless shelter in the country.


480 arrests. We're almost halfway there!


For those who aren't familiar with the Maple Leaf neighborhood, there's a really good hardware store (a rarity in Seattle) next door to Reckless Video, so you might want to plan your visit accordingly.


Where does one read more info about this SPL branch re-openings?

Their road to reopening was last updated June 8th and doesn't mentioned them:


@2 Brent Gumbo and @7 xina for the WIN.


Blood red Texas, where convicted rap stars serving 22 years in prison are making millions from their cells, while women are forced to give birth like farm animals, and the incompetent shitbag of a Governor, Greg Abbott, remains hellbent on killing his Lone Star State citizens, either at the border, at the polls, failed utility power grids (they take pride in having a separate power grid apart from the other 47 contiguous states), or lack of COVID vaccines and masks.
RepubliKKKans have blood on their hands. If they would only just kill themselves and each other off so that the Party of Trump / Greene finally becomes extinct. The sane, healthy part of this world can't wait any longer.

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