NO, before you ask, they DID NOT kiss.
NO, before you ask, they DID NOT kiss. Pool/Getty

Amazon throws in some cash for affordable housing: The neighborhood bookseller and Sound Transit joined into a partnership to build as many as 1,200 affordable units next to light-rail stations. Amazon "is establishing a $75 million low-interest loan fund for developer, and donating $25 million for site preparation," Mike Lindblom at the Seattle Times reports. With this extra cash, affordable transit-oriented development can happen faster. Amazon is funding similar projects in D.C. and Nashville. I'd love to see them do this while also paying their fair share in taxes :).

Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair returns in August 2021
A month-long event celebrating the resilience of Seattle's visual arts with over 40 galleries.

Biden and Putin shook hands: President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin gabbed for hours in a Swiss mansion on Wednesday morning. The summit is supposed to last for four to five hours. How awkward does that sound? Stuck in a room with a world leader you just met and probably hate. Okay, wait, maybe it's a little hot...? Anyway, Biden hopes the talks will result in more "stability and predictability" between the U.S. and Russia. Putin doesn't expect any breakthroughs.

It's ladies' night at the Naval Observatory: Vice President Kamala Harris invited all the women senators to a dinner party at her vice-presidential residence last night. Twenty-four senators attended—16 Democrats and 8 Republicans. Harris made the cheese puffs. I think this gathering sounds horribly awkward as well. Apparently, this dinner is an annual event for women of the Senate.

Please don't throw rocks at cars: A driver on I-90 near Rainier Avenue crashed Monday night after someone chucked a rock at his car. The rock went through his windshield and struck him in the face. He swerved, hit a barrier, and passed out. This isn't an isolated rock-throwing incident. According to the Seattle Times "there have been 74 rock-throwing incidents reported in the downtown Seattle Interstate 5 and I-90 corridor so far this year." Now the Washington State Patrol needs to catch these rock throwers.

Tacoma wants its homeless camping ban to be just right: Tacoma lawmakers needed more time before considering a law that would make camping on public land illegal in Tacoma. The delay will ensure that the law becomes "more balanced" through work with the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness. I'm not sure how you can make an ordinance that literally makes it illegal for people to store private property on public land illegal. Mayor Victoria Woodards also said "enforcement" will be part of the policy.

Cruises are cursed: For the time being, cruises should be canceled. No! I will not get on a boat while there's still a chance COVID-19 could seep in and force everyone to quarantine at sea. Royal Caribbean International just delayed the inaugural sailing of a boat after eight crew members tested positive for COVID-19. If I wrote a horror movie about pandemic cruises, should I call it Seasick, or is that too on the nose?

Speaking of nightmares: It's the spiders who are in charge down in Australia. The spiders are fleeing the floods.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against SPD cop: In 2018, while looking for a hit-and-run suspect, an SPD cop told the suspect's friend that the suspect had struck a woman and that the victim might not survive. In reality, the suspect had only been involved in a minor fender bender and didn't hurt anyone. In bodycam footage, the SPD officer can be heard telling his partner, "It’s a lie, but it’s fun.” The suspect fully believed he had injured someone and was facing jail time. He killed himself days later. Now, his friends and family are suing the city for $4 million in damages.

Jared Kushner, the author: Trump's son-in-law has a book deal.

Shake Shack manager sues NYPD for defamation: Remember last year when some New York Police Department cops made a whole thing about how Shake Shack might have poisoned their shakes? The manager in charge of that store filed a defamation suit against the cops and their union for defaming and damaging his reputation. On the day of the milkshake incident, police detained the manager and interrogated him at a police station for three hours.

An Arizona bill could fine teachers up to $5,000 if they teach controversial issues such as "racism." Under the bill, teachers would have to give "equal weight to divisive topics." The Republican sponsor of the bill said it's "intended to ensure students aren't taught that their race, ethnicity or sex determines their character," AZCentral reports. Democrats, however, think it's an attempt "to stir up public discord about critical race theory."

Corporate Pride supporters also supported anti-LGBTQ politicians: HmMmmMmmm now isn't that something. A new study shows that 25 ~ally~ companies that love to slap rainbows on everything in June spent more than $10 million to shitty Congressional candidates who received a zero in the Human Rights Campaign latest Congressional Scorecard and to state legislators who backed anti-trans legislation. Among the hypocritical companies: CVS Health, Comcast, AT&T, Walmart, General Motors, Ford, and Google.

U.S. women everywhere delay popping out kiddos: The word "kiddos" makes me want to vomit. Maybe that's why I'm not having a baby. For others, the cost is a big factor. Young women worry they can't afford a baby, others want to establish their careers first. More and more women are having kids near the end of their reproductive years, but that's not enough to make up for the birth rate shortfalls in the U.S. because of the women in their 20s choosing not to reproduce. The New York Times poses an interesting question in this article: Are young women waiting for a baby or choosing not to have one altogether?

Woman guilty of murder really should have turned on incognito mode: An Australian woman was found guilty of killing her husband, who died in 2017 of an apparent suicide. In reality, Natasha Beth Darcy gassed and sedated him. She finally landed on that option after months of incriminating Google searches. Some of her Google searches during 2017 according to the news blog Pedestrian: poisonous snakes, spiders, deadly fungi, "how to commit murder," "lethal dose of oxycodone 200-pound male," acepromazine murder”, “99 undetectable poisons”, “how long after suicide is there a crime scene,” and “can police see websites you visit on your mobile."

More European travel for the Americans: The European Union will likely lift the ban on non-essential travel for Americans this week. Ambassadors to the E.U. want to add the U.S. to the list of epidemiologically safe countries. Travelers may have to prove their vaccination and may still have to take a COVID-19 test upon entry, but individual countries can choose which rules to implement.

Compost me: Oregon just legalized human composting. Colorado legalized the end-of-life practice earlier this year. In case you forgot, here's how Washington's body-composting industry has developed since we legalized the practice back in 2019.

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